The Kunlun Realm, Jiang City.
This was an important economic, cultural, and military location of the Federation at the Kunlun Realm.

At the same time, this was also the Jiang family’s base camp.
The Jiangs were one of the eight great aristocratic families of the Federation that held the world’s attention.
It was said that the reason why Jiang City was called Jiang City was that it was originally one of the Jiang family’s bases.
Later on, it gradually became one of the strongest fortresses of the human race in the Kunlun Realm.

Jiang City was one of the largest bases of the entire Federation in the Kunlun Realm.
Its economy and culture were incomparably prosperous.

And in the central area of Jiang City, the core area where every inch of land was worth its weight in gold, was where the Jiangs’ ancestral home was located.
It was the true base camp of the Jiangs.

Normally, people who were not members of the Jiangs would not be allowed to enter this place.
But today, the Jiangs’ ancestral home was decorated with lanterns and streamers.
It looked jubilant.

In the past, this would only happen during the New Year.
However, everyone in the family knew that this was all because today was the engagement between the Jiang family’s junior leader, Jiang Lingxiao, and the Tang family’s leader’s daughter, Tang Siyu.

Though they had never known that the Tang family’s leader had a daughter, this did not stop them from being happy from the bottom of their hearts.
The Jiangs and the Tangs were about to form an alliance.
When that happened, dominating the Federation would no o longer be just a dream.

With the combined strength of the two families, even the president of the Federation would have to do things according to their wishes.
After all, behind them were two top Divine experts.

On this day, the Jiangs’ ancestral home was packed with people.
People came and went from various places in the Federation to congratulate them.
It was extremely lively.

Everyone knew that Jiang Lingxiao’s status in the Jiang family was extraordinary.
He was the next clan leader of the Jiangs.
There was even hope for him to reach the Divine Abilities Stage.
Many people wanted to foster a good relationship with such a person in advance.

Although there were many guests coming and going, everything was handled and taken care of in an orderly manner.
The Jiangs’ strength and foundation could be seen from this.

However, this joyous atmosphere came to an abrupt halt when a young man with a large sword on his back arrived.
They saw him drag a long rope behind him.
There were human heads attached to it.
The scene was extremely bizarre.

This strange situation immediately caused these Jiang disciples to be on guard.

Those who came were not kind, and those who were kind would not come!

It was not only the Jiang disciples.
Even the guests realized that something was not right.

“I’ve seen that person somewhere before.
Is that… Chu Yunfan?!”

“Wasn’t Chu Yunfan killed by a nuclear bomb?”

Many guests immediately started discussing.
They remembered what had happened to Chu Yunfan previously.
Someone had used a nuclear weapon in front of the Heavenly Dragon Villa.
That matter had caused an uproar.

Those who were able to participate in this engagement ceremony were all important figures in various aspects of the Federation.
With their level, they naturally knew many things—including the fact that Chu Yunfan had been killed by a nuclear bomb.

However, they had not taken it to heart.
They had only treated it as a piece of information.
After reading it, they cast it aside.
They never really took it to heart.

It was because the main character of that incident, Chu Yunfan, was already dead.
No matter how dazzling a dead person was when he was alive, it was worthless to remember him.

Therefore, when they saw Chu Yunfan standing right before them, they were somewhat dumbfounded.
Or rather, they were in complete disbelief.

Could it be that the information they had obtained was fake?

Chu Yunfan was not dead?

The Jiangs had gone to great lengths to offend the Heavenly Dragon Villa, but it was all for naught?

They had wanted to kill Chu Yunfan—a promising young man.
But in the end, it was all for naught?

“He brought so many heads with him.
He’s clearly here to kick up a fuss.
This is going to be a good show.”

“What’s so strange about that? The Jiangs have already shot him with a nuclear bomb.
It would be strange if he just bowed down and endured it.
However, he isn’t very smart.
This is the Jiangs’ headquarters.
Even if he has three heads and six arms, he will not be able to escape from here.”

“That’s right.
The Jiangs have already shed all pretense of cordiality and used a nuclear bomb.
Will they have to kill him again?”

“He’s out of his mind.
No matter how strong he is, he’s only able to dominate the younger generation.
If he were to provoke a behemoth like the Jiangs, he will die sooner or later.”

“Young people nowadays are more and more arrogant than before.”

“Young people nowadays value freedom and equality.
When have they ever truly respected a behemoth like the Jiangs? After they’ve suffered enough losses, they will understand their own stupidity.”

They did not even bother to ask Chu Yunfan what his purpose was.
One look at Chu Yunfan and they could tell that he had come with ill intentions.

The Jiang disciples looked at each other and understood each other’s meaning.
They would take him down first.
Having arranged to welcome guests here naturally meant that they had to be prepared for any sudden incidents that would occur.

These disciples instantly made a decision and directly pounced on Chu Yunfan to kill him.

These Jiang disciples were not very old.
Most of them were only in their twenties while the oldest was in his thirties.
However, their cultivations were all first-class and tyrannical.
All of them were at the peak of the Acquired Stage.
The one in the lead was even an Innate Stage expert.

These experts were enough to create a small sect in an ordinary force.
However, the Jiangs had sent them to welcome the guests.
Although it was not necessarily without the intention of intimidating the group of heroes, the Jiangs’ strength was unquestionable.

However, they soon saw an unbelievable scene.
These experts surrounded Chu Yunfan, but when they faced him, they could not even block a single move.

Chu Yunfan’s energy force alone was enough to send all the Jiang experts flying, including the Innate Stage expert.

They all suffered the same fate.
Even the leader was no match for Chu Yunfan.

“This strength is ridiculous!”

“Chu Yunfan is even stronger than the information says he is!”

“I’m afraid this matter can’t be settled peacefully.
I’m afraid that the engagement today will have some major twists and turns!”

After sending all the Jiang disciples flying, Chu Yunfan mustered his True Energy and roared, “Jiang Lingxiao, do you still remember the life-and-death duel from a year ago?! I, Chu Yunfan, am here to attend that duel today!”

Chu Yunfan’s voice spread throughout the entire Jiang ancestral home.

It instantly alarmed all the clansmen and guests in the Jiang ancestral home.

Many people did not react at first, but then many people who knew the inside story suddenly remembered this matter.

Chu Yunfan and Jiang Lingxiao had a life-and-death duel.

And Chu Yunfan was here to attend the duel today.

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