Liu Yushu thought her eyes were playing tricks on her.
Otherwise, how could she have seen someone who was clearly dead?

And this person was none other than Chu Yunfan!

“Chu Yunfan? How is this possible? There must be something wrong with my eyes.”

Liu Yushu could not believe her eyes.
From the information she had obtained, Chu Yunfan should have been shot to death by a nuclear bomb.

Although ordinary people did not know about this, people at a certain level had surely caught wind of it.
Liu Weiguo had some connections in this area.
He knew because this matter was not really a secret.
The Jiangs had used a nuclear weapon at the Heavenly Dragon Villa’s gates.
How could it be considered a secret?

Although they did not know much more than that because of their level, there was only one point, and that was Chu Yunfan was definitely dead.
He had died after being hit by the nuclear bomb.

Even if it was just a small nuclear bomb, it had power far beyond the imagination of ordinary people.
Liu Yushu was sure that Chu Yunfan was dead.
Who knew that she would see him again now? This made her think that she had seen a ghost.

Liu Weiguo heard Liu Yushu’s exclamation.
He quickly looked up and saw that it was indeed a black-clothed youth carrying a large sword walking over.

“It’s really him!”

Liu Weiguo turned around and saw Chu Yunfan.
He was in complete disbelief because he had indeed received news that Chu Yunfan had been hit by a nuclear bomb.
It had been confirmed by many large factions.
So how had Chu Yunfan managed to survive?

This was something Liu Weiguo could not imagine.
As far as he knew, if an Innate expert was hit by a nuclear bomb head-on, he would definitely die.

Regarding this, Liu Weiguo could only make the most likely guess, which was that everyone had received the wrong information.
Chu Yunfan was not hit by the nuclear bomb.
Only that could he explain how Chu Yunfan had survived.
Other than that, there was no other possibility.

The moment Chu Yunfan appeared, he immediately attracted the attention of the Jiang elite experts.
When they saw him, they were momentarily stunned.
They had clearly received the notification that Chu Yunfan was dead, so how was he appearing here?

But they were, after all, one of the most elite squads of the Jiang family.
Those who were able to enter this team were at least in the seventh level of the Acquired Stage and above.
From this, one could see the might of the Jiangs.
It was very difficult for an ordinary company to nurture Acquired experts.
However, the Jiangs were able to organize such groups all on their own.

The Jiang experts who were guarding the vicinity were like ferocious tigers as they pounced toward Chu Yunfan.

“That was fast,” Liu Weiguo said with a solemn expression.
Any one of these Jiang experts was stronger than him.
Although he had been in the business field for a few years now, he was a retired army man after all.
He had never once relaxed in his cultivation.
However, he was still no match for any of them.
He could only look up to the Jiangs’s strength.

Liu Weiguo’s hope rested in his daughter, Liu Yushu.
Compared to him, Liu Yushu’s talent was even more powerful.
With the financial resources of his group providing her with everything, she might have a chance to become an Innate master in the future.

Although this hope was not very high, it was the result of three generations the hard work.

However, an even more unbelievable scene occurred.

Facing the several experts of the Jiangs who were rushing toward him, Chu Yunfan barely even glanced at them.
His face was as calm as water, and in an instant, the Ju Que on his back moved.

A cold light swept through the air, and the heads of these Jiang experts who were pouncing on him instantly flew away.
Then, their bodies continued to rush forward due to inertia, and they fiercely collided with each other.

As their corpses fell, Chu Yunfan suddenly disappeared and reappeared thirty feet away.

“Instant kill!” A look of disbelief flashed through Liu Weiguo’s eyes, and his pupils contracted slightly.
He could not believe his eyes.
What had he just seen?

Chu Yunfan had instantly killed all those Jiang experts who were all stronger than him.
This was the strength of the head of Federation University?

Liu Weiguo realized that he had truly underestimated the current Federation University.
He had thought that if Chu Yunfan could reach the peak of the Acquired Stage, it would already be incredible.

Liu Yushu was the same age as Chu Yunfan, but even with his full support, she had only just stepped into the Acquired Stage.
This was already very impressive.

Liu Yushu looked at Chu Yunfan in shock.
She could feel that Chu Yunfan had become much stronger compared to a year ago.
She suddenly became excited.

Chu Yunfan had just got here, and in just a short while, more than twenty Jiang experts had died at his hands.
Without exception, none of them was a match for Chu Yunfan’s single strike.

In fact, Chu Yunfan had even managed to kill several of them in one strike.
Chu Yunfan had no plans to tangle with them any longer than he had to.
All of them were decapitated and killed in one move.

Chu Yunfan’s shocking killing performance alarmed the residents of the residential area.
They were the same as Liu Weiguo.
They were also dumbstruck as they watched Chu Yunfan slaughter these experts as if he was chopping melons and vegetables.

“Chu… Chu Yunfan is still alive!”

“Could the information I received previously have been wrong? What’s even more terrifying is how Chu Yunfan has such terrifying strength!”

“He’s going on a killing spree.
He’s going on an absolute killing spree.
Isn’t he afraid of causing trouble?”

“Tsk, why would he be afraid of causing trouble? He’s already been forced to this extent.
What’s there to be afraid of? Could he possibly just sit by and watch the Jiangs kill off all of his family members without responding?”

Finally, Chu Yunfan killed all of the experts outside.
This group was the elites of the Jiangs after all.
In the face of Chu Yunfan’s terrifying massacre, not a single one of them managed to escape.

Chu Yunfan finally arrived at the center of the small district—in front of his villa.
At this moment, under the command of Jiang Xiao and Jiang Beixuan, the Jiangs had broken through the defensive line that Chen Wei and the other bodyguards had set up to face experts that far exceeded their own numbers.
Chen Wei and the others could not hold on any longer.

Chen Wei’s entire body was dripping with blood, and his chest was completely caved in.
The person who had caused this wound was none other than Jiang Beixuan.

“Stubborn!” Jiang Beixuan sent Chen Wei flying with a punch and sneered.

Suddenly, Jiang Beixuan felt a terrifying killing intent, and all the hairs on his body stood on end.
He turned his head and saw a person who should have already been dead.

Chu Yunfan was back!

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