Seeing this scene, Yang Lili instantly cried out in surprise.
She did not know who those people were, but she knew that they were absolute experts.

Even though it was just through the big screen, their tyrannical auras were enough to suppress the entire scene.
Any one of them could be said to be an absolute expert.

The aura that they emitted, even if it was just a glance from afar, could make someone tremble.

The aura of an Innate expert had started to connect with nature, so it was completely different from that of an Acquired expert.
Even the slightest hint of it could display the difference.

That was why Innate experts had extremely high statuses within the Federation.

Because humans were extraordinary, it was not until they reached the Innate Stage that they truly began.

“Those people…” Enlike Yang Lili and Du Yue’er, Ma Wu, as a male, had always paid attention to these matters.
He instantly recognized the identities of those who were surrounding Chu Yunfan.

All of them were famous and had established their reputations over the past few years.
Most importantly, they were all Innate level experts.

“How could this be?!” Yang Lili covered her mouth with her snow-white palm and exclaimed.
Only after Ma Wu’s introduction did she know what kind of people these four were.

Du Yue’er had a complicated expression on her face.
Not only was she shocked that Chu Yunfan was targeted by four Innate level experts, but more importantly, she knew that Chu Yunfan’s level could be deduced from his opponent’s level.

It was impossible for an ordinary person to offend four Innate experts at once because they would not be on the same level.

A divine dragon would not care about the provocation of an ant.
If the dragon was unhappy, it would just crush the ant.

At this moment, under everyone’s gaze, Chu Yunfan stood in the center of the ring with his hands behind his back and said, “This is more like it.
You can go all out now.
You don’t have to worry about destroying anything.”

“Chu Yunfan, you’re still so confident even now.
I admire you just because of this.
However, it’s useless to pretend to be calm at this moment,” Zha Hanhai said.

Among the four of them, only Zha Hanhai did not have any personal grudges toward Chu Yunfan.
He had come to help purely for the benefit that Qi Shaohua had mentioned.
Only he still had the mood to praise Chu Yunfan’s calmness.

“What a lively scene.”

At this moment, a delicate reprimand was heard from afar.
Soon after, a graceful figure flew over.
This white figure rushed into the ring.
Only then did everyone realize that it was a young girl wearing a long white robe.
She looked to only be about twenty years old.
She was slender and tall, and her face was as pretty as a peach blossom.
However, she carried a sense of authority without any hint of anger.

“Is the symposium starting early?” The young girl came onto the stage and said this in the face of this already tense situation.

“Ah, it’s my goddess.
It’s Liu Qingqing!” someone below the stage cried out in surprise.
That person had instantly recognized the young girl.
She was known as the number one campus beauty at Northern University.
She was beautiful and powerful at the same time.
She had already been verified and had truly stepped into the Innate Stage.

On the virtual network, Liu Qingqing possessed an unimaginable amount of popularity.
At the same time, she was also one of the Innate level big shots who had come to participate in this symposium.

“Liu Qingqing is here as well? Could it be that she’s also here to besiege Chu Yunfan? He’ll be in big trouble if that happens.”

This doubt arose in the hearts of many people.
There were only a few big shots who had come to participate in this symposium.
If they were all here to besiege Chu Yunfan, the situation would become even more unfavorable for Chu Yunfan.

“Why? Are you also here to cause trouble for me?” Chu Yunfan said to Liu Qingqing with a smile.

Liu Qingqing responded with a kind smile and then said, “Your matters have nothing to do with me.
I’m just here to participate in the symposium.”

No one knew if Liu Qingqing was really not interested in that invitation, but they now knew that at least she did not want to participate in it at the moment.
This made Qi Shaohua heave a sigh of relief.

To Qi Shaohua, taking down Chu Yunfan was a matter of certainty.
He was just afraid that other people would come and fight him for the invitation.

Whether it was Wang Qi or Huang Jianjun, they were obviously targeting Chu Yunfan.
If the person who attacked was someone else, they would definitely not get involved.

“But is it really good for you to start sparring now? As far as I know, there are still quite a few who have yet to arrive,” Liu Qingqing said slowly.

“This matter has nothing to do with the symposium.
Consider it my personal matter.
When I’m done with him, the symposium will go on as usual,” Qi Shaohua said as he shook his head.

“Then you guys go ahead.
I’m just here to watch the show.” Liu Qingqing acted as if she was just here to watch.

However, Liu Qingqing kept looking at Chu Yunfan.
She knew Qi Shaohua very well.
She knew that he would not do anything that he was not confident in.
However, to send out such a lineup to deal with Chu Yunfan clearly reflected how difficult it was to deal with Chu Yunfan.

Liu Qingqing wanted to know if this rising star, who had recently become famous, was indeed of such a lineup.

“Since no one else wishes to join, I won’t hold back,” Chu Yunfan said as he grinned.
Until now, he still looked relaxed and at ease.

“Who should I start with first? Hmm… I’ll start with you first, Wang Qi!”

Chu Yunfan shouted and he released a terrifying surge of True Energy.
The Spirit Energy of the whole world started to surge and he looked like the center of a huge storm.

“The Innate Stage! He has really stepped into the Innate Stage!”

At this moment, everyone was shocked.
Many had guessed that Chu Yunfan had already stepped into the Innate Stage.
Otherwise, Qi Shaohua would not be so serious.

When Chu Yunfan truly unleashed his Innate Stage strength, many were shocked.

Everyone instantly felt a terrifying Innate pressure that was several times larger than the range of an ordinary Innate expert enveloping the entire arena.

Since Chu Yunfan had already decided to accept the invitation, he no longer held back his strength.
There was no better opportunity than this to establish his might.

No one had expected that when these four Innate experts surrounded Chu Yunfan, he would not think of protecting himself, but of defeating them to establish his might.

“Chu Yunfan, do you really think I’m still the same as before?!” Wang Qi roared.
His voice turned into a terrifying shockwave.

In terms of strength, Wang Qi was much stronger than when he had fought Chu Yunfan back then.

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