In a secret chamber at the back of Heavenly Dragon Villa, Chu Yunfan sat cross-legged on a praying mat.

The Heavenly Dragon Mountain’s seclusion chamber was built within the mountain.
Even if it were to be bombarded by missiles, it would be very difficult for it to be affected.
It could be said to be an absolutely safe place.

In front of Chu Yunfan was a sandalwood box.
Within it was the inner core.
Placed within this specially made box, it was able to contain all the Spirit Energy within the core.
Not a single bit of aura leaked out.

Beside the box sat a bottle of pale blue spring water.
There was a strong energy fluctuation around this bottle.

This was the Heavenly Dragon Spring Water—the core of Heavenly Dragon Villa.
According to the Information Chu Yunfan got from the encyclopedia, this spring water flowed out from a spring on Heavenly Dragon Mountain.

The amount of water that flowed out every year was not much.
It was not even enough to distribute to the whole Heavenly Dragon Villa.
Outsiders would only have a chance to obtain it during the Heavenly Dragon Elder’s birthday banquet that was held once every ten years.

The outside world was filled with all sorts of speculations and discussions regarding the Heavenly Dragon Spring Water.
When Chu Yunfan looked at it, he immediately understood that the so-called Heavenly Dragon Spring Water was actually liquefied Spirit Energy.

Spirit Energy existed in nature and was usually in gaseous form.
Since it had been liquefied, it meant that the Spitrit Energy must have been concentrated to a certain degree before.

This kind of Spirit Energy was very difficult to form.
Only under extremely special circumstances could it form a mineral vein.
This meant that there must be at least a spirit stone mineral vein within the Heavenly Dragon Mountain to be able to form this kind of Spirit Energy.

This was the second time Chu Yunfan had come into contact with Liquid Spirit Energy.
Previously, he had encountered it in the space of the Mountain River Diagram.
However, the diagram had been developed for an unknown number of years before that Liquid Spirit Energy was formed.

It was no wonder that the Heavenly Dragon Mountain Villa had managed to continuously develop and expand over the years.
It was definitely due to this spirit stone vein.

Even low-grade spirit stones could be sold for more than 100,000 in the outside world.
The price of a spirit stone vein was simply immeasurable.

However, all this must have been left behind by the old sect that resided in the Heavenly Dragon Mountain.

This bottle of Heavenly Dragon Spring Water was even denser than the Liquid Spirit Energy in the Mountain River Diagram.
It contained even more energy.

“Just in time.
I can use this bottle of Heavenly Dragon Spring Water to break through to the second level of the Innate Stage.After that, even a fifth level Innate Stage expert will be no match for me,” Chu Yunfan said confidently.

The battle with Jiang Lingxiao was getting closer and closer, and Chu Yunfan’s confidence was also getting stronger and stronger.

In this one year, Chu Yunfan had changed a lot.

Then, Chu Yunfan looked at the wooden box again.
Inside the it was the peak Innate Stage monster’s inner core.
This inner core had come at just the right time as well.
With it, he now had another trump card.

Chu Yunfan did not waste any more time.
He immediately sat down cross-legged, mobilized all of the True Energy in his body, and activated the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method.

Immediately, circles of powerful cyclones formed and surrounded Chu Yunfan.
From afar, he looked like a small tornado.

Circles after circles of cyclones attacked the barrier of the second level of the Innate Stage.
However, Chu Yunfan had just broken through to the first level not long ago, so the barrier was still very stable.

Chu Yunfan gulped down the bottle of spring water.
The Liquid Spirit Energy instantly turned into a terrifying Spirit Energy storm and started to wreak havoc inside his body.

If the Heavenly Dragon Villa disciples were to see this, they would definitely be scared to death.
After all, even if they were lucky enough to obtain a bottle of this spring water, they would not dare to swallow it all like Chu Yunfan had just done.

Instead, they would consume it bit by bit.
They would only consume as much as they could digest.
Otherwise, the meridians in their bodies would burst under the enormous pressure of the Spirit Energy.

However, this was not the case for Chu Yunfan.
He had just broken through to the first level of the Innate Stage, and the barrier of the second level was very stubborn.
It was because of this he had to borrow the Spirit Energy of this Liquid Spirit Energy to break through the barrier.
That was why he had to consume it all.

Soon after, this huge amount of energy spread into his limbs and bones.
Part of it was devoured by his Imperial Physique to nourish his body, while the other part turned into a terrifying energy which attacked the second level barrier.

Days passed.
Chu Yunfan was doing his best to break through to the second level of the Innate Stage.
As for the outside world, the storm regarding the Heavenly Dragon Elder’s birthday banquet had only just begun.

The Longevity Pill that Chu Yunfan presented to the elder—which could extend one’s life by twenty years—instantly attracted everyone’s attention.
All those in the upper circles that were qualified to know about it instantly exploded.

The Longevity Pill which could extend one’s life by twenty years was not of much use to the Federation.
However, to certain people, it was equivalent to a lifesaver.

As for how Chu Yunfan had obtained this pill, the discussion did not stop.
There were simply too many people who were paying attention to this matter.

Chu Yunfan’s various past experiences were all dug out, but there were no clues.
After all, it was impossible for them to pay attention to every single day of Chu Yunfan’s life.

However, after all sorts of information about Chu Yunfan was dug out, many discovered that Chu Yunfan’s cultivation had advanced by leaps and bounds in the past two years.
He had gone from a nobody to an elite genius that shone brightly all throughout Federation University.

This completely overturned many people’s understanding.
After all, to them, Chu Yunfan must have been a genius since he was young.
Then, this would have all been natural.

Now that all sorts of information had appeared before their eyes, they discovered that this was not the case at all.
Chu Yunfan had risen up just two years ago.
With his originally weak foundation, he had already surpassed all his peers in just two years.
Even among those who were a few years older than him, it was difficult to find anyone that could match up to him.

In everyone’s mind, only one phrase popped up, and that was “fortuitous encounters.” Chu Yunfan must have had some fortuitous encounter that allowed him to suddenly leap from a mediocre student to a top genius that everyone paid attention to.

It was just that no one knew what kind of fortuitous encounter Chu Yunfan had obtained that allowed him to undergo such a rapid change.

And with all that attention, a matter that had originally been forgotten by many once again entered everyone’s field of vision.

Chu Yunfan and Jiang Lingxiao’s life and death battle was just around the corner.

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