“The Jiangs wish to ally with the Tangs but it seems like they’re running into a lot of trouble.
Things aren’t going as smoothly as planned.”

“Isn’t this perfect? If the Jiangs and the Tangs really joined hands, will there be any way for us to survive?”

“But Chu Yunfan is still young.
Jiang Lingxiao is too strong for him.
I heard that Jiang Lingxiao just recently obtained the inheritance of an Ancient Zenith Civilization relic.
In terms of strength, he’s far above Chu Yunfan.”

“How did Chu Yunfan survive? The Jiangs must’ve been prepared for this.
How did he escape?”

“No matter what, it will be a great battle.
It will be the greatest battle between the most anticipated young geniuses in recent years.”

“I can’t wait any longer.
I’ve been waiting for this battle for a whole year!”

Many of the guests were animatedly discussing Chu Yunfan’s battle with Jiang Lingxiao.
However, some of them noticed the long string of heads in Chu Yunfan’s hand and felt their scalps go numb.
Chu Yunfan was also an extremely fierce character.
He was definitely not like what many had guessed before.
He was definitely not someone who could be easily squashed by the Jiangs.

Everyone discussed animatedly.
According to a serious analysis of the situation, they all thought that Jiang Lingxiao had an 80% chance of winning.
It was unknown how long Chu Yunfan could hold out.

After all, Jiang Lingxiao was two years older than Chu Yunfan.
For people of their age, a difference of two years meant the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Jiang Lingxiao was stunning and perfect.
He had been groomed as a top genius of the Jiangs since he was young.
Compared to him, Chu Yunfan was far too inferior.

In the face of the crowd’s discussions, Jiang Xuanlei and Tang Tianluo both had grim expressions on their faces as the clan leaders of their respective families.

Regardless of whether Jiang Lingxiao could win or not, it could not be denied that Chu Yunfan had successfully disrupted the situation.
This added a layer of shadow to the success of the marriage alliance between the two families.

This was especially so for the Jiangs.
After using so many methods, Chu Yunfan still managed to come all the way here.
This was undoubtedly a humiliation to them.

“Lingxiao, don’t hold back.
Although this is your engagement, since someone dares to provoke you, don’t hold back and kill him,” Jiang Xuanlei instructed Jiang Lingxiao.

Tang Tianluo, on the other hand, did not say a word.
He had a deep look in his eyes.
No one knew what he was thinking.


However, Jiang Xuanlei’s words caused many experts around him to agree.
They said, “This battle will definitely be Lingxiao’s rise to fame.
Chu Yunfan is just a stepping stone for him.”


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