Everyone was shocked by Jeang Yuanbin’s words and exploded into an uproar.
This was especially so for the Tangs.

The importance of the Tang Great Ancestor to the Tangs was clear for everyone to see.
He was like a god.
Only with their Great Ancestor present could the status of the Tang family be firmly fixed.

All these years, the Tangs had been called one of the eight great aristocratic families of the Federation.
They relied on the Tang Great Ancestor.

Upon finding out that their Great Ancestor had been turned into a puppet, they could not accept it.

Tang Tianluo’s cultivation base was the highest among those present.
He saw that although the Tang Great Ancestor was exuding an incomparably powerful pressure, his eyes had already lost their luster.

Sure enough, The Tang Great Ancestor had been made into a puppet, and he had even been refined into a living puppet.
It was an extremely vicious secret technique that could preserve a person’s strength to the greatest extent while they were alive.

Tang Tianluo had seen this secret technique mentioned within the records of the Ancient Zenith Civilization, but no one in modern times had such a secret technique.
He didn’t know where the Jiang Great Ancestor had gotten it from.

The faces of the Tangs immediately changed.
They turned pale and became extremely unsightly.
The Tangs Great Ancestor, whom they regarded as a god, had ended up in this state.

As the head of the Tangs, Tang Tianluo thought more.
No wonder the Tang Great Ancestor had been acting strange recently.

With his status and cultivation, the Tang Great Ancestor usually wouldn’t appear in front of his clansmen.
He would usually be in seclusion for a long time.

For a family, the higher the cultivation base of their Great Ancestor, the more stable their position would be.
Therefore, it was not surprising that the Great Ancestors of all the other families were like this as well.

Sometimes, the Tang Great Ancestor would even go out to sea to search for some heavenly and earthly treasures.
This was very normal.
Sometimes, he would leave for more than ten years.
They were used to it.

But this time, when the Tang Great Ancestor returned, he unexpectedly issued an order for the Tangs and the Jiangs to cooperate in every way.

The Tangs and the Jiangs were originally not on the same side.
Their interests were in huge conflict, so it was impossible for them to cooperate fully.
Moreover, such cooperation might cause the Federation Government to become wary of them.

Under such circumstances, every family maintained a certain degree of independence.
There was competition and cooperation, but it was impossible to cooperate fully.

Therefore, when the Tang Great Ancestor had given this order, the entire Tang family had been in an uproar.
From the Great Ancestor’s words, the Tangs were even at a disadvantage in the cooperation between the two families.
They had been forced into a subordinate position.

But the Great Ancestor was their anchor.
They did not dare to disobey the words of the Tang family’s living god.

Tang Tianluo knew that the death of his daughter had something to do with Jiang Lingxiao, but he could only bury it deep within his heart.
If not for the Great Ancestor’s instructions, why would he give Tang Siyu away when he knew there was something fishy going on? That was simply impossible.

At first, Tang Tianluo had found it a little strange.
He even thought that the Tang Great Ancestor was cooking up some sort of scheme.

But now, everything was clear.
This wasn’t some sort of scheme.
It was clearly a coup.

The Great Ancestor had been refined into a living puppet.
His every word and action had been dictated by someone.
Everything was clear now.

Then, the entire Tang family exploded.

“Jiang Yuanluo! How dare you!” Tang Tianluo roared and called the Tang clan leader by his name.

Originally, with his status, he would not call the Jiang Great Ancestor by his first name.
But now that his anger had reached its peak, everything was different.

Moreover, he had also thought of a far-reaching and even more terrifying fact.
Now, that the matter of the Tang Great Ancestor being refined into a living puppet had been exposed, this meant that everyone knew that the Tangs no longer had a Divine expert to hold down the fort.

Even though the Tangs possessed monstrous power and held unimaginable power, all of this was now unstable.
If they didn’t handle this properly, the Tangs would lose their status as one of the Great Eight!

And all of this had been done by the Jiang Great Ancestor.
How could Tang Tianluo not be angry? The Tangs’ centuries-old foundation was about to be instantly destroyed!

And it wasn’t just the Tangs.
The Jiang disciples were also dumbfounded because they didn’t know about it either.
The Tang Great Ancestor had been refined into a living puppet.
How could everyone possibly have known about it? Perhaps only a few people like Jiang Xuanlei knew.

At this moment, they were staring blankly at the three great experts floating in the air.

What if we did? So what?” the Jiang Great Ancestor snorted coldly.
He didn’t bother with denying Tang Tianluo’s accusations because there was no need to.

To begin with, the Jiang Great Ancestor had never regarded the Tangs as much.
Now that he had refined the Tang Great Ancestor into a living puppet, what was there for him to be afraid of?

There was no need for this matter to be known by others.
The Jiangs’ annexation of the Tangs could have been carried out in silence.
There was no need to make it so earth-shattering.

But now, everything had been exposed, and they would not be able to keep a lid on this.
It was obvious that the Tangs wouldn’t let this matter rest.
Although the Jiang Great Ancestor wasn’t afraid, it was impossible for them to continue their annexing of the Tangs.

The fact that he was able to refine the Tang Great Ancestor into a living puppet was actually an accident.
He had accidentally discovered the heavily injured Tang Great Ancestor while out on his travels, and he instantly made his move without so much as a single thought.

Originally, this was meant to be the Jiang Great Ancestor’s trump card that he was keeping for the future.
He didn’t expect that he would need to use it against a junior like Jeang Yuanbin.

“I didn’t expect you to have a Palm Lightning,” the Jiang Great Ancestor said as he looked at Jeang Yuanbin.
Everyone else was just ants in his eyes.
He barely even batted an eyelash at them.

“If I didn’t have any trump cards, how could I have dared to come and find trouble with you? But I, on the other hand, never expected that you would refine the Tang Great Ancestor into a living puppet.
Otherwise, that Palm Lightning earlier would definitely have taken your life!”

Jeang Yuanbin cried out in regret.
He possessed only one Palm Lightning.
It was something that he had accidentally found inside a relic from the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
Back then, he didn’t have the ability to activate it and thus was only using it now

“It’s a pity.
You won’t get another chance,” the Jiang Great Ancestor said coldly.

“Jiang Yuanluo, although the Tang Great Ancestor puppet blocked most of the explosions for you, it wasn’t easy for you either.
Today, you won’t be able to do anything to me,” Jeang Yuanbin said coldly.

“Let’s test out your theory then,” the Jiang Great Ancestor said, unwilling to be outdone.

Suddenly, at this moment, a fighter jet flew over from afar and flew in between the two of them.
The cabin door opened, and a man wearing a general’s uniform appeared.

“Sirs, the president has issued a presidential order that the two of you are to cease this fight.
You are to go to the presidential house and explain this matter in person!”

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