Chapter 66: Chu Yunfan’s Value

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‘When Lu Qingxuan heard the words ‘Meridians Cleansing Pill’, she immediately felt her breath quicken and her heart pound.

This was because the Meridians Cleansing Pill was different from the Body Refining Pill, which was a very basic pill.
The Meridians Cleansing Pill could be considered an intermediate-level pill.
To be able to refine a pill of this level, one had to be at least an intermediate-level alchemist to be able to make them.

Different from the hardships of an alchemy apprentice and the arduous start of an alchemy trainee, alchemists who were able to reach the level of official alchemists were treated as distinguished guests by various large groups.
Although they were not fawning over these official alchemists, they were
naturally treated with great respect.

Even if they were to establish their own alchemy workshop, they would have no lack of customers.
At this stage, they could basically afford their own expenses and begin to accumulate a rather astonishing mountain of wealth.
To a large extent, the impression that the general public had of rich and powerful alchemists was brought about by these people.

Lu Qingxuan’s company could basically be considered as one of many small alchemy companies.
The medicinal pills that they sold were basic medicinal pills such as Body Refining Pills.
If they wanted to go to the next level and expand their business, they would definitely have to dabble in the sale of
higher-grade medicinal pills.
However, these pills were not created out of thin air, and there was no possibility of industrial production.
There was only one source and that was those alchemists.

Unlike alchemy apprentices or alchemy trainees, official alchemists were not that easy to recruit.
They all belonged to different groups, sects, or universities.
Even the Federal Government itself.
Otherwise, they would have long opened their own alchemy company and produced their own products to sell.

There was no need for them to look down on others.

Ifa low-level company like theirs wanted to obtain an official alchemist that they could cooperate with for a long time, they would have to pay more attention to and provide more financial support when the other party was still an alchemy trainee or even an alchemy apprentice.
Only then would it be
possible to sign a contract.

Behind those outstanding alchemy apprentices, there might be two or three small companies, or even large companies, vying for them.
“No problem, but it can’t take more than a month, right!” Chu Yunfan estimated that within this month, he would not be sent to actual combat.

Moreover, there was the standard battle saber issued by the school, so it was not a big problem for the time being.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be a problem.
It won’t be more than two weeks!” Lu Qingxuan quickly promised.
Although she was still working on the shipping routes in other satellite cities and developing her company’s customer base.

However, Meridians Cleansing Pills were a scarce commodity, so there was no need to be afraid of not being able to ship them.
Who among those rich people did not want their children to be able to use Meridians Cleansing Pills so that their foundation and talent would be better than others.
If they could
sell them in Calm Ocean City or Donghua City, this could have been resolved in a few days.

Thinking of this, she thought of Chu Zhiguo’s arrogant and despotic face again.
Her face could not help but reveal a somewhat disgusted expression.

“Then there’s no problem.
I’ll order the ingredients on the internet later.
They should be sent to your company early tomorrow morning!” Chu Yunfan nodded.
He said, “I’ll go to your company tomorrow.
We’ll sign the contract after the Meridians Cleansing Pills are made.
If this cooperation goes well, I
think we’ll have many opportunities to work together in the future!”

Lu Qingxuan could not help but feel excited when she heard Chu Yunfan’s words.
Chu Yunfan looked like he had a bright future ahead of him.
If she could work with Chu Yunfan for a long time, her company would also rise to a new level.
She held back her excitement and said, “No problem, Master Chu.
You’ve made the right choice in choosing my company!”
“All right!”

After saying that, Chu Yunfan ended the call.
In his heart, he was somewhat looking forward to the problem of the Shadowless Saber being resolved after tomorrow..

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