The news that someone had used a nuclear bomb outside the Heavenly Dragon Villa had shaken the entire upper echelons of the Federation overnight.

Unless it was a battle between humans and monsters, even the eight great families would not cross the bottom line when they had conflicts with each other.

If they were to touch each other’s bottom line, it would be a battle where both sides would suffer heavy losses.

Using a nuclear bomb at the entrance of a powerhouse was undoubtedly touching this bottom line that could not be touched.
Deploying a nuclear bomb was a big matter, not to mention using it at the entrance of someone else’s home

The moment this matter spread out, it instantly shook the entire upper circle of the Federation.
It involved super experts like the Heavenly Dragon Elder who was at the Divine Abilities Stage.

This matter could not be covered up even if one wanted to.
Although those suicide warriors had self-detonated and instantly died—leaving not a single body behind—with the Heavenly Dragon Villa’s ability and having been seen by the Heavenly Dragon Elder, it was impossible for them to not find out who they were.

These few people were not considered the Jiang family’s most secretive power, so their identities were easily found out by the Heavenly Dragon Elder.
It was the Jiang family’s people who had acted.

The Jiang family’s expert used a Nation Destroyer mecha to make a move at the Heavenly Dragon Villa’s entrance.
The person who was killed was none other than Chu Yunfan, who was currently the person to whom the Heavenly Dragon Villa was most grateful.

When the Heavenly Dragon Elder found out about this matter, he was furious.
He could barely contain his anger.
A few ants from the Jiang family actually dared to do such a thing under his nose.
Was that not just a slap to his face?

They just could not wait to kill Chu Yunfan at the foot of Heavenly Dragon Mountain.

If this matter was spread, how would others view the Heavenly Dragon Mountain Villa? Chu Yunfan had just given the elder the priceless Longevity Pill, but he could not even protect Chu Yunfan.

If this was not a slap in the face, then what was?

Even though the other party was the Jiang family, the elder wanted to let them know what it meant to anger a Divine expert.

The Jiang family, which was already at the eye of the storm, had stirred up countless waves at this moment.
Many people were even happier to see such a situation because the Jiangs wanted to form a marriage alliance with the Tangs.
The two sides had joined forces many times.
This faint sign of alliance had caused the other magnates to feel uneasy.

At this moment, the Heavenly Dragon Elder, who was supposed to be absolutely neutral, was extremely angry.
To the various magnates, this was undoubtedly a good thing.

Usually, when one cultivated to the level of the Heavenly Dragon Elder and was about to enter old age, they would hide behind the scenes.
Even if something happened in the Heavenly Dragon Villa, it was usually the leader of the Heavenly Dragon Villa who would step in, it was extremely rare for the Heavenly Dragon Elder to personally step in, which was why it immediately caused countless people to be astonished.

The whole story quickly reached the ears of the various big shots.
It was not difficult to investigate.
The grudge between Chu Yunfan and the Jiang family was not a particularly secret matter.
Therefore, the whole story was quickly known by others.

Chu Yunfan had offended the Jiangs and ruined their good deeds several times.
A large number of Jiang experts had even died at Chu Yunfan’s hands.
It could be said that there was a deep blood feud between the two sides.

The Jiang family had ambushed Chu Yunfan many times, and Chu Yunfan had also killed a large number of the Jiang experts.
The Jiangs had suffered heavy losses.

A year ago, Chu Yunfan had even arranged a battle with the Jiang family’s junior leader, Jiang Lingxiao.
Recently, it had become even more boisterous.
Many people were looking forward to the battle between the two strongest people of this generation.
No one had expected that this battle would end in such a manner.

The Jiang family had never prepared for a battle between Jiang Lingxiao and Chu Yunfan at all.
They had used nuclear weapons, even if it meant offending the Heavenly Dragon Villa.

Any talk of a fair battle was a hoax.

But this attracted the attention of these tycoons toward Chu Yunfan.
Originally, Chu Yunfan was not enough to attract their attention.
No matter how outstanding his performance was, he was only a junior.

However, the Jiang family’s anxious actions truly made them realize that Chu Yunfan might indeed be completely different from Jiang Lingxiao’s previous challengers.

If the other party’s strength was far away, the Jiang family could allow the other party to challenge them.
In this way, it could show off Jiang Lingxiao’s strength.

But now, Chu Yunfan had actually reached a point where even the Jiangs had no choice but to use nuclear weapons to deal with him.
It was definitely not like what many people had guessed that he would not pose any threat to Jiang Lingxiao at all.
His was an existence that could truly pose a fatal threat.

But that was the end of it because Chu Yunfan was already dead.
It was impossible for Chu Yunfan to survive a nuclear bomb attack from the Nation Destroyer.
Under such circumstances, a dead person was not worth paying attention to, even if he had once been comparable to the Jiang family’s peerless genius, Jiang Lingxiao.

This world was just so cruel.

And many were even more concerned about was that the Heavenly Dragon Elder being angry.
The Jiang family could not possibly act as if nothing had happened and hide away.
They would definitely have to cough up a large portion of their benefits.
This was the only way to appease the elder’s anger.

However, the bigger storm had only just begun.
This time, it was the Chu family and Federation University that had joined forces to attack.

To the Chus, Chu Yunfan was their most outstanding disciple in recent years.
He was on the verge of becoming a genius.
And just like that, the Jiangs used a nuclear weapon to destroy him.

Without a doubt, this touched the bottom line of the competition between the various aristocratic families.
If anyone could use nuclear weapons on their outstanding disciples, then everyone else would be in danger.

Especially the Jiang family’s Jiang Lingxiao, who was even more dazzling.
If the other families also used nuclear weapons to assassinate him, Jiang Lingxiao would not be able to survive either.

If the other aristocratic families wanted Jiang Lingxiao dead, then Jiang Lingxiao would definitely die.
This was without a doubt.

Therefore, the Jiangs’ actions undoubtedly violated the collective interests of the various aristocratic families, sects, and financial groups.
All of them had juniors of their own, Who would not be afraid of being assassinated like this?

Therefore, many were curious.
The Jiangs were not unreasonable, so they should not be unaware of this point.
Moreover, many people were also very curious about just how far Chu Yunfan had reached that the Jiangs had no choice but to use such a method to kill him.

Meanwhile, Federation University felt that their dignity had been violated.

For a time, the winds and clouds surged, and undercurrents roiled.

And the time had finally arrived.
It was the day of Jiang Lingxiao and Tang Siyu’s engagement.

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