The attack of a Divine expert was extremely terrifying.
Chu Yunfan instantly felt a terrifying will lock onto him.
He had a feeling that he wouldn’t be able to avoid it no matter what.

In fact, those were weaker ones would not even be able to resist.
Their speed wasn’t fast rnough, and the attack was vast and mighty.
They would be unable to resist or even avoid it.


The huge hand finally landed and slammed heavily onto the ground.
The ground—which was difficult to break even with a missile bombardment—was smashed into a huge crack.

Chu Yunfan, who should have been hit, was instantly sent flying over a hundreds of feet away.
The skeleton armor on his body was shattering inch by inch.
He had only been swept by the attack and the whole thing was already falling apart.

It can be seen how terrifying Divine masters were.

If Chu Yunfan had not temporarily stepped into the peak of the Innate Stage, he would have not been able to escape the grasp.

Chu Yunfan’s expression was grave, but he did not look disappointed.
He knew that Divine experts were hard to deal with.
They were simply too powerful to be imagined by ordinary people.

“Oh?” The Great Ancestor had not expected his attack to fail.
He looked coldly at Chu Yunfan.

“At such a young age, your killing intent is extremely heavy.
I want to help the people of the world get rid of a scourge like you!” the Great Ancestor bellowed.

“Don’t say it in such a dignified manner.
Killing intent? Can it be as heavy as your family’s killing intent?” Chu Yunfan sneered, as if he was laughing at the Great Ancestor’s dignified words.

You’re stubborn.
I don’t care for your identity or background.
Today, you will die!” the Great Ancestor coldly snorted.

Soon after, he transformed into a large hand that grabbed toward Chu Yunfan once again.
This large hand covered the entire square.
It was just like a cloud that blotted out the sky.

From a distance, it was extremely frightening.

This was especially so for those guests from factions who did not possess such a powerful expert.
They rarely witnessed the might of a Divine expert.
It was absolutely frightening.

Many were unable to imagine just how powerful and frightening a Divine expert was.

“No!” Tang Siyu cried out.
However, she was surrounded by the Demon Descends Illustration and was unable to do anything.

Suddenly, at this critical moment, a terrifying beam of light shot out from the distant sky.
In just an instant, it arrived in the square.
The huge hand formed by the Great Ancestor was instantly completely destroyed.


The beam of light didn’t lose its momentum and created a huge crater in the square.

“Who did that?!” Anger flashed through the Great Ancestor’s eyes.
He wanted to kill an Innate junior, but he was thwarted over and over again.
This made him furious.

“Jiang Yuanluo, have you asked me for permission to kill my disciple?”

A clear voice was heard, followed by a figure stepping on a light ray.

Everyone saw that it was a burly middle-aged man.
He stepped on a ray of light and arrived, exuding an aura that seemed invincible.

The person who arrived wasn’t some unknown person.
Many people immediately recognized him.
It was an instructor from Federation University—Jeang Yuanbin.

Although Jeang Yuanbin was just an instructor now, he was previously active in the human-monsterbattlefields and had slain many monsters.
He was considered to be quite famous.
These guests who were from the upper-class society of the Federation were familiar with who he was.

But from what they recalled, Jeang Yuanbin was just at the peak of the Innate Stage.
But now that he had appeared on a ray of light, it was clear that he had already reached the Divine Abilities Stage.

Although Innate experts were able to walk in the air for a short period, that wasn’t flying.
The reason why Divine experts were able to fly was because they possessed a powerful divine abilities that ordinary people couldn’t imagine.

It looked almost the same, but the essence was completely different.

The crowd instantly knew that Jeang Yuanbin had stepped into the Divine Abilities Stage.

Many people stopped breathing.
For the current Human Federation, Divines were a strategic force akin to nuclear weapons.
They were an important force in fighting against monster swarms.

The birth of any Divine expert could be described as a universal celebration.
When a Divine was born, it would definitely be known by the whole world and inspire the confidence of the Federation.

For existences at this level, unless they had some special mission, they would usually walk around the world and announce their existence.
Just going out casually would offer them god-like statuses.

How could they not know that Jeang Yuanbin had already stepped into the Divine Abilites Stage? However, they were sure that they weren’t wrong.
Jeang Yuanbin had indeed stepped into that legendary realm.

There was only one possibility.
Jeang Yuanbin must have just broken through not too long ago, so he hadn’t had the time to let others know.
But no matter how or when he had stepped into the Divine Abities Stage, this was reality.

Among the guests present, there were many Innate Stage experts.
Even Peak Innate Stage experts had their hands full.
They looked at Jeang Yuanbin with envy.
They had already reached the critical point, and because of this, they knew how difficult it was to break through this line.

It could be said that if there wasn’t any fortuitous encounter, it would be impossible to enter the Divine Abilities Stage in their lifetime.

And now, Jeang Yuanbin, who was originally on the same starting line as them, had actually taken a step ahead of them and stepped into the Divine Abilities Stage.
This was more than just a step ahead, because they would most likely not be able to cross it in their lifetime.

Just a thin line separated them, and the difference was like Heaven and Earth.

They were still in the mortal world, but Jeang Yuanbin had already soared to the Heavens.

Seeing that Jeang Yuanbin had arrived, Chu Yunfan finally heaved a sigh of relief.
Jeang Yuanbin was the biggest trump card he had secretly prepared.
Without Jeang Yuanbin’s protection, he would definitely die.

Courage was not meaningless suicide.

“So this is where his true confidence lies!” Chu Haoyue exclaimed.
At this moment, he finally understood why Chu Yunfan had been so confident even when facing the Jiangs’ Great Ancestor.

“It’s you…” the Great Ancestor recognized Jeang Yuanbin, and his expression became grave.

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