Everything fell silent.
Although it wasn’t night, it was even quieter than past midnight.

Everyone looked at the scene before them in a daze.
Chu Yunfan was like a god in the sky.
Even Jiang Xuanlei, whose strength had greatly increased, was unable to resist Chu Yunfan.

Many people did not even have the time to react when they saw Chu Yunfan’s fist strike like a cannon.
After a few consecutive punches, the entire sky was filled with booming sounds.
When they finally reacted, Jiang Xuanlei had already been knocked to the ground.

When they looked at Chu Yunfan again, his originally somewhat hurried breathing had actually returned to normal.

“What terrifying physical strength!”

Many people couldn’t help but hold their breaths and concentrate.
They were almost scared out of their wits as they watched Chu Yunfan move at a speed that broke through the sound barrier.
This series of movements caused the pressure on their physical bodies to be so great that it was difficult for them to react.

However, Chu Yunfan didn’t have any difficulty succeeding.
There was no doubting his strength.

“What kind of pill did he consume? How did he become so terrifying? I’ve never even heard of such a thing!”

“It’s too calm.
Normally, pills that increase one’s strength will release powerful energy from their entire body, but he actually completed his transformation so calmly!”

“The power actually allowed him to beat Jiang Xuanlei.
Who will be able to treat Chu Yunfan?”

“There’s no need to cure him.
I can see that the aura of death on his face is getting stronger and stronger.
I’m afraid he’s not far from death!”

“But no matter what, for now, he’s invincible!”

Many people discussed it animatedly as if they couldn’t believe it.
Chu Yunfan being this strong was completely out of their expectations.

And the Jiang family disciples had even more serious expressions.
Chu Yunfan’s current performance was too fierce.
He had slapped the Jiang family’s face all the way to such an extent.

“Jiang Xuanlei, that’s all you’ve got?”

Chu Yunfan sneered and said, “You’re just relying on the fact that you’ve lived a little longer.
You don’t even know where you’ve gone.
If I were you, I would have jumped off a building and killed myself a long time ago.”

Jiang Xuanlei was seriously injured.
After hearing these words, he spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Chu Yunfan, just wait.
We will not let you go!” Jiang Xuanlei said loudly, His voice had risen by an octave.
He had never lost his composure like this, and no one had been able to force him to this extent.

“Won’t let me go? You should first consider whether or not I’ll let you go.”

Chu Yunfan sneered.
He did not take Jiang Xuanlei’s threat seriously.
He raised the Thunder Spear high up in the air and injected his True Energy into it.
Instantly, the power of thunder began to boil.

Chu Yunfan looked like the god of thunder.

If it was a Divine magic weapon, it wouldn’t be easy for Chu Yunfan to control it.
An expert at this level had a way to make the magic weapon recognize its owner.
It wouldn’t be easy for him to control someone else’s magic weapon so easily.

However, Jiang Xuanlei was only at the peak of the Innate Stage.
He didn’t have the ability to split his primordial spirit and inject it into the magic weapon to make it recognize its owner.

That was an ability that only Divine experts had.

“What? He still dares to make a move? Is he really going to kill Jiang Xuanlei, the head of the Jiang family?”

“How audacious! He’s crazy!”

“The Jiang family will definitely not let this go.
Even if he has a Divine instructor, his instructor will not be able to protect him!”

At this moment, Chu Haoyue hurriedly said, “Stop him.
We can’t let him kill Jiang Xuanlei!”

Chu Haoyue’s voice had changed.
Even up till this point, the Chus could still clean up Chu Yunfan’s mess, but once he killed Jiang Xuanlei, there would be no turning back.
The Chus would then have to either fight the Jiangs head-on or hand Chu Yunfan over.

And no matter what, Chu Haoyue wasn’t willing to do it.

“You dare?!” Jiang Xuanlei roared.

“Why wouldn’t I?”

Chu Yunfan was about to make a move when suddenly, dozens of missiles flew over from the sky.
These missiles weren’t particularly big, less than a meter in size, they were specially developed to deal with martial arts experts who weren’t very big.

Finally, the Jiangs couldn’t hold back anymore their biggest trump card anymore.
They made a move.
They couldn’t just watch as Chu Yunfan kills their family head.

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