If a low-leveled Innate expert tried their best, their attack speed would be close to that of a standard Innate expert.
They might even be able to break through the sound barrier and make a series of explosive sounds.
However, that was only achieved by a localized attack.

This kind of pure speed that was able to break through the sound barrier was on a non-human level.

Even if one was sitting in a mecha, breaking through the sound barrier would put great pressure on the pilot.
Therefore, the pilot had to be a martial arts expert to be able to do so.

It was the same even if one was sitting inside a mecha, let alone breaking through the sound barrier with one’s physical body.
This was no longer something an ordinary physical body could do.

It was comparable to a monster!

“Chu Yunfan has already become a divine dragon!” In Liu Weiguo’s eyes, Chu Yunfan was like a celebrity.

What was even more terrifying was that for an ordinary person, stepping into the Innate Stage could already afford them a high status within society.
It could basically be said that their fate was sealed.

However, Chu Yunfan was not even twenty years old.
This was just the beginning.
His current state of soaring through the sky was already indescribable.

As long as Chu Yunfan did not die, his future was limitless.

The extreme massacre continued, causing the Jiang experts to be completely annihilated.
The moment they arrived, the battle would already be over.

Not only was Chu Yunfan’s speed unimaginably fast, but more importantly, his strength was also terrifying.
He did not have any weaknesses and unleashed his full strength.

Moreover, there was no such thing as being heavily injured.
Everyone was instantly killed with just one move.

Now, they were all afraid of Chu Yunfan.
Every time he appeared, he would do away with one Innate Jiang expert.

These top Innate experts, who were high and mighty in front of outsiders, were slaughtered like cabbages.

The more Jiang Beixuan and Jiang Xiao watched, the more anxious they became.
The two of them were the leaders of this operation, but in the end, Chu Yunfan killed all these Innate experts right under their noses.
The Jiangs suffered countless losses.

“Chu Yunfan, you’re courting death!” Jiang Beixuan roared, “If you have the ability, fight me!”

Being forced to this point, there was nothing Jiang Beixuan could do.
He knew that his speed had reached its limit, but he still could not keep up with Chu Yunfan’s speed.

The movement techniques Jiang Beixuan had learned were nothing compared to Chu Yunfan’s Nine Heavenly Deity Transformations.
This thought involuntarily appeared in his mind.
He felt that it was not right.
The Jiangs were a large family in the current era, and he was one of its most direct descendants.

The movement technique Jiang Beixuan learned was a top-notch movement technique of the current era.
But in the end, it was trash compared to Chu Yunfan’s movement technique.

Jiang Beixuan could not accept this.

“Even if you want to die, there’s no need to hurry.”

Chu Yunfan finished off the last Jiang expert and then looked at Jiang Xiao and Jiang Beixuan.

The two of them suddenly felt like they were being targeted by a fierce beast.
The feeling made their hairs stand on end.
They had wanted to kill Chu Yunfan to make a contribution and completely eliminate this future trouble for the Jiangs, but now, they realized that it was just their own wishful thinking.

Chu Yunfan’s strength was a hundred times more terrifying than they had imagined.

“It will be your turn soon!” Chu Yunfan shouted.

Billows of air surged into the sky.
After killing so many people consecutively, Chu Yunfan’s killing intent was stimulated to the extreme.

Jiang Beixuan and Jiang Xiao looked at each other and immediately called out to each other.
They instantly understood each other’s meaning.

The two of them made their move.
Jiang Xiao took a step forward, and he blocked Chu Yunfan from the front like a mountain.
Jiang Beixuan, on the other hand, flew in the direction of Chu Yunfan’s parents and sister.


Liu Yushu could not help but shout from afar.
She immediately understood Jiang Beixuan and Jiang Xiao’s intentions.
She knew that they were no match for Chu Yunfan, so they wanted to use his family to threaten him.

In Liu Yushu’s opinion, such actions were despicable.
However, to Liu Weiguo, it was a common occurrence.
The business world was like a battlefield.
He had been in the business world for a while, so he naturally understood that humans would do anything in order to survive.

The other residents of the Spirit Moon Community also instantly reacted.
At this moment, Chen Wei and the others were all heavily injured and had fallen to the ground.
They had long been defeated.
It was impossible for them to stop Jiang Beixuan.

“You’re courting death!” Chu Yunfan immediately understood Jiang Beixuan’s intentions.
“Those who get in my way will die!”

Almost immediately, Chu Yunfan reacted.

“You’ll have to get past me first!” Jiang Xiao sneered and blocked Chu Yunfan.

“Go to hell!” Chu Yunfan roared.

Then, the Ju Que in Chu Yunfan’s hands waved with a shocking sword light.
A sword light of more than 100 feet soared into the sky.
In an instant, it swept toward Jiang Xiao like a bolt of lightning.

Jiang Xiao instantly felt as if he was enveloped by the power of death.
An unimaginably powerful force crushed down on him.
It was as if Mount Tai had collapsed on top of him.

It was only now that Jiang Xiao truly made his move.
Unknowingly, a saber had appeared in his hand.
The saber light swept out and sliced through the air.

Although Jiang Xiao was not of good character, his strength was still at the peak of the fifth level of the Innate Stage.
He was only one step away from stepping into the sixth level.
He would surely be able to reach the seventh level in the future.


This attack brought about a terrifying shockwave.
It instantly surpassed any previous battle.
The energy turned into a wild wind and swept up all the plants in the courtyard in front of the villa.

The crowd saw that this stalemate lasted for only a second.
Chu Yunfan’s sword light swept down and destroyed Jiang Xiao’s saber light.

In his angry state, Chu Yunfan held nothing back.
With just one strike, he shattered Jiang Xiao’s long saber into pieces.
The momentum of Chu Yunfan’s sword did not decrease and directly cut Jiang Xiao into two halves.

“So strong!”

At this moment, many opened their eyes wide in disbelief.
The great battle that they had been looking forward to had actually erupted in this manner.
And the one that people had thought highly of previously, Jiang Xiao who was almost invincible, and had easily defeated Chen Wei and the others, was instantly killed by Chu Yunfan’s sword in anger.

“They’re not even on the same level.
Though they’re both Innate experts, Chu Yunfan is far more terrifying than the others!”

“Amazing! The Chus have produced a true dragon!”

And at this moment, after killing Jiang Xiao with one strike, Chu Yunfan almost could not catch up to Jiang Beixuan.

After all, the distance was too short.
Even though Jiang Beixuan was not as fast as Chu Yunfan, he had already stepped into the fifth level of the Innate Stage.
In terms of strength, he was just slightly below Jiang Xiao.

At this moment, the Ju Que in Chu Yunfan’s hand turned into a terrifying stream of light and shot toward Jiang Beixuan’s back.

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