Along with this voice, a figure flew over from afar.

Jiang Qing raised his head and saw that it was a young man dressed in luxurious robes.
It was none other than the junior leader of the Heavenly Dragon Villa, Lin Shaoyu.

“Junior Leader Lin, what are you trying to do? This is a private matter of us Jiangs.
Are you here to protect this maniac?” As Jiang Qing spoke, his tone gradually became heavier, and the displeasure in his tone was unquestionable.

However, Jiang Qing held back his anger.
Even though he was the number one Jiang elder, Lin Shaoyu was the junior leader of the Heavenly Dragon Villa.
Their statuses were almost equal.

Lin Shaoyu represented the powerful Heavenly Dragon Villa standing behind him.
Jiang Qing could not reprimand Lin Shaoyu like how he would reprimand an ordinary junior.

“The Heavenly Dragon Villa owes Chu Yunfan a huge debt.
Since he wishes to fight Jiang Lingxiao, the Heavenly Dragon Villa will guarantee that he will get his fight,” Lin Shaoyu said slowly.

Everyone instantly burst into an uproar.
Lin Shaoyu had actually made it clear that he wanted to go against the Jiangs.
This was an extremely rare occurrence.

The reason why the Heavenly Dragon Villa was able to stand tall was that—other than the invincible strength of the Heavenly Dragon Elder—they had always been neutral and impartial.
But now, the Heavenly Dragon Villa clearly supported Chu Yunfan to go against the Jiangs.
This was an extremely rare occurrence.

But quickly, many people thought of the matter of the Jiangs using nuclear weapons at the Heavenly Dragon Villa’s entrance.
The Jiangs had used nuclear weapons to deal with the Heavenly Dragon Villa’s esteemed guests in front of their territory.
This was undoubtedly a slap in the face.

The Heavenly Dragon Villa was neutral, but not without a temper.
In the face of such provocation, it would be strange if they did not retaliate.

An ordinary person provoking the Jiangs would naturally not have a good result, but the Heavenly Dragon Villa was different.
They had the right to be on equal footing with the Jiangs.

“Junior Leader Lin, I’m respecting Senior Heavenly Dragon by calling you the junior leader.
But if you interfere in the matters of my family, I’m afraid you don’t have the right,” Jiang Qing said arrogantly.

Although Heavenly Dragon Villa was not easy to provoke, since they had already provoked it, then the Jiangs could only continue down this path.
Otherwise, would their previous efforts be wasted.

“Then what if the Chu family was added to the mix?!” At this time, another figure approached.

When the guests saw who it was, their breath froze in their lungs.
The person who came was none other than the junior leader of the Chu family, Chu Haoyue.

However, the guests did not find it strange anymore.
Even if Chu Yunfan came from just a branch of the Chu family, with the talent he displayed, it was impossible for the Chus not to take him seriously.

With Chu Haoyue stepping up to the plate, the weight was now entirely different.
Lin Shaoyu and Chu Haoyue were the successors of their respective forces.
And now, they represented the two behemoths, the Heavenly Dragon Villa and the Chu family.

As expected, even Jiang Qing, who was arrogant just a moment ago, now hesitated.
There was nothing to be afraid of if it was just these two.
It was just that their statuses were similar.
In terms of status and influence, these two were on par with him.
However, the forces behind them made him pay attention to them.

No matter which force it was, it was comparable to the Jiangs.

Now that both of them were coming at Jiang Qing aggressively, it was impossible for him not to consider the powers behind them.

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