The spear in Jiang Xuanlei’s hand boiled with the power of lightning.
Within ten feet of his body, the surroundings had turned into a sea of lightning.

Although the range was not particularly large, there was no doubt that this was a magic weapon.
To current society, magic weapons were rare items.

The Ju Que sword in Chu Yunfan’s hand was already a top-notch weapon made from human industrialization.
It could be called a divine weapon.
Cutting iron like mud was definitely not an exaggeration, but a fact.
However, even if it was called a divine weapon, it was only an ordinary mortal weapon.

Magic weapons were different.
In a sense, normal magic weapons came from the hands of experts with supernatural powers.
Only an expert of this level could use these magical weapons to their fullest extent.

Just like Chu Yunfan’s Demon Descends Illustration.
Every time he used it, not only would he consume a huge amount of spirit stones, but it would also cause a huge amount of damage to his body.
If he had not cultivated the Imperial Physique, he would have died on the battlefield a long time ago after using the illustration.

If one weren’t strong enough, using a magic weapon would mean death.

The spear in Jiang Xuanlei’s hand was slightly inferior to the Demon Descends Illustration, but Chu Yunfan could not use the illustration to its fullest.
Therefore, there wasn’t much difference between them.

“No one can save you today.
You will die!”

Jiang Xuanlei looked at Chu Yunfan with eyes that were filled with endless killing intent.
Chu Yunfan had brought too many changes today.
So many that even he, the head of the Jiangs, couldn’t breathe.
Only by killing Chu Yunfan could he change all of this.

Chu Yunfan also became serious.
He looked at Jiang Xuanlei and said, “I came today and don’t intend to let you live well.
Don’t think you’re so high and mighty that you can control everyone’s fate.
Though I’m small and lowly, I’ll let you know the breadth of my anger.”

When the Jiang disciples heard Chu Yunfan’s words, they couldn’t help but feel the urge to beat him up.

What small and lowly?!

At this moment, other than Divines that were like gods in this world, Chu Yunfan could beat up everyone else.
This person actually said that he was small and lowly? This made many want to beat him up.

However, many of the guests understood what Chu Yunfan meant.
In terms of strength, although Chu Yunfan had used the Celestial Demonic Disintegration Pill and had reached the peak of the Innate Stage, it was still not enough to face a behemoth like the Jiangs.

This was merely the tip of the iceberg that the Jiangs possessed.

Unless Chu Yunfan was able to step into the Divine Abilities Stage one day.
Only then would he be qualified to sit on the same level as the Jiangs.

However, when they recalled the matter of the Jiangs sending people to exterminate Chu Yunfan’s family members, they suddenly felt a little scared.
Madmen like these were the most terrifying.
These important figures who had always been high and mighty were most afraid of these sorts of people who dared to sacrifice themselves to bring down the emperor.

There were many who had such thoughts, but those who had the ability were as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns.

And Chu Yunfan was one of them.

“You’re just an ant.
How dare you provoke my family!” Jiang Xuanlei’s expression was as cold as ice.
Although Chu Yunfan was very strong at the moment, he still didn’t put him in his eyes.
In his eyes, Chu Yunfan was just lucky.

“An ant? Then let’s see who’s truly the ant here.” Chu Yunfan looked at Jiang Xuanlei and sneered.

I will kill you today!”

Jiang Xuanlei suddenly exploded.
With the lightning spear in his hand, he launched out.


With a loud boom, Jiang Xuanlei’s body disappeared from where he was.

“What speed!”

Chu Haoyue’s Dao Protector was wide-eyed.
He had been able to keep up with Jiang Xuanlei’s movements earlier, but now he could no longer see them clearly, How was Jiang Xuanlei so fast?

“The power of lightning has stimulated his muscles, making him even faster.
That spear seems to be an offensive-type magic weapon, but at the same time, it has other uses.
It’s truly priceless!”

There were experts who could determine Jiang Xuanlei’s situation.

“I’m afraid Chu Yunfan is in trouble.
Although I don’t know how he managed to hold on until now without being affected by the backlash of the medicine, I’m afraid he’s no match for Jiang Xuanlei.

“Jiang Xuanlei is strong.
Among Peak Innate Stage experts, he’d considered an expert.
And he’s now even more invincible under the effects of magic weapons!” An expert widened his eyes to keep up with Jiang Xuanlei.

At this moment, Jiang Xuanlei suddenly appeared behind Chu Yunfan.
A bolt of lightning instantly appeared and launched toward Chu Yunfan’s head.
It was as if Chu Yunfan’s head was going to explode right there and then.
It was extremely terrifying.

“What speed! It’s over!”

At this moment, many saw the spear stab Chu Yunfan’s head before he could even react.
Moreover, it pierced through the blood-red skeleton on the surface of Chu Yunfan’s body.

“Die!” Jiang Xuanlei roared as killing intent burst out from his eyes.

At this critical moment, Chu Yunfan suddenly turned around.

Then, he simply threw a punch.


The punch and the lightning spear collided.
A loud explosion was heard.
It was as if the entire world was shaking violently.

Two experts who had reached the peak of the Innate Stage—and were even more terrifying than the ordinary peak of the Innate Stage—caused the whole world to shake violently.

At the critical moment, Chu Yunfan finally reacted.

“What?!” Jiang Xuanlei widened his eyes.
He couldn’t even take down Chu Yunfan with his attacks.

“Jiang Xuanlei, do you think that would actually work?” Chu Yunfan sneered.
“Today, I will make you pay the price!

“Today, I will destroy all your pride!”

Chu Yunfan shouted and pounced toward Jiang Xuanlei.
Jiang Xuanlei was extremely fast, but Chu Yunfan wasn’t slow either.

At this moment, many more were entranced by the even more terrifying battle happening up in the sky.
It quickly shook the upper echelons of the Federation.

There were countless experts in the Federation who had cultivated divine abilities.
Now, two of them had erupted into such a bitter battle, instantly shaking the Federation’s upper echelons.

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