For a moment, everyone was shocked.

It was as if they had been struck in their acupuncture points.
Everyone froze.
It should be said that they were all dumbfounded.
The words “Longevity Pill” seemed to have magic power, and everyone widen their eyes in disbelief.

Even in today’s world of advanced technology where the lifespan of humans was longer than before, relatively speaking, it was not much longer.

After all, cultivation required a large amount of time.
If one could cultivate to the Innate Stage, one could then have a lifespan of more than 150 years.
And Divines could reach up to 200 years old.
200 years sounded long, but in reality, it was not at all.

And who did not want a longer lifespan? In ancient times, there were emperors who used the entire country’s strength to search for all kinds of immortality pills.
Even in modern times, the research of life sciences that extended lifespan had always been the most cutting-edge scientific topic.

Today’s advanced medical technology was just a by-product of these life sciences.

No one wanted to die.
Everyone wanted to live a long, long life.
However, very few people could achieve such a feat.
Except for some fortuitous encounters that could prolong life, most of them relied on the improvement of their cultivation to increase their lifespan.

Even so, there were still great limitations.

If it could extend one’s lifespan, regardless of whether it was medicinal pills, divine items, heavenly treasures, or secret arts, the price of any one of them was ridiculously high.

Even if it could only extend one’s lifespan by a year, it would not be difficult for it to sell for a few hundred million.

It was because of this that they were very clear on how important this medicinal pill was.
That was why they were so shocked.
These medicinal pills were extremely expensive.

For an expert like the Heavenly Dragon Elder who had already entered his old age, there was nothing more precious than this.

Although the rest had also given valuable gifts, they knew that none of them would be as valuable as this medicinal pill that could prolong one’s life.

As expected, the Heavenly Dragon Elder, who was originally not very concerned about what Chu Yunfan had given him, jolted up when he heard what Chu Yunfan said.
His eyes flickered with a sharp light.
It was completely different from the image of the kind old man from before.

Chu Yunfan, you’re lying.
How could you have such a thing? Even if you do, you wouldn’t hand it over!” Jiang Beixuan instantly berated, “You’re lying.
You’re dead!”

“Chu Yunfan, I hope what you said is true.
If it’s fake… You know the consequences of lying to a Divine expert.” The elder’s breathing became rapid.
He could not help but feel hopeful.

Although outsiders did not know, the elder knew very well that he had indeed entered his old age.
In the past few years, he had used the Heavenly Dragon Villa’s power to search everywhere for things that could prolong his life.
However, these divine items were not so easy to find.
He had not managed to find anything.

The elder’s state of mind was relatively calm because this was a stage that one had to go through in life.
Even other experts could not do anything about it.
He was not the only one.

But now that the elder was suddenly hearing of a Longevity Pill, his heartbeat quickened.
No one wanted to die as long as they could live.

The Heavenly Dragon Villa disciples stared at Chu Yunfan.
The reason why their organization was able to have such astonishing power and dared to declare neutrality was largely because of the existence of the Heavenly Dragon Elder.

The elder existence alone was akin to a nuclear weapon.

If the elder passed away, it would be a disaster for the Heavenly Dragon Villa.
And that day would come eventually.
Therefore, their anxiety was equal to that of the Heavenly Dragon Elder’s.

Everyone looked at Chu Yunfan with disbelief in their eyes.
No one dared to believe that Chu Yunfan had such a treasure on him.

“Jiang Beixuan? I think you’re the one who’s out of your mind.
How could I lie about something like this? Is there a need to? Why don’t we verify it immediately?” Chu Yunfan said, “The elder has always been a senior that I admired.
How could I lie to him about this?”

Chu Yunfan was not lying.
The Heavenly Dragon Elder had contributed a lot to human society.
Although he was neutral, he had been seen making a move many times in the war between humans and monsters.
He had protected civilian populations and saved countless people.
He was the living Buddha of thousands of families.

And this Longevity Pill was real.
Chu Yunfan had made it before he set off for the banquet.

Although science and martial arts were equally important now, compared to science, the development of martial arts was still relatively backward.
The reason why the Ancient Zenith Civilization was so powerful was not just because of the strength of martial arts.
The path of alchemy, weapon refining, array formation, and so on was complementary to martial arts and had to all be developed to the peak of perfection.

However, modern society was not fully developed yet, especially concerning the path of alchemy.
It was still in its initial phases.

Many pills were able to assist in one’s cultivation.
For example, this Longevity Pill could increase one’s lifespan.
With the current speed of development, alchemy would take at least several decades to a hundred years to reach the height of the Ancient Zenith Civilization.

Only then would one be able to even touch the threshold.
The development of a civilization was different from the development of an individual.
Even if one were to absorb the essence of the Ancient Zenith Civilization—the great explosion of martial arts—it would still be impossible for one to advance by leaps and bounds in a single day.

Everything would take some time to come to fruition.
Currently, in the entire Federation, there were only a few people who were able to come into contact with this level.
The only person who could make such a pill was Chu Yunfan.
He stood on the shoulders of the Alchemy Emperor whose horizons and experiences were not ordinary.

However, Chu Yunfan did not dare to say that he had made the pill himself.
He reckoned that he would instantly alarm the Federation and be captured to be studied and dissected.
Compared to the progress of the Federation in the path of alchemy, this small sacrifice of his was nothing.

Therefore, unless he had sufficient ability to preserve his own life, Chu Yunfan would absolutely not reveal the pill formula.

The Longevity Pill that Chu Yunfan produced could not compare to the peak alchemy path in the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.
It could only extend one’s life by 20 years.
This was because he did not have enough good ingredients on hand.
Therefore, it was impossible for him to refine a very good Longevity Pill.

However, Chu Yunfan was confident that even just extending one’s life by 20 years was already something that ordinary people did not dare to imagine.
It was a priceless treasure.

As soon as Chu Yunfan finished speaking, the elder commanded the medicinal bottle to come to him.
He opened the bottle and a wave of rich life essence energy instantly gushed out.
The elder took a breath and could already feel the aging cells in his body come alive again.

With his perception, the elder was naturally able to determine that this was absolutely true.
At this moment, the gaze he gave Chu Yunfan suddenly became much gentler.

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