Chapter 68: Qi Sea Stage Level 2

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After confirming the quality of the Meridians Cleansing Pill, Chu Yunfan gave it to Lu Qingxuan to sell.
Of course, they signed a contract.
According to the terms of the contract, after this Meridians Cleansing Pill was sold, Liu Qingxuan would take 5% of the total sale as a fee for using her channels.
And Lu Qingxuan had guaranteed that a perfect quality Meridians Cleansing Pill would definitely sell for more than three million yuan.
In other words, Lu Qingxuan would receive a commission of at least 150,000 yuan.

This was also one of the more popular models nowadays!

Generally speaking, the current collaboration models between alchemists and alchemy companies were divided into two types.
One was that the alchemy company would provide the materials and hire an alchemist to be in charge of refining pills.
Finally, the alchemist would be paid for their services.
second type was that the alchemist would create the pills on their own and then hand them over to the alchemy companies to help sell them.

There could be either of these two scenarios.
This would depend on the level of the alchemy company and the alchemist.
There were a few differences between the two.
Generally speaking, the profits of the latter were naturally higher.
However, there were many reasons to choose the former collaboration

For example, for some pills like the Body Refining Pills which had larger sales volumes, the first type of collaboration model would be chosen.
Alchemy companies needed more pills and alchemists needed more opportunities to practice making pills.
After all, alchemy was just a combination of talent and

This made this model very popular!

And the second method was usually employed in the cooperation of relatively advanced-leveled pills—alchemy companies would charge a fixed amount as a channel fee and the alchemists would not need to deal with customers.

Both methods had their advantages!

In the blink of an eye, two weeks flew past.
After Chu Yunfan handed the Meridians Cleansing Pill to Lu Qingxuan’s company, he did not ask about it anymore.
Professional matters were best left to professional people.
This was one of Chu Yunfan’s beliefs.

In this period of time, Chu Yunfan had been cultivating with all his might.
Before the school’s weapons were distributed, he used all his strength to break through to the second level of the Qi Sea Stage.

At school, Chu Yunfan sat cross-legged on a futon in one of the training rooms.
He meditated using the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method.
His True Energy reached higher and higher, attempting to break through the barrier of the second level of the Qi Sea Stage.
Different from the previous classes he had been a part of that had to take turns in using the training room, the focus classes of the martial arts stream—Class 1 and Class 2—each had their own fixed training room.
This was due to the channeling of the school’s resources.

Chu Yunfan blocked out all the sounds around him.
Ordinary people would be afraid of being affected by others while meditating and would consume a Flow State Pill to enter a meditative state.
However, Chu Yunfan never needed a Flow State Pill when meditating.
Every time he entered a meditative

state, a calming wave would flow out from the Godhead in his mind and flow through his entire body.
He could easily enter a deep meditative state and his meditative state was naturally several times better than that of ordinary people.

In addition, the effect of the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method was also far better than ordinary martial arts.
That was why he was able to surpass most of his classmates in a short period of time.

Although he was already at the first level of the Qi Sea Stage, he was still a nobody within Class 2.
Other than Ou Yang who was far ahead of the others, there were three other classmates who had long reached the second level of the Qi Sea Stage and above.

One of them was actually Tang Siyu.
This was also something that their homeroom teacher, Qin Wu, had inadvertently revealed during lessons over the past few days.
It was then that everyone suddenly realized why Qin Wu had treated Tang Siyu so differently previously.
Chu Yunfan had long suspected that Tang Siyu was concealing her strength.
In fact, she had already stepped into the Qi Sea Stage long ago.
It was just that others were not aware of this and had placed her on par with Feng Deying and Gao Hongzhi.

‘When Tang Siyu transferred over a year ago, she did not possess any cultivation at all.
However, a year later, she was already one of the few elite geniuses within the school.
Her cultivation speed was so fast that she even surprised the school leaders.

And now, if Chu Yunfan also managed to step into the second level of the Qi Sea Stage, there was no doubt that he would enter the elite group of Class 2.

In Class 2, the competition was much more intense than before.
Every day, every student was getting stronger Especially those with solid family backgrounds like Gao Hongzhi, who could often get their hands on all kinds of medicinal pills and could invite experts to be their tutors.
The improvement of

these students was even more shocking.

In just half a month’s time, Gao Hongzhi had already reached the peak of the first level of the Qi Sea Stage.
Obviously, he was not far from breaking through to the second level.
In half a month—at the longest—he would definitely break through.

And there were at least a few people like Gao Hongzhi in Class 2.
How would Chu Yunfan dare relax!

During this half a month, Chu Yunfan helped Lu Qingxuan refine a few more Body Refining Pills and earned himself a bit more money.
He bought Qi Nourishing Pills, Body Refining Pills, and Vitality Potions, which were enough to support his non-stop cultivation during this half a month.
Although he had no one in the same realm to compare with, every time he broke through, the energy required was much more than that of an ordinary person.

Money flowed in and out of his hands quickly.
Unless he stopped cultivating and focused on making pills, he had to focus on balancing his energy consumption.
The former method would be no different from the path of the Alchemy Emperor in his memories.

And to him, making pills was just a way to provide him with the funds to maintain his cultivation.
It was impossible for him to walk the same path as the Alchemy Emperor.
Although glorious, how could it compare to cultivation?

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Waves of energy auras rose out of Chu Yunfan’s body and encircled him, though they were all strangely controlled and kept within a certain range.
They did not spill out everywhere, which surprised many students.
They were all people who knew what was good for them as they were the elites among the

Naturally, they also understood that to achieve this step, one had to have an abnormal level of control over one’s True Energy.

This student, who was previously unknown and had only recently risen to fame, was indeed capable.
He was definitely not an ordinary person.

However, no one dared to disturb him.
This was a major taboo in cultivation.
Unless one was prepared to fight Chu Yunfan to the death would that be possible.

All of a sudden, the True Energy surrounding Chu Yunfan disappeared all of a sudden.
Following which, an even more terrifying aura rose from his body.
It was as if a flood had broken through a dam.

However, after this sudden change, it was quickly restrained.
Only a few students near Chu Yunfan could barely sense it.
They turned their heads to take a look, but they saw nothing odd.
They turned back in confusion, thinking that they must have been mistaken.
At this moment, Chu Yunfan opened his eyes.
They were clear and bright as if there was a sliver of True Energy flashing through them.

He had broken through, but no one was aware.
Only he himself knew that after half a month of strenuous cultivation, he had finally broken through the peak of the first level and had stepped into the second level.

He had caught up with the top students of the class!

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