After a flurry of footsteps, the Danxia Association who was in charge of coordinating this symposium finally arrived.

Led by one of the middle-sized students, they surrounded Chu Yunfan.

“It was him! He’s the one who injured Senior Tang!”

Seeing that reinforcements had finally arrived, the student council members of North Side University could no longer hold themselves back.

Before this, they had all been stunned by Chu Yunfan’s terrifying and fierce methods.
They never expected Chu Yunfan’s explosive power to be so terrifying.

Tang Xingye, who was at the peak of the Acquired Stage, was actually so weak that he could not withstand a single blow.
He had been easily defeated by Chu Yunfan with a single punch.

Even the president of their student council probably could not do such a thing.

Tang Xingye was lying on the ground and crying out in pain.
They did not dare to go up to help because they were frightened by Chu Yunfan.
But now that they finally saw the Danxia Association coming, they felt that they were safe.

The Danxia Association members surrounded Chu Yunfan and his gang.
Only when they surrounded them did they realize who he was.

Even though many of the people from other universities knew of Chu Yunfan, they only knew his name.
However, among the students from Federation University, more than half of them knew of Chu Yunfan’s appearance.

Chu Yunfan had become popular recently.
One news after another, his name would appear on the main page of the campus forum.
Even if they did not want to pay attention, they could not help but notice his name.
They were well aware that Chu Yunfan was no ordinary person, nor was he some soft persimmon.

The Danxia Association was not aware that the person who had caused trouble was Chu Yunfan.
However, it was a little difficult for them to back down now.
Their gazes turned toward the middle-sized young man who was leading them.

That young man’s expression was somewhat unsightly.
He was none other than the vice president of the Danxia Association, Li Fu.
He was the person who was directly in charge of handling the matters of this symposium.
The other members of the Danxia Association might not be clear about the ins and outs of this matter, because the Danxia Association and Chu Yunfan had never had any interactions before, let alone a grudge.

However, Li Fu was well aware that depriving the Imperial Palace of the booth they had reserved and giving it to the student council of North Side University was his doing.
He had intended to give Chu Yunfan a good show and suppress Chu Yunfan’s imposing manner.

The people under Li Fu did not know this, but Li Fu knew that Qi Shaohua was targeting Chu Yunfan.
Since they were about to fall out, there was no harm in doing what he did.
He had never expected that Chu Yunfan would charge forward without any scruples.

The vice president of North Side University’s student council had been defeated.
Although Li Fu did not know that Chu Yunfan had defeated him with a single punch, he could tell from the situation that Chu Yunfan had probably defeated Tang Xingye with ease.

Unlike Tang Xingye, who did not know anything, the news of Chu Yunfan defeating Wang Qi spread all throughout Federation University.
According to the rumors, Wang Qi had entered the Innate Stage.

Most people thought it was just a rumor, but Li Fu knew that it was not.
Qi Shaohua had always treated Jiang Lingxiao as his rival, and as Qi Shaohua’s assistant, Li Fu’s target was naturally Wang Qi.

Originally, the two of them could be said to be neck and neck.
Who knew that Wang Qi would step into the Innate Stage and be one step ahead of him? This was a great blow to Li Fu.

However, Wang Qi, who had already stepped into the Innate Stage, had lost to Chu Yunfan.
How could this not shock Li Fu?

Although Li Fu did not know how Chu Yunfan had done it, it was an indisputable fact that Chu Yunfan had defeated Wang Qi.

Li Fu wanted to use the rules of The Fraternity to suppress Chu Yunfan.
Chu Yunfan was only a rising star and would only be able to endure it.
Or so Li Fu thought.

Now, Li Fu realized that he had been sorely mistaken.
Some people were just born to not endure humiliation, and he now realized that he did not have the right to make Chu Yunfan endure it.

“You’re the vice president of the Danxia Association, Li Fu?” Chu Yunfan asked.
Since he knew about the Danxia Association, how could he not know about its vice presidents?

“Was it your decision to cancel the Imperial Palace’s booth?” Chu Yunfan asked coldly.

Seeing Li Fu open his mouth as if he wanted to deny it, Chu Yunfan said directly, “You don’t have to deny it.
This must be your doing.
Not Qi Shaohua’s.”

Everyone looked at Chu Yunfan curiously.
How could Chu Yunfan be sure that it was Li Fu’s handiwork and not Qi Shaohua’s handiwork?

Even Li Fu himself did not quite understand.

“Since Qi Shaohua sent me an official invitation, he must have understood my strength and knew that I was qualified.
That’s why he sent the invitation.
He wouldn’t pull such underhanded tricks,” Chu Yunfan said confidently, “He knows that such tricks are useless against me.
He would just be disgracing himself.”

Everyone was enlightened.
But from Chu Yunfan’s words, they understood another thing.
Chu Yunfan and Qi Shaohua were on the same level, so they would not pull such a trick to test each other because they knew it was useless.

To be able to step into the Innate Stage while in university.
What kind of concept was that? It meant that they would be the future elites of humanity, and they would not lack intelligence.

“Chu Yunfan, don’t go too far.
You’re breaking The Fraternity’s rules.
This is a rule that has been set for generations.
Do you think you can contend against The Fraternity alone?”

At the mention of The Fraternity, Li Fu felt his confidence returning.
In his opinion, Chu Yunfan could never go against The Fraternity.
No one could go against them.

In a sense, the influence of The Fraternity was even greater than that of the student council.

“Rules? I don’t think you understand yet.
The rules are set for the weak to follow by the strong.
So you can follow the Fraternity’s rules while I’ll set out some new rules,” Chu Yunfan said proudly as he stood with his hands behind his back.

“Using The Fraternity to suppress me is really ridiculous.
Tang Xingye robbed me of my booth, and I gave him back a punch.
Since you dare to plot against me, how can I not teach you a lesson.”

“You dare?” Li Fu said in a stern voice.

“Why wouldn’t I? Qi Shaohua set up this banquet just to lure me out.
Now that I’m here, I want to see what tricks he has.”

As Chu Yunfan spoke, he suddenly locked onto Li Fu and instantly made his move.
He threw out a punch that was like a cannonball.
A terrifying fist force swept out.

It transformed into a terrifying gale and blasted toward Li Fu’s direction.

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