Many people looked at Chu Yunfan suspiciously.
Could it be that he had planned this all along?

It was not impossible.
And if that was the case, then Chu Yunfan was much scarier than they had imagined,

He was cunning and had been prepared/

However, many still could not figure out what kind of trump card Chu Yunfan had.
After all, no matter how they looked at it, Chu Yunfan did not have any chance of winning.

A hundred Innate experts were equivalent to a hundred missiles bombarding you as soon as you made your move.
Who would be able to escape under such a lineup?

Even with the protection of the Demon Descend Illustration, it was impossible for him to persevere.
Although the legendary illustration could display Divine Abilities Stage powers, Chu Yunfan who had just stepped into the Innate Stage not long ago, would definitely not be able to use it to such an extent.

Moreover, such a demonic treasure would not only devour a large number of spirit stones, but it would also cause shocking damage to one’s body.
Killing a thousand enemies would surely put a huge strain on one’s body.

Not far away, Lin Shaoyu finally understood why Chu Yunfan had sought him out back at the Heavenly Dragon Villa and wanted to buy so many spirit stones.

Of course, Chu Yunfan had bought them at market price.
The Heavenly Dragon Villa also needed spirit stones, but that was relative to a behemoth.
The amount that Chu Yunfan wanted to buy was not enough to surprise the Heavenly Dragon Villa.

However, Chu Yunfan did not have enough money.
Instead, he used the company under his name, Shanhe Alchemy, as collateral.

Only then did Lin Shaoyu find out that Chu Yunfan had a company under his name.
He had asked the people of the Heavenly Dragon Villa to evaluate it.
If it was fully utilized, it would be worth at least tens of billions.

If it was magnified to the twenty-year patent period, it would be worth at least a hundred billion.
With this guarantee, Lin Shaoyu naturally sold Chu Yunfan a large number of spirit stones without any scruples.

But he had not expected that Chu Yunfan would use them in such a way.

“Looks like Chu Yunfan came prepared, but what exactly is his trump card? The illustration can’t protect him,” Lin Shaoyu muttered to himself.

He did not step forward to intervene, because this was not a battle that he could intervene with.
He would be easily killed by hundreds of Innate experts.
Moreover, his relationship with Chu Yunfan was not at the point where he would die for him.
Although it was upsetting, that was reality.

“I’ll kill him!”

At this moment, the first elder of the Jiangs, Jiang Qing, stepped forward.
The killing intent within the world instantly condensed into a terrifying blade.

It was the Jiangs’ supreme technique, the Life Ender.

Compared to Jiang Lingxiao’s Life Ender from before, Jiang Qing’s comprehension was much shallower.
The difference in strength he displayed was practically like Heaven and Earth when compared to Jiang Lingxiao.
It proved that it was indeed as the Jiangs had said—Jiang Lingxiao was a heaven-gifted genius.

Jiang Lingxiao had only been in his twenties, and his cultivation of the Life Ender was already comparable to Jiang Qing’s.
However, a technique was ultimately just a technique.
What truly determined everything was one’s own cultivation level.

Jiang Qing’s cultivation level of the Life Ender was not much better than Jiang Lingxiao’s, but his cultivation level was much stronger.

When the blade condensed, the entire square was filled with killing intent.
Moreover, there was no barrier blocking the attack this time.
Everyone instantly felt a chill run down their spine.
Retreating 3000 feet was not enough.
They had to continue retreating.

With more than a hundred Innate experts attacking, the power was enough to annihilate most of the people here.

The blade shot up into the sky and then fiercely descended.
It was extremely terrifying.

Chu Yunfan immediately brought Tang Siyu to his side.
The blood-red skeleton hand clenched into a fist and punched toward the blade.


With a loud boom, the fist collided with the blade.

A blood-red tide and killing intent surged.

“What a terrifying attack.
Is this a battle between peak Innate experts?” The crowd widened their eyes in disbelief.

What kind of existence was a peak Innate expert? Other than the small group of people who had cultivated their Innate techniques, they were the most powerful.

What kind of existence was a peak Innate expert? They did not stand out often because there were very few people that they had to kill.

Under normal circumstances, peak Innate experts were the strongest.
And under such circumstances, normal people would rarely cross paths with peak Innate experts.
Now that they had, how could they not be excited and shocked?

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