An Innate expert’s premonitions had always been very accurate.
Although they were not as powerful as Divine experts, they could still sense an extremely intense crisis ahead of time.

At that instant, a chill surged up Chu Yunfan’s spine.
It made his hair stand on end.
He felt like he was about to come to a dead end.

This was the first time Chu Yunfan had felt this way.
He had never felt this way before, no matter how strong the enemy was.

This was because true experts would restrain their killing intent.
They would not release it unless it was a real massacre.
Therefore, they did not have such an exaggerated sense of danger.

There was only one possibility, and that was high-tech weapons.
Once those high-tech weapons locked onto someone, they would instantly give off an extremely dangerous feeling.

A nuclear bomb.

Chu Yunfan immediately reacted.
With his current strength, an ordinary missile could hardly pose a fatal threat to him.
It could only be a nuclear weapon.
Even the lowest-grade nuclear bomb would be fatal to him.

That powerful peak Innate Stage snake from before had been killed by a single tactical nuclear bomb.

Chu Yunfan did not even think before he roared, “Demon Descends Illustration!”

A gigantic blood-red skeleton instantly appeared around Chu Yunfan.
However, before it could take on a larger size, it encountered the nuclear bomb.


A mushroom cloud slowly rose up and turned into a terrifying tide that swept out in every direction.
The entire earth shook as the terrifying nuclear explosion swallowed everything.

The incomparably powerful blood-red skeleton on Chu Yunfan’s body instantly collapsed.
It had no way of resisting this destructive energy.
With a bang, it shattered inch by Inch.

Chu Yunfan’s figure was instantly swallowed up.

“Someone deployed a nuclear bomb!” The observation station in Heavenly Dragon Villa detected a nuclear reaction.

“Who was it?” In a secluded place in the Heavenly Dragon Villa, Heavenly Dragon Elder—who was now akin to twenty years younger after ingesting the Longevity Pill that Chu Yunfan had given him—reacted instantly.

The elder had instantly felt the fluctuation of the nuclear explosion.
Although this was a clean nuclear bomb, and its power and range were controlled to a very small range, it could not be hidden from a person like him.


The elder’s eyes flew open, and a fierce aura flashed through his eyes.
No matter who it was, using a nuclear bomb near the Heavenly Dragon Villa, regardless of whether or not it hurt anyone, was a strong provocation to him.

“I’m not dead yet!” After saying that, the elder immediately disappeared from where he was.

At the same time, the muscular old man hurriedly said, “You guys should leave.
The nuclear explosion can’t be hidden from the Heavenly Dragon Elder.
He will find us soon.
The power of a Divine expert is far beyond what we can imagine.”

“Then what should we do about Chu Yunfan?” one of the Jiang experts asked worriedly.

“The radar shows that the target has been hit.
Even if Chu Yunfan has the ability to reach the sky, he couldn’t possibly have escaped.
He’s dead,” the muscular old man said, “You guys should leave.

“You want to leave? You’re out of time!” A loud roar came from the void, followed by a figure with a powerful aura that descended from the sky.

In an instant, the figure arrived in front of the muscular old man.

‘That was quick!’ the muscular old man thought as his eyes went wide.
Although he had long known how terrifying the Heavenly Dragon Elder was, he was still completely shocked.

Just as the muscular old man had said before, a top-notch expert who had gained divine abilities was not someone anyone could predict.

“How dare you! How dare you act so impudently in front of me!” the elder erupted with a furious roar.
He was a high and mighty divine dragon, while the other party was merely an ant on the ground.
An ant on the ground had dared to provoke the divine dragon in the sky.
Was this not courting death?

The muscular old man knew that he had reached a dead end.
He immediately activated the self-detonation device on his body.
With a bang, he was reduced to nothingness.

The other Innate Jiang experts also resolutely activated their self-detonation devices, and they were reduced to nothingness.

Although they were Innate experts, they understood that they had no chance of winning against a Divine expert.

“Hmph, suicide warriors? Innate-level suicide warriors? D*mn it! You actually dare to go against me?!” The elder was unable to contain his anger.

The death of the other party did not make him feel any less angry.
On the contrary, it made him even more furious.
No matter who the other party was going to use a nuclear bomb against, they had done it in his territory.
It was absolutely unforgivable.

Especially since he was about to enter his old age, the voices of all parties who looked down on the elder had rang out one after another.
They had never stopped.

“No matter who you are, I will make you pay,” the elder said coldly.

At the same time, in the Mountain River Diagram, a figure stumbled and fell into it.
Who else could it be but Chu Yunfan.
He had no way of withstanding the nuclear bomb.
It would have instantly killed him.
He did not know who it was that wanted to kill him, but it would have been a fatal blow.

Fortunately, at the last moment, Chu Yunfan called upon the Demon Descends Illustration and used the blood-red skeleton to protect himself.
Although it only lasted mere seconds before the blood-red skeleton was defeated by the power of the nuclear bomb, those few moments had bought him precious time and allowed him to hide inside the Mountain River Diagram.

However, Chu Yunfan was struck by the aftershock of the explosion and was severely injured.
He felt all the muscles in his body breaking apart inch by inch.
If it was not for the fact that his Imperial Physique had advanced to an extremely shocking level, he was afraid that he would have died.

Fortunately, to not cause any fatal damage to the environment, all current nuclear bombs used clean nuclear energy.
There was no need to be afraid of leaving behind any side effects.

“To have used such a nuclear bomb.
Hehe, only the Jiangs could pull off such a feat.” Chu Yunfan grinned, affecting the wounds all over his body.

The powerful recovery ability of the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method was fully displayed at this moment.
Injuries that might be fatal to others, would only him a few days to recover from.

And Chu Yunfan was pleasantly surprised to find that the remaining energy from the Heavenly Dragon Mountain Spring Water, which was scattered all throughout his body, had suddenly burst out.

It had broken through the barrier and allowed him to enter the third level of the Innate Stage.

In that moment of life and death, Chu Yunfan instinctively mobilized all of his energy, and unexpectedly, achieved a breakthrough.

“Sometimes, it’s really hard to predict what will happen in life.” Chu Yunfan sneered.

“They all probably think I’m dead.
But Jiang family, I will make all of you pay.”

A few days from now, Chu Yunfan would shock everyone.

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