It was only now that the spectators below the arena finally came back to their senses.

Wang Qi, one of the four Innate experts, had already been defeated.

“That… That was too fast!”

“So strong/ Chu Yunfan is so terrifying.
No wonder even a big shot like Qi Shaohua needs three other Innate experts to help him deal with Chu Yunfan.”

“That was so fast! I didn’t even see what happened before it all ended!”

Many people had yet to digest what had transpired.
It was completely different from the battle that they had imagined.
The majestic and intense battle between Innate experts that they had imagined did not happen.

This completely overturned many people’s worldviews and perceptions.
However, there were some people who thought even deeper.
There was only one reason why the expected intense battle did not happen—Chu Yunfan was overwhelmingly stronger than Wang Qi.

Wang Qi could not be said to be weak.
The might unleashed by his Thunder Fire Seal was something that everyone could feel.
However, against Chu Yunfan, Wang Qi was still no match for him.
It was a completely one-sided defeat.
It could not even be said that there was any true meaning to this battle.

“Chu Yunfan, who had made such a big name for himself, is indeed not easy to deal with.”

“In this battle, even if Chu Yunfan loses in the end, he was still able to take down Wang Qi with just a few moves.
This level of strength is enough to shock anyone.”

At this moment, Yang Lili did not dare believe it.
The awe-inspiring person on the stage who was able to take down an Innate expert in just a few moves was the ordinary Chu Yunfan that she knew.

This feeling was like a dream.
It was completely inconceivable.

The image of the ordinary Chu Yunfan in Yang Lili’s mind had been shattered.
After not seeing him for a few years, he had actually transformed into such a beast.

Even if Yang Lili did not care for the affairs of the world, she understood what it meant for Chu Yunfan to be able to defeat an Innate expert.
It could be said that his future was limitless.

“This Chu Yunfan is too awesome.
No wonder he was looking down on Jia Taihua.
It seems that Jia Taihua and we are nothing but clowns in his eyes,” Du Yue’er said with some dissatisfaction.
If he was so awesome, why did he not say it earlier? By not saying anything, was he not just watching them make a fool of themselves?

If it were not for this big battle, they would have been kept in the dark and would have been complacent.
Only now did they realize how wrong they were.

At this moment, Liu Qingqing, who was sitting on the stage, was absolutely shocked.
She almost jumped up from her chair at the edge of the stage.

Wang Qi was by no means weak.
Although Liu Qingqing was confident that she could suppress Wang Qi, it would be difficult for her to defeat Wang Qi without first executing several hundred moves, not to mention have Wang Qi suffer such a crushing defeat.
It was practically impossible.

But Chu Yunfan had somehow easily done it, displaying a battle prowess that was almost at the level of a king.

At this moment, Liu Qingiqing was glad that she had not participated in the encirclement.
It was not that she did not desire the invitation card.
It was just that she was still uncertain of the situation and was waiting for an opportunity to act.

Looking back, Liu Qingqing realized that it had been a wise move.
Such a person would have outright killed her.
If he was injured and not killed, he would become a huge threat.
She would then have to be careful of his revenge for the rest of her life.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan stabilized himself.
He sneered and said, “Once I’ve dealt with another, you’ll be next.”

Chu Yunfan turned his head and looked at Qi Shaohua.

Qi Shaohua crossed his arms and looked at Chu Yunfan with a sneer.

“I admit that I have indeed underestimated you.
However, you can only blame your strength.
It’s enough to defeat Wang Qi, but it’s still far from enough to compete with me.”

At this moment, Huang Jianjun pounced on Chu Yunfan.


Huang Jianjun unsheathed a sharp sword and released an unimaginable sword ray.
The sword ray slashed down at Chu Yunfan like a storm.

Compared to Wang Qi, Huang Jianjun was undoubtedly stronger.
He had stepped into the second level of the Innate Stage and was obviously much stronger.

Every level of the Innate Stage was like a threshold.

“You’re going to go with this method?” Chu Yunfan said coldly and grabbed out with one hand.
A faint jade light radiated from his palm.

Then, everyone watched as Chu Yunfan grabbed the sword light with one hand.
He wanted to contend against the sword light with his bare hands.

Why is he doing this?!”

Many people cried out in surprise.
Their first reaction was that Chu Yunfan had gone insane.
Otherwise, why would he dare to fight against the sword light with his bare hands? No matter how strong his body was, he was still just an ordinary person.
How could he fight against a divine weapon?

But now, Chu Yunfan was going to overturn all their previous notions.

Chu Yunfan’s palm grabbed onto the sword light.
Immediately after, there was a burst of metal clashing sound.
Then, everyone saw a burst of True Energy explode out from Chu Yunfan’s palm.

Then, Chu Yunfan grabbed ahold of the shocking sword light and shattered it inch by inch in front of everyone’s eyes.

It was like Chu Yunfan’s hand was made of steel and iron bones.
He forcefully grabbed the sword light and caught it with his hand.

“He actually did it.
Is he a monster?”

“A monster.
He’s definitely a monster!”

“That’s it? It was flashy but impractical.
You should be ashamed of yourself for using a high-tier sword skill like this.” Chu Yunfan sneered.

After he tore the sword light apart, Chu Yunfan suddenly shouted.
Then, he swung his arm and flung out the sword light in his hand.
It turned into a sword rain that swept toward Huang Jianjun.

Huang Jianjun was shocked.
He never thought that his attack would be blocked in such a way.
Was Chu Yunfan’s body made of steel?

However, Huang Jianjun had no time to think about this.
After his Innate sword light was caught by Chu Yunfan, it was reflected right back at him.

“Flying Rainbow Sword!”

Huang Jianjun roared and stabbed out with his sword.
His body turned into a shocking sword light as it swept out.
Wherever the sword light passed, it forcefully cut through the sword rain formed by the sword light that he had swept out earlier.


True Energy collided and devoured one another, forming a series of explosions that exploded in the air like brilliant fireworks.

Huang Jianjun had just heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Chu Yunfan barrelling down on him.

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