After leaving the seclusion chamber, Chu Yunfan sought out the Heavenly Dragon Villa disciples who were guarding the place.
After some questioning, he found out that apart from himself, Feng Tianyuan and Jiang Beixuan had already left.

They did not stay to train.
Instead, they chose to return to their homes to cultivate in seclusion.
Only Chu Yunfan had stayed.

The disciples looked at Chu Yunfan with eyes filled with curiosity and admiration.
Although they had never left Heavenly Dragon Mountain, they knew what kind of place Federation University was.

Even the most ordinary students of Federation University would be the most outstanding disciples within the Heavenly Dragon Villa.

In fact, many of the exceptional disciples in Heavenly Dragon Villa were once Federation University students.

Federation University did not discriminate in terms of teaching.
It was willing to accept students from the neutral Heavenly Dragon Villa.
After all, a university was different from a sect.
It did not have a lifelong system.
It was just four years of study.
Once it was over, they would leave.

On the other hand, Chu Yunfan was currently the strongest at Federation University.
He was the best of the best.

Such a person would definitely become one of the best of the Federation in the future.
He might even become a super big shot like their leader in the future.

They could have the utmost respect for such a person.

After Chu Yunfan sent a message to Lin Shaoyu saying that he was leaving, Chu Yunfan left without looking back.
The engagement ceremony between Jiang Lingxiao and Tang Siyu was just around the corner.
There was not much time left.

However, Chu Yufan did not know that someone had already set their eyes on him the moment he left the Heavenly Dragon Villa.

“It’s him.” A muscular old man stared fixedly at the image transmitted by the satellite.
In the image, Chu Yunfan had just left the Heavenly Dragon Villa.

If Chu Yunfan were here, he would recognize that this muscular old man was none other than Jiang Beixuan’s lackey.
Behind the man stood half a dozen experts with similarly dense auras.

None of these experts were simple people.
They were all ferocious beasts.
Their bodies contained powerful strength.

“It’s time to make a move.
As expected, he’s heading toward the Jiang territories.
He’s going to interrupt the junior leader’s engagement ceremony.
That is the day that the family ascends to its peak.
If we let him succeed, even if it is just a small disturbance, it will bring great shame to the family,” the muscular old man said lightly.
However, his words were filled with deep killing intent.

“What a pity.
He’s also a martial arts expert.
It’s such a pity that we can’t fight him personally and wring his head off,” a Jiang expert sighed and said from behind the muscular old man.

“Wring his head off? You guys are underestimating him.
It’s not like the family hasn’t sent out peak experts to ambush him before.
Even a high-stage Innate Stage expert died at his hands.
This young man is strong, so it won’t be easy to kill him.
Moreover, he has the Demon Descends Illustration.
With it, this young man has killed many experts.
If you go forward without thinking, you will suffer a great loss.” The muscular old man sneered.

The Jiangs no longer dared to underestimate Chu Yunfan.
The number of experts that the Jiangs had lost to Chu Yunfan’s hands had already reached a level that made their hearts ache.

The Jiangs were rich and powerful, and their strength was unfathomable.
However, they could not withstand the death of one Innate expert after another.
Nurturing an Innate expert was not an easy task.
The amount of resources required to do so was unimaginable.

“But no matter how strong he is, he will die today.” The muscular old man smiled faintly.

In the air, a 30-feet-tall mecha slowly appeared.
It looked like a small building.
This mecha’s body was streamlined, flashing with an indescribable light that gave off an extremely chilling feeling.

At this moment, if military fans were here, they would cry out in surprise.
A Nation Destroyer mecha.
This was the best strategic mecha of the Federation.
As the name implied, this type of mecha was not used to carry out tactical missions.

Normally, once it was deployed, it would be for a mission of a strategic level.
With the Nation Destroyer as its code name, one could imagine how terrifying this mecha was.

At this moment, the few powerful Jiang experts instantly felt their hairs stand on end.
They were all top-notch experts, and it was precisely because of this that their perception of danger far exceeded the imagination of ordinary people.

They could sense the power within the Nation Destroyer.
This mecha could easily injure or even kill them.
It was as if they were facing a terrifying monster.
This feeling made them feel as if they should escape immediately.

However, they knew that the Nation Destroyer was a powerful trump card of their family.

Why did the Federation not strictly control such a strategic-level weapon?

Well, no matter how strict the government’s control was, there would always be people who would betray them for profit.
Even so, the Jiangs had spent countless amounts of energy and time just to obtain this Nation Destroyer mecha.

“The Nation Destroyer is able to pose a fatal threat to even Divine experts.
It’s a pity that this one is a defective product that has been retired from the battlefield.
However, if it wasn’t for that, the family wouldn’t have been able to obtain it,” said the muscular old man, “One strike, Just one strike.
Originally, the family wanted to keep this trump card and use it only in a desperate situation.
But from the looks of it, they won’t be able to wait until that time.
Using it to take care of this brat can be considered its glory.


Following the muscular old man’s order, the Nation Destroyer emitted a powerful energy fluctuation.
At this moment, the Jiang experts frantically fled in all directions.
They only stopped after they were more than 300 feet away.
They heard the mecha explode into pieces with a loud boom.

At the same time, a missile about the size of a fist flew out from the muzzle of the mecha’s cannon.
It flew directly toward Chu Yunfan who had just left the Heavenly Dragon Villa less than six feet away.

Chu Yunfan, who was not far from the Heavenly Dragon Villa and was about to head to the nearby city that was attached to the Heavenly Dragon Villa to take a shuttle, suddenly felt an imminent sense of danger.

This made Chu Yunfan instantly alert.
An Innate expert’s perception was not particularly sharp, but he could faintly sense the existence of some unseen forces.

Chu Yunfan could sense dangers ahead of time and avoid them.
However, ever since reaching the Innate Stage, he had never felt such an intense sense of danger.

At that moment, the missile was almost upon him.

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