For the various major powers of the Federation, the various events that had occurred over the past month could be said to have occurred one after another.

However, without exception, all of these events were related to the Jiang family.
The marriage between the Jiangs and the Tangs shocked the Federation.

The Spirit Moon Community within Calm Ocean City was a high-end district.
Even if an Acquired expert were to forcefully launch a surprise attack, it would be impossible for them to escape unscathed.
It could be considered one of the top districts in the city.

However, at this moment, the security system of the entire district had been paralyzed.
The district’s security guards who dared to resist were all taken down.
A group of people dressed in black from God knows where seized control of the entire district.

The district’s security captain tried to resist, but he even, an Acquired Stage expert hired by this district, was easily taken down.
This intimidated the security guards.
Although their salary was high, it was not worth dying for.

They could only watch helplessly as the men in black took over the entire district.

“The Jiang family was at work! No one was allowed to get close!”

These words announced the identity of the newcomer.

One of the Great Eights—the Jiang family.

Other than the Jiangs, who else would dare to be so impudent in the Federation?

This was a provocation to the laws of the Federation.
Not many could withstand such consequences.

“The people of the Jiang family are such an elite force led by an Innate expert.
I’ve only heard of such an expert, but I’ve never seen one before.”

“For the Jiangs to dispatch such a lineup, there’s actually someone of such a thing living in our small district?”

“Isn’t it the Chus who live at the center of the neighborhood? I thought they were some rich family.
However, I found out some time ago that the parents of that family are just ordinary people.
Their cultivation level is just half-baked and they’re just ordinary office workers.
The one who’s really powerful is their son.
It’s said that he was admitted to the Federation University last year.
He must be extremely powerful.”

“Judging by their situation, it wasn’t them who provoked such a powerful family.
It was most likely caused by their son.”

Those who were able to dominate this place were the elites of Calm Ocean City.
Although they were not particularly high-level within the Federation, they were definitely elites.
Their intelligence was very high, so they could naturally tell.

If they were not high-level enough, even if they wanted to offend such a big shot, they had to know where the door was.

“Their son’s name is Chu Yunfan, right? I heard of this name somewhere before.
I think he’s pretty powerful.
He’s considered powerful even within Federation University.”

Someone hurriedly checked Federation University’s official website.
Although it was only some superficial information and it was impossible to really find out detailed information about the students, just the information that was revealed on the official website was enough to give them a complete shock.

“The champion of the instructor competition, the champion of the Dao Conference, the champion of the year-end assessment, and the first seat of Federation University’s sophomores.
My god, Chu Yunfan really is a swan born among the ducklings.”

Many people who were watching from afar sucked in a breath of cold air.

At this moment, they finally understood why the ordinary Chu family was able to attract such an expert lineup from the Jiang family to deal with them.

If it were not for the fact that the Chus were currently facing the danger of being wiped out, the bystanders would definitely have tried to curry favor with Chu Yunfan due to his heaven-defying strength and rising momentum.
They knew that it was better to send charcoal in the snow than to add flowers to the icing on the cake.

However, sending charcoal in the snow also depended on the situation.
The Jiang family was a dragon that crossed the river.
With a single finger, they could kill all the companies that they brought with them.

Not everyone had Chu Yunfan’s strength, which had caused the Jiangs to suffer heavy losses.

“It’s a pity.
After all, he was born into a normal family.
If his family background was strong enough, he might have had a chance to rise up.
Now that he has offended the Jiangs, it’s impossible for him to rise even if he wanted to.”

“But speaking of which, the Chus aren’t ordinary either.
Yesterday, the Jiangs had already sent a wave of people.
However, there was no such lineup at that time.
At that time, they were just a few experts in the Acquired Stage.
I thought that they would easily capture the Chus.
I heard that they were beaten up by the Chu family’s guards until their heads were covered in injuries in the end.
Then, the police came and they were dragged away to the station.”

“That sounds about right.
Chu Yunfan is so powerful, so I don’t think he’s short of money.
It’s normal for him to find a few powerful bodyguards for his family.”

“Not only are they powerful.
I have connections at the station.
They say that after the station looked into the incident, they found out that the Chu family’s guards aren’t that simple.
The Chus have more than one Innate master protecting them.”

“How is that possible? Innate-level masters are so arrogant that they could even compete for a spot beside the mayor of the city.
Why would they submit to an ordinary family, let alone a few of them?”

“It must be true.
According to the information I received, the Chu family’s guards are said to be top-notch special forces soldiers who have retired from the army.
I don’t know where Chu Yunfan found his connections.
But it’s a pity.
Even top-notch special forces soldiers from the army are useless against the Jiang family elites.”

At this moment, the villa that Chu Yunfan had bought was turned into a battlefield.

A group of Jiang family elites surrounded this villa.
More than a dozen Innate level experts had entered the villa.
Other than using heavy weapons, they used all sorts of methods to surround and infiltrate the villa.

The might of these Innate level experts had far surpassed that of ordinary heavy weapons.
However, at this moment, they seemed to be having some trouble.

From inside the villa, Chen Wei and the other bodyguards were desperately fighting back.
They had long since stepped into the Innate Stage with Chu Yunfan’s help.
Therefore, this was a battle between a group of more than twenty Innate level experts.

The aftershocks of the battle swept out casually, causing the entire villa to fall into disarray.

The security system in Spirit Moon Community was of no use against these Innate experts because they were simply too powerful.

However, at this moment, Chen Wei and the others had fallen into a desperate situation.
Although they were Innate experts and were very strong, they were facing Innate experts that were several times stronger than themselves.
Every single expert was not weaker than them.

In fact, they were even more terrifying than them.

If it was in the military, a battle team of this level would be the sharp blades of every military region—an existence that was like gold within the leaders’ hearts.

Chen Wei was an elite special forces soldier, so he naturally knew how terrifying such battle teams were.
These elite battle teams that were privately formed by these large families were not inferior to the elite battle teams of the Federation Government.

However, at this moment, they had no way to retreat and were forced into a dead end.

“Chu Yunfan is already dead.
Hurry up and surrender.”

At this moment, a cold and calm voice rang out.
From among the Innate experts of the Jiang family, a robust old man with white hair and a youthful complexion walked out with large strides.

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