Fourteen Innate experts pounced on Chu Yunfan.
Their power was truly unimaginable.
They had all learned the formation of joint attacks.
The aura of the Innate experts linked together and swept over like a raging sea.

Each of these Innate experts was strong in their own right.
The weakest had already stepped into the second level of the Innate Stage, and the strongest had even stepped into the fourth level—only second to Jiang Beixuan and Jiang Xiao.

Even if Jiang Beixuan and Jiang Xiao were to meet such a powerful attack, they would have no choice but to flee and dare to face it head-on.
Although the gap between Innate experts was not very big, when the number of Innate experts reached this point, it was terrifying.


Everyone could only see the aura of these Innate experts sweeping up, and each of them carried a terrifying attack as they pounced toward Chu Yunfan.

“It’s over.
Chu Yunfan is in big trouble this time!”

Liu Weiguo breathed in a lungful of cold air.
Because he had come from the army, he was very clear on how much strength this kind of joint attack formation could increase a person’s strength.

Innate-level experts attacking together were simply like a lion using its full strength to hunt a rabbit.
Chu Yunfan simply could not escape.

This time, Chu Yunfan was done for.

Although they did not know how Chu Yunfan had survived the nuclear bomb, this time, there was no way he would be able to escape.


Immediately after, everyone heard the sound of metal clashing.
The various Innate True Energy released by the Innate Stage expert swept out in all directions like a tidal wave.
Even the residents of Spirit Moon Community who were very far away could feel this power that seemed to be able to destroy the world.

One of the Innate Stage experts had flung out an attack that was like a missile that could split mountains and split rocks.
Innate Stage experts were like superhumans—not ordinary people.

However, when the terrifying attack dispersed, the crowd saw Chu Yunfan standing in his previous position and had not even moved an inch.
The raging wind blew on his body, causing his clothes to flutter in the wind.

Chu Yunfan’s face was expressionless.

Everyone was shocked to find that none of the fourteen Innate Jiang experts could get within three feet of Chu Yunfan.
All of them were blocked by the terrifying protective energy shield he released.

Chu Yunfan’s energy force had formed a terrifying force field around him.
This force field blocked off all attacks.

“How is this possible?!” Liu Weiguo’s eyes widened.
Chu Yunfan’s performance was truly shocking.
It had overturned his worldview.

Even an Innate Stage expert would not dare to take such a terrifying attack head-on.
Otherwise, they would be heavily injured or even killed by this attack.
Everyone understood the principle that it was difficult for two fists to fight against four hands.

However, Chu Yunfan had completely overturned this concept.

And now, they had truly witnessed how terrifying Chu Yunfan’s Imperial Physique was.
A fifth-level Innate expert was at least twice as strong as an ordinary fourth-level Innate, or even several times stronger.

And Chu Yunfan was many times stronger than a fifth-level Innate.

The quantitative change caused a qualitative change.
These people’s attacks might seem terrifying, but in reality, they were completely insignificant to Chu Yunfan.
Numbers lost their meaning before him.

“Jiang elites? You guys are useless.”

The corners of Chu Yunfan’s mouth twitched slightly.


Jiang Beixuan and Jiang Xiao noticed that Chu Yunfan was actually able to withstand this attack that even they did not dare to meet head-on.
It was clearly different from what they had expected.

“Previously, you only knew my strength.
Now, I’ll show you my speed!”

Just as Chu Yunfan finished his sentence, one of the Jiang experts suddenly realized that the sword in Chu Yunfan’s hand had suddenly pierced through his chest.


That Jiang expert only had one last thought.
Then, he stopped breathing.
This attack not only pierced through him, but also instantly crushed his internal organs through his powerful innate True Energy.

At some point in time, Chu Yunfan had already appeared behind this expert and caught the Ju Que that had flown out of his hands from the inertia after it pierced through the Jiang Innate expert.


Chu Yunfan’s voice was ice-cold—like a demon that had crawled out from Hell.

“When did this happen? How is he so fast?!”

All of the Jiangs’s experts felt their hairs stand on end.

The dynamic vision of an Innate Stage expert was extremely terrifying.
It was not something that an Acquired Stage expert could imagine.
Although their perception was not as sharp as a Divine expert who could see things that ordinary people could not, it was still extremely terrifying.
It was even more terrifying than the limits of what a high-speed camera could capture.

However, not a single one of them had seen how Chu Yunfan had done it.

This was completely different from the information they had received before.
No one had told them before that Chu Yunfan’s speed could reach such a terrifying level.
Usually, Chu Yunfan’s strength made up the majority of the information they had received.


Just as Chu Yunfan finished his sentence, he appeared in front of another Innate expert.
The sword in his hand swept out, and another Innate expert’s head was sent flying.

The face of the Innate expert whose head was chopped off was filled with disbelief.
How did it turn out like this?

Yet another one!

Then, the truly terrifying slaughter began.

Everyone watched as Chu Yunfan disappeared from his original spot.
His speed exceeded the sound barrier.
The sound of explosions from the sound barrier being broken was constantly heard.

And every time Chu Yunfan disappeared and reappeared, one Jiang expert would be killed.

Those Innate Jiang experts were no match for Chu Yunfan at all.
In front of this absolute power, they could not even react in the slightest.

The Nine Heavenly Deity Transformations was an astonishing movement technique.
Chu Yunfan had already cultivated it to the seventh transformation.
Although he had yet to cultivate it to perfection, the astonishing speed of the Nine Heavenly Deity Transformations was already on full display.

“What a powerful movement technique! What terrifying physical strength!” Liu Weiguo’s pupils constricted slightly as the True Energy in his body began to gather in his eyes.
Even so, he could only vaguely see an afterimage after Chu Yunfan had killed an Innate expert.

Liu Weiguo’s cultivation level was inferior to that of an Innate expert.
He could not see what an Innate expert could see, but he understood one thing.
Breaking the sound barrier required the support of a powerful physical body.

At this moment, in Liu Weiguo’s eyes, Chu Yunfan, who was constantly disappearing and appearing on the battlefield, was not a human.
Instead, Chu Yunfan was one of those terrifying monsters out on the human-monster battlefield.

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