Tang Xingye could only go all out.

Tang Xingye gritted his teeth.
Instead of retreating, he advanced and took a step forward.
Then, he threw a punch in Chu Yunfan’s direction.
He wanted to clash head-on with Chu Yunfan.

In Tang Xingye’s opinion, this was the best method.
However, he instantly knew that he had made the wrong choice.


The two fists fiercely collided.
In an instant, True Energy collided with each other and swallowed each other, forming a terrifying wild tide that erupted out.

“Aaah!” Tang Xingye instantly let out a miserable cry.
It was just a single collision, but he felt that his fist had not collided with another fist.
On the contrary, it had collided with a huge mountain, and a terrifying force rebounded back.

That terrifying force rolled back and spilled onto his body, causing Tang Xingye to no longer be able to stand on his feet.
He was instantly sent flying.
He even knocked into a few North Side University students before he finally stopped.

All of this took a long time to describe, but it actually happened in an instant.
In everyone’s eyes, it was as if Chu Yunfan had made a move and sent Tang Xingye flying.

In a flash, everything was over and all everyone saw was Tang Xingye being defeated.

All of them were in complete shock, especially the students of North Side University.
They even forgot to help.
Tang Xingye had a high prestige among the students of North Side University—second only to the president of the student council.

Tang Xingye was one of the strongest in the entire university.

They had never expected Tang Xingye would be defeated so easily, and that he would be so powerless to fight back.

After a long while, someone finally reacted.

“This… This is way too strong.
Tang Xingye is one of the top student experts at North Side University.
He even surpasses many of the instructors.
Yet, he was defeated with a single punch.
How is this possible?”

“I heard that Tang Xingye’s cultivation is already at the peak of the Acquired Stage.
He’s just a step away from entering the Innate Stage, yet Chu Yunfan was able to defeat him with a single punch.
Could it be that Chu Yunfan has already entered the Innate Stage?”

“That’s impossible.
He’s only a few years old.
How could he have stepped into the Innate Stage?”

“What’s impossible about that? After all, he received the invitation to the Heavenly Dragon Elder’s birthday banquet.
Have you ever seen anyone under the age of twenty get that invitation before?”

While everyone was discussing, a student from Federation University finally spoke up, he said, “Is this strange? The vice president of our Federation University’s student council, Wang Qi, was also defeated by Chu Yunfan in one move.
Furthermore, it’s said that Wang Qi has broken through to the Innate Stage.”

Hearing this, everyone was in an uproar, especially the students from North Side University.
If they had known that Chu Yunfan had such a formidable battle record, they would not have come here to humiliate themselves.

Especially the vice president of Federation University’s student council.
In terms of strength, Wang Qi was even stronger than Tang Xingye.
And even he had suffered a crushing defeat, so how could Tang Xingye have any chance of winning?

Originally, this had been an act to suppress Chu Yunfan.
But now, it had become a complete joke.
Instead of using Chu Yunfan to establish his authority, Tang Xingye had instead become Chu Yunfan’s target used to establish his authority.

No wonder Chu Yunfan had previously said Tang Xingye was a fool that did not even realize he was being used.

As for what that Federation University student had said, that Wang Qi might have entered the Innate Stage, Tang Xingye did not believe it.
After all, seeing was believing.
However, there was no doubt that Chu Yunfan was ridiculously strong.

At this moment, a flurry of footsteps could be heard.
At the center of this incident, members of the Danxia Association finally appeared.

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