The Ju Que landed on Feng Tianyuan’s body.
Although it was not as powerful as before after the impact, it was still very powerful.

It landed on Feng Tianyuan’s body.

“Will the winner be decided with one strike again?” Many widened their eyes in disbelief, especially Jiang Beixuan who was sitting cross-legged on the sidelines.
He could not believe it.

Jiang Beixuan knew that he would definitely not have been able to withstand Feng Tianyuan’s strike.
Right now, he felt that his cultivation could not advance any further.
Unless he could break through to the fifth level of the Innate Stage, he would not be able to advance any further.

But that was too difficult.
At Jiang Beixuan’s level of cultivation, every step forward was very difficult.
It was not as simple as before.
His talent was insufficient.

But Feng Tianyuan was different.
He was actually able to accumulate such a huge amount of power when he was only at the fourth level of the Innate Stage.
This was truly terrifying.

But even so, Feng Tianyuan was still not a match for Chu Yunfan.
This was the most terrifying part.
Just what level had Chu Yunfan reached?

Chu Yunfan was unperturbed.
After reaching the second level of the Imperial Physique, he had already reached a brand new level.
His physical body was even more powerful than inconceivable.
He could break through the Innate Stage with a single hand.
This was not a joke.

And the Innate Stage was not the same as the Divine Abilities Stage, but one’s physical body was the foundation that determined everything.
Even at the Divine Abilities Stage, the physical body was the root of everything.

Facing this sword attack, Feng Tianyuan was completely calm.
When the attack landed on his body, the sword light suddenly disappeared.

In an instant, it disappeared without a trace like a clay ox entering the sea.

“Oh? Is this… light armor?” Chu Yunfan looked at Feng Tianyuan’s chest.
That was simply impossible.
The weight of his sword was so heavy that even an intermediate mecha would be instantly torn apart and cut in half.

Light armor was completely useless in Innate level battles.
This was also the reason why Innate experts did not bother wearing them.
Even among Acquired experts, the use of light armor had already begun to gradually decrease.

Moreover, even if the light armor could receive this attack, the attack should not just vanish into nothingness like a clay ox entering the sea.

This did not seem like high-tech light armor at all.
Instead, it was an inner armor.
Only an inner armor that was at the level of a magic tool could possibly do such a thing.

The inner armor worn by the experts of the Ancient Zenith Civilization was usually engraved with layers of arrays or barriers.
The reason why Chu Yunfan’s attack was like a clay ox was that it had been dissolved by the array formation.

“No wonder you’re unphased.
You have an inner armor from the Ancient Zenith Civilization to protect you.” Chu Yunfan suddenly came to a realization.
The price of this inner armor was ten times higher than the price of ordinary divine weapons.
There was simply no market for it.
Ordinary people would not even be able to catch a glimpse of it.

However, when Chu Yunfan recalled that Feng Tianyuan was from Stellaris, everything came to a sudden realization.
Stellaris was obviously not comparable to the Great Eight and the Heavenly Dragon Villa, but it was definitely a large-scale force.
As a genius that Stellaris had nurtured with all their strength, Feng Tianyuan might even become the sect master of Stellaris in the future.
It was not strange that such a person had an inner armor on him.

Feng Tianyuan revealed a slight smile.
Previously, when they saw Chu Yunfan’s shocking physical cultivation, many people could not sit still.
They did not dare to imagine what kind of monster he was.

However, the reason why Feng Tianyuan was able to remain calm was because of this inner armor.
This was an inner armor that could save one’s life.
As long as the attack did not break through the inner armor, it would not be able to cause any harm to him.

So what if Chu Yunfan’s attack power was terrifying? If it could not break through Feng Tianyuan’s inner armor, it would be game over for him.

“Chu Yunfan, you won’t be able to break through my inner armor.
You will lose today!” Feng Tianyuan said loudly.

When many of the guests heard Feng Tianyuan’s words, they sucked in a lungful of cold air.
If he really had an inner armor on him, then it would indeed be extremely difficult to deal with.
In fact, it could even be said that he was an existence that could not be dealt with.

At this moment, many why Feng Tianyuan was still so confident despite Chu Yunfan’s domineering attitude.

“Originally, this trump card of mine was meant to be used when dealing with Jiang Lingxiao.
Next year, before he graduates, I will definitely have a battle with him.
I didn’t think that I’d have to use it now.
Chu Yunfan, as a second-year student, you have achieved great heights.”

Feng Tianyuan’s voice was extremely cold and aloof.
At this moment, he truly displayed the demeanor of a third-year ruler.
At this age, he was invincible.
No one could defeat him.
He did not respect anyone in his generation, let alone a junior.
His eyes had always been on Jiang Lingxiao.

And now, Feng Tianyuan had to add Chu Yunfan to his list of strong enemies.
However, it was only adding one strong enemy.
It was not impossible to defeat him.
Perhaps in a few more years, Chu Yunfan would truly become his greatest worry.


Feng Tianyuan’s voice had just faded when he attacked again.
He slashed out a sword light that filled the sky.
It was like mercury pouring all across the ground as it swept toward Chu Yunfan.

“Hmph!” Chu Yunfan snorted coldly.
Facing this attack, he was not afraid at all.
Then, he clenched his five fingers into a fist and threw a punch.


The sword light that swept toward Chu Yunfan shattered inch by inch in front of this punch.
It could not even get close to Chu Yunfan.

Right now, Chu Yunfan was truly displaying the power of the Imperial Physique.
It was not as simple as having unlimited strength.

Feng Tianyuan’s defense was also unparalleled.
He had the protection of the inner armor, so he had nothing to fear.
However, Chu Yunfan had the Imperial Physique, so he was equally invincible and fearless.

After shattering Feng Tianyuan’s sword light with one punch, Chu Yunfan said in a loud voice, “Is it really okay to hide in that turtle shell of yours?”

“What did you say?” Feng Tianyuan frowned.

“I said, though you have the inner armor, do you think you can hide behind it your whole life?” Chu Yunfan said, “Watch me break your turtle shell!”

“Let’s see if you can!”

As soon as Feng Tianyuan finished his words, his whole body instantly rushed out and swept across like a divine mountain, ruthlessly suppressing Chu Yunfan.

As this sword slashed down at Chu Yunfan, the Ju Que in his hand exploded with shocking power.

“Good! Again!”

Chu Yunfan laughed and was unafraid.
He attacked with the Ju Que, facing the difficulties in front of him head-on.

Unlike Feng Tianyuan who was clad i

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