Many of the guests who had yet to enter stopped to watch.
This matter was full of twists and turns.
When they first found out about the life-and-death duel between Chu Yunfan and Jiang Lingxiao, they were certain that Chu Yunfan was a walking dead man.

Therefore, they only paid little attention to this matter and forgot all about it.
Who would have thought that Chu Yunfan would actually appear?

Chu Yunfan was not dead as everyone had expected.
On the contrary, he was alive and well.

“If I remember correctly, Chu Yunfan isn’t even twenty yet.”

“That’s right, he isn’t twenty yet.
From the looks of it, he stepped into the Innate Stage some time ago.
No wonder he dared to challenge Jiang Lingxiao.”

“Today, the marriage alliance between the Jiangs and the Tangs will not be a smooth sailing one.”

None of these people stepped forward to stop Chu Yunfan.
On the contrary, these guests from the various families, sects, and corporations all wanted Chu Yunfan to create a big commotion.

The marriage alliance between the Jiangs and the Tangs made people feel uneasy.
When two behemoths joined forces, even the Federation had to look at them in a different light.

If it was just an ordinary marriage, it would not be a big deal.
It was not the first time such a marriage had taken place between the various families.
However, the various moves that the Jiangs and the Tangs had made lately showed that this was not a simple marriage.
It might even be a sign of the two families joining hands.

No one knew what had caused the two behemoths to join hands, and there was no precedent for such an occurrence.
But they all knew one thing.
It would be great if someone could stop all of this.

Following Chu Yunfan’s roar, which he had mustered using all of his True Energy, the entire Jiang ancestral home was alarmed.

Soon, the sound of hurried footsteps could be heard.
A large group of experts and guests appeared at the entrance of the Jiang ancestral home.

“Chu Yunfan, what are you trying to do?” The first person to appear in front of everyone was none other than the top-notch instructor of Federation University and also Jiang Lingxiao’s mentor, Zhu Bumie.

Seeing that Chu Yunfan was still alive, Zhu Bumie was first extremely stunned before he was filled with rage.

Chu Yunfan actually dared to come and kick up a fuss during his disciple’s wedding.
When he saw the long string of heads behind Chu Yunfan, a shocking killing intent flashed through his eyes.

“What do I want to do? I just want to fulfill the life-and-death duel agreement from a year ago,” Chu Yunfan said calmly.

“You have a string of heads behind you.
You actually dare to kill people.
Do you know that killing people within the territory of the Federation is a huge crime?!” Zhu Bumie shouted.

The surrounding guests all curled their lips and spoke as if they had never killed anyone before.
According to unspoken rules, killing people within the territory of the Federation was not allowed.
In the wild, the Federation could not care less.

“These are just some hooligans who forcefully broke into my house with the intention of harming my family.
According to the laws of the Federation, killing these people is just self-defense,” Chu Yunfan said nonchalantly.

What kind of people were the surrounding guests? They had seen all sorts of situations before.
They immediately understood what Chu Yunfan wanted to say.
There was only one possibility for Chu Yunfan to be dragging a bunch of heads to cause trouble at this moment.

Not only did the Jiangs send people to use nuclear bombs to try and kill Chu Yunfan, they also sent a large number of experts to break into Chu Yunfan’s home to exterminate his family.

The guests instantly thought of the reason why the Jiangs had done this.
They wanted to strike the mountain to shock the tiger and kill the chicken to warn the monkeys.

This was without a doubt.
This was the way the large factions did things.
They knew that if they could not suppress the bad omens as soon as possible, there would be endless trouble in the future.

However, they were still shocked by the Jiangs’ generosity.
Whether it was releasing a nuclear bomb at the entrance of the Heavenly Dragon Villa or massacring a whole family within the Federation, they were all major cases that would shock them for a time.

The Heavenly Dragon Villa was not to be trifled with, and the Federation Government was even more so.
To provoke the government, one had to be prepared to pay a sufficient price.

This time, the Jiangs did not know how much they would have to pay, but they still did it.
This was a huge enmity.

What made the guests even more speechless was that after paying such a huge price, they still failed.

Not only was Chu Yunfan alive and well, but all of the experts who went to exterminate Chu Yunfan’s family were defeated and had their heads cut off.

The Jiangs had failed spectacularly.

“You still dare to quibble.
No matter what the reason is, I’ll capture you first and question you about this in detail later.” Of course, Zhu Bumie knew what those bunch of heads were.
In fact, he was also part of it, it was just that the specific executioners of this particular mission were Jiang Beixuan and Jiang Xiao.

Therefore, Zhu Bumie could not allow Chu Yunfan to continue speaking.

“Zhu Bumie, you dare to make a move on me? Do you not want to enter Federation University anymore?!” Chu Yunfan roared.

Zhu Bumie was stunned.
If he made a move to take down Chu Yunfan now, then it would be very difficult for him to ever enter Federation University again in the future.
The conflict between Chu Yunfan and Jiang Lingxiao was their own problem.
If he acted on behalf of the Jiangs, he would not be able to remove the label of being a traitor.

No faction would tolerate their own members being traitors and colluding with outsiders to deal with their others.

“Then I’ll kill you!” a loud roar suddenly reverberated through the entire world.

Immediately after, an old man with white hair and a baby face framed by thin eyebrows and long eyes strode over.
He stared coldly at Chu Yunfan.

“It’s Jiang Qing, the number one elder of the Jiangs.”

“Indeed, it’s him.
The number one elder of the Jiang council of elders.
He’s just below the clan leader of the Jiangs in terms of status.”

“Today is a wedding day.
Chu Yunfan is obviously here to kick up a fuss.
It would be strange if the Jiangs were to let him go.”

Although many wanted to see the marriage between the Jiangs and the Tangs fall through, they would not go against the Jiangs for Chu Yunfan.

“Chu Yunfan, today is a wedding day for the Jiangs, yet you still dare to come and cause trouble.
You have to die for this.”

Jiang Qing’s face was as dark as water.
Chu Yunfan’s actions were tantamount to a provocation to the Jiangs.
If Chu Yunfan was not killed today, the Jiangs would become the laughingstock of the entire world.

“You Jiangs first sent people to attack me with nuclear bombs, and then you sent people to wipe out my family.
What an honor,” Chu Yunfan said coldly, “This is the way the Jiangs do things? On one hand, you promised me a battle, and on the other, you sent people to attack me many times.
Or are you afraid of me, Jiang Lingxiao? You don’t dare to fight me anymore?!”

Chu Yunfan’s voice became louder and louder, and the last few words even shook the Jiangs’ ancestral house.

“You have a death wish!”

Killing intent flashed through Jiang Qing’s eyes.
However, just as he was about to make a move, a voice suddenly came from afar.


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