The lightning struck the Demon Descends Illustration, causing the entire skeleton to tremble.

Jiang Xuanlei was powerful.
The cultivation technique he cultivated was related to lightning, and he had unleashed it all at once.
Lightning techniques were said to be able to suppress all the evil creatures of the world, and this single strike pushed the illustration to the verge of collapse.

“You dare to show off in front of me with this useless object?” Jiang Xuanlei sneered.

Chu Yunfan might have looked extremely brave when he killed two seventh-level Innate elders earlier, but it meant nothing to Jiang Xuanlei.

The seventh level of the Innate Stage and the peak of the Innate Stage were not the same levels.
He alone could take care of Chu Yunfan who was using the Demon Descends illustration.

Chu Yunfan’s expression became a little more serious.
He had used the illustration a few times before, and without exception, all of his opponents had been swept away.
No one had been able to stop him.

Until now

It was already hard for Chu Yunfan to deal with Jiang Qing despite having the illustration.
Not to mention there were a few other top Jiang experts who were not much weaker than Jiang Qing.

And Jiang Xuanlei’s strength was above Jiang Qing’s, and the cultivation method he practiced was even more effective against the illustration.

“As expected, relying on one’s strength the righteous way.”

Chu Yunfan shook his head, but he was not disappointed.
He had long expected this day to come.
He had never used the illustration as a conventional method.
He would only choose to use it when he had no other choice.

You won’t be able to escape today,” Jiang Qing said coldly.

Other than him, there were a hundred other peak Innate experts surrounding Chu Yunfan.
No matter how one looked at it, he was facing a death sentence.
It was impossible for him to survive.

“As expected.
Chu Yunfan is no match for Jiang Xuanlei just by using the illustration.
The clan leader of the Jiangs is famous.
It’s just that no one has seen him fight for many years.
Although he hasn’t entered the Divine Abilities Stage, his cultivation is nonetheless terrifying.”

“We Chus have such a peerless genius, but we can’t protect him.
It’s such a pity,” Chu Haoyue’s protector said, “He’s too impulsive.
Even if we inform the clan leader now, we won’t be able to save him in time.”

The protector of the Chus said this with incomparable regret.
His cultivation was extremely profound, and he was willing to be a secret guardian to protect Chu Haoyue’s growth.
It was clear that he cherished the Chus.

Now that he saw a peerless genius was about to die, he could not help but feel pity in his heart.
However, he knew that he could not help or save Chu Yunfan.

“Do you think that I dare to come here and make you guys pay the price without being prepared? Is that all you can do?” Chu Yunfan grinned and looked at Tang Siyu beside him.
He nodded and said.
“Don’t worry, these are all small fries.

“Jiang Xuanlei, have you ever heard of the saying, “Don’t offend an alchemist or you will regret it!” Chu Yunfan thundered.

“You’re deliberately mystifying things.” Jiang Xuanlei did not take Chu Yunfan to heart at all.
“You’re just pretending.”

He could tell that Chu Yunfan was in extremely intense pain.
If this continued, Chu Yunfan would die by his own hands without even needing them to make a move.

Chu Yunfan took out a medicine bottle from his bosom and poured out a pill.
He swallowed it with lightning speed.

The moment the pill went down his throat…


A terrifying aura surged out crazily from his body.


Everyone was shocked.
Chu Yunfan’s astonishing battle prowess was enough to shock everyone.
They felt a terrifying surge of True Energy explode out and crush the entire area.

“Peak Innate!”

Chu Yunfan had actually stepped into the peak Innate Stage all of a sudden.

Everyone’s eyes widened in disbelief.
They recalled what Chu Yunfan had said previously about not offending an alchemist.
But this was completely out of their expectations.
They had heard of medicinal pills that could increase one’s cultivation strength, but Chu Yunfan had just stepped into the Innate Stage not too long ago, and now he had already jumped to the peak?

This was illogical!

After some careful observation, the crowd realized that it was indeed the peak of the Innate Stage.
There was no mistaking that terrifying aura.
Compared to Jiang Xuanlei’s aura, it was much more terrifying.
Coupled with the Demon Descends Illustration, everyone at the scene felt suffocated.

“What kind of pill did he swallow? How is it so terrifying?!”

Everyone instantly went mad.
What grade of pill was this? How could it amplify one’s power so much?

Jiang Xuanlei and Jiang Qing felt this terrifying pressure weigh down on them.
It instantly suppressed the two of them.

And the first to realize that something was wrong was Tang Tianluo.
He had a clear view of the situation, and he understood Chu Yunfan’s situation at once.

“He’s crazy! He traded his life for strength!” Tang Tianluo could clearly see that in addition to Chu Yunfan’s crazily rising strength and aura, there was an aura of death surrounding him.

Although Tang Tianluo had yet to reach the Divine Abilities Stage and should not have been able to see things like death auras, the one around Chu Yunfan was too dense.

Normally, this level of death aura would only appear on a person who was about to die.
As the saying went, if one’s temple turned black, there would probably be a bloody disaster.
This was the reason.

Chu Yunfan was not that kind of person.
It was as if all the life force in his body had been sucked clean.
There was not a single bit left.

Tang Tianluo understood that this was a secret technique that allowed all the life force in one’s body to instantly bloom.
Only in this way could such a shocking effect be produced.

Once all the life force in one’s body had been drawn out, the consequences were inevitable.
Chu Yunfan was dead for sure.
This was the fundamental reason why his body was covered in such a dense aura of death.

That’s right.
Chu Yunfan had consumed the Celestial Demonic Disintegration Pill which allowed his strength to soar to such a level.

“You’re crazy!” Jiang Xuanlei quickly understood what Chu Yunfan had done.
Was it because he knew he was going to die that he had used such a method?

Jiang Xuanlei’s expression was no longer relaxed.
It was completely solemn because he could feel the fatal threat from the current Chu Yunfan.
No matter how he did it, Chu Yunfan had done it.

“Are you okay?” Tang Siyu looked at Chu Yunfan worriedly.
She could feel how powerful Chu Yunfan was, so she naturally knew the price he had to pay.

“I’m fine.
Hold on for a bit.
It’ll be over soon.”

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