Unlike Feng Tianyuan who was clad in inner armor, Chu Yunfan who was in the initial stage of the Imperial Physique had both offense and defense.
With his battle physique completed, he could be invincible even without the aid of external objects.


The two swords collided with each other in mid-air.

Just as everyone thought, Chu Yunfan’s sword’s momentum was like a mountain crashing down when it slashed down.
Its power was boundless and endless.

With just one attack, Chu Yunfan broke through Feng Tianyuan’s sword momentum.
But although Feng Tianyuan’s sword momentum was broken, he had an inner armor protecting him.
He was not afraid at all and fought with Chu Yunfan tooth to nail.

Chu Yunfan’s fighting style was open and unrestrained.
And because Feng Tianyuan had an inner armor protecting him, he did not give in to Chu Yunfan’s open and unrestrained fighting style.

Or it could be said that Feng Tianyuan had been forced by Chu Yunfan to the point where he had no choice but to use this kind of open and unrestrained style of fighting.

Chu Yunfan casually swung his sword.
He did not care what methods Feng Tianyuan had.
He just ruthlessly attacked over and over again.

Chu Yunfan could not care less about Feng Tianyuan’s attacks, but Feng Tianyuan was different.
Even though he was wearing inner armor and had layers of formations and barriers to protect himself with, he did not dare to ignore Chu Yunfan’s attacks.

The crowd felt that the two sides were fighting fiercely—neither giving in to the other.
It was as if two comets were colliding with each other in mid-air

“How terrifying.
Are all the juniors of today so terrifying?”

“These two… Chu Yunfan is only nineteen while Feng Tianyuan is only a few years older than him.
There are truly talented people emerging from every generation, and each generation is stronger than the last.”

“The future of these two people is immeasurable.
In the future, there will definitely be a place for them among the top figures of the Federation.”

“Chu Yunfan’s physical cultivation is unrivaled, and it is impossible to contend with.
However, Feng Tianyuan also has an inner armor protecting him, so he’s also unbreakable.
If this continues, it will be very difficult to determine the victor.”

Many guests were discussing animatedly, and they were all shocked by the battle prowess of these two.

If it were not for the Heavenly Dragon Elder’s barrier blocking the aftershocks, they would probably have to hide far away.
Among them, 99% of their cultivation bases were far inferior to Chu Yunfan and Feng Tianyuan.

“That’s not right.
No matter what, Chu Yunfan’s physical body is not as good as Feng Tianyuan’s inner armor.
As long as there are enough spirit stones to keep Feng Tianyuan’s inner armor activated, Chu Yunfan has no chance of winning.”

Many were more optimistic about Feng Tianyuan winning.
After all, he was older and his cultivation more profound.
His upright strength was enough to crush many powerful enemies.

“Eh?” Suddenly, the elder opened his eyes and looked at the field.

While everyone was still discussing, the two sides collided again and staggered away.

A cold smile appeared on Feng Tianyuan’s face.
Although Chu Yunfan’s battle prowess was indeed terrifying, a magical artifact was also a part of one’s battle prowess.
He could drag Chu Yunfan to death.

Just as Feng Tianyuan steadied himself and was about to launch another attack, he suddenly heard a wave of exclamations coming from the surroundings.
He was a little curious as to what those guests were surprised about.

While Feng Tianyuan was looking around, Chu Yunfan opened his mouth and said, “Why? Haven’t you noticed yet?”

Chu Yunfan’s words made Feng Tianyuan instantly vigilant.
Then, he heard cracking sounds.
He lowered his head.
He did not know when it had started, but the inner armor that he thought was impossible to break was covered with all kinds of cracks.

“What? How is this possible?” Feng Tianyuan could not believe it.
He could not believe it at all.

Feng Tianyuan had not felt anything before because the fight was too fast.
Outsiders could only see Chu Yunfan’s sword momentum which was as strong as a mountain.
It was hard to withstand.
However, only he who was in the fight could feel it.
Chu Yunfan’s speed was equally as fast as his.
This completely subverted his worldview.

Usually, people with great strength would have flaws in their speed.
Experts who were known for their speed would not be very strong in terms of strength.

However, Chu Yunfan was a monster.
His strength was incomparably great.
Every move and move of his made people feel suffocated and unable to breathe.
If not for the inner armor on his body, though he was much stronger than Jiang Beixuan, Feng Tianyuan would still be defeated.

Feng Tiuanyuan did not know Chu Yunfan had trained to cush a monstrous level.

In addition to his incredible strength, Chu Yunfan was also shockingly fast.
Feng Tianyuan had to use all his strength just to keep up with Chu Yunfan’s speed.
He did not have the time to pay attention to the changes to the inner armor on his body.

And now, after Chu Yunfan’s warning, Feng Tianyuan finally realized that something was wrong.
His inner armor was densely covered with cracks.

“You damaged my inner armor!” Feng Tianyuan’s eyes were wide open.
His eyes were bloodshot and he could not contain his anger.

Feng Tianyuan had thought of every possible way and had barely obtained this inner armor.
Even if he was not a great figure within Stellarism it would have been impossible for him to obtain it so easily.

Now that it had been destroyed by Chu Yunfan, it was equivalent to all the years of hard work going to waste.

“Since you’ve chosen to stand out, you should have made preparations.
It’s already too late for you to kick up a fuss now,” Chu Yunfan said as he shook his head.
“You said that you wanted to compete with Jiang Lingxiao, but I don’t think that’s the case.
You’re just relying on the fact that your cultivation level is higher than mine.
If you were at the same level as me, defeating you would be as easy as killing an ant.”


What was domineering?

This was domineering!

The guests present could not help but think of such a term.
Feng Tianyuan might not be the strongest in the current federation, but with his potential, he was unrivaled among his peers.

Nobody among his peers could stand up to him, which was why Feng Tianyuan had set his eyes on Jiang Lingxiao.
And now, Chu Yunfan dared to say that defeating him was like killing an ant.

If it was before, the guests would definitely think that Chu Yunfan was just being arrogant.
But now, they felt that perhaps what Chu Yunfan said was true.

“Go to hell!”

Feng Tianyuan finally lost the calmness he had before.
His face revealed a furious expression.
An inner armor was simply astronomical to him.
It was impossible to estimate its price.
The loss he had suffered was too great.

“It’s time.
I’ll finish you off in one move.”

Chu Yunfan faced Feng Tianyuan that had gone mad.
Compared to his previous attacks, Feng Tanyuan was now even more terrifying.
However, Chu Yunfan did not have the slightest bit of fear.

With the Ju Que in hand, Chu Yunfan casually drew a sword flower and then stabbed out with a loud bang.


Everyone seemed to have heard the rumbling of a heavy cannon.
The terrifying sword light that swept out broke through everything.
Feng Tianyuan’s attack was blasted apart inch by inch.
Then, the momentum of the sword did not decrease as it crashed into him.

This time, Feng Tianyuan’s inner armor could no longer protect him.
In an instant, it shattered.
He finally could not hold on anymore.
He was sent flying like a kite with a broken string.

The winner and loser had been decided.

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