“Is this a battle between top students?” someone asked in fear.

Situ Ziying’s punch was undoubtedly at its peak and had the power to move mountains and rivers.
Even so, against Chu Yunfan, it was still broken by just a single kick.

This was what made Chu Yunfan absolutely terrifying.

“He’s really strong.
Chu Yunfan really lives up to his reputation,” someone said.

Le Yuzhu, who was standing among the crowd, saw everything.
In fact, she was the only one who could keep up with the speed of the fight, and her face was ashen.

Situ Ziying was stronger than Le Yuzhu.
If it was her, it would be difficult for her to remain undefeated in a fight against Situ Zhiying, not to mention defeating him in one move.
Chu Yunfan’s strength was truly unfathomable.

Was Le Yuzhu already so far behind her peers?

If Situ Ziying was already this strong, what of Mei Haiyun, Dong Fanghao, and the others who were even above him? In her eyes, Chu Yunfan had transformed into a super monster.

Le Yuzhu was quite proud of herself.
She felt that she was strong enough, and there was definitely a chance for her to step into the Innate Stage before graduation.
If it were in the past eras, she would definitely be able to sweep through all her peers.

However, Le Yuzhu had to admit that the strength of the Federation was increasing every year.
There were more and more new people appearing, and each generation was stronger than the last.

The scene just now had left Le Yuzhu completely shocked!

At the side, Du Yue’er had an incredulous expression on her face as she held Ma Wu’s hand.
She said, “Pinch me.
Is this real? This world is too crazy.
Lili, your old classmate is actually such a formidable person!”

“I wasn’t expecting it either!” Yang Lili said bitterly.

While everyone was talking about it, Situ Ziying got to his feet with much effort.
Chu Yunfan had not killed him.
Otherwise, he would have died long ago.

“Chu Yunfan, I lost to you, but that doesn’t mean that Qinghua University lost to you.
You’ve insulted Qinghua University.
Someone will come to settle the score with you.
There are many experts attending this symposium.
Just wait!” Situ Ziying said as he clenched his teeth.

Chu Yunfan raised his eyebrows in disgust.
What did Situ Ziying mean that he had insulted Qinghua University too much? Could it be that they were allowed to bully others?

If others fought back against Qinghua University, would it be considered bullying?

Chu Yunfan was speechless.

“Let them try,” Chu Yunfan said with a sneer.

Having said that, Situ Ziying had no intention of sticking and continuing to humiliate himself.
With the help of others, he limped away from the scene, devoid of any trace of the imposing manner he had at the beginning.

Jia Taihua could not stay any longer.
He was not so heavily injured and quickly left the scene, not daring to look at Chu Yunfan again.

On the other side, Le Yuzhu saw Chu Yunfan looking over at her and immediately left with the North Side University students.
She did not want to fight with Chu Yunfan at this time.

Martial artists had the courage to advance and were fearless.
However, knowing that they were no match for Chu Yunfan and continuing to charge forward would be asking for humiliation.

The crowd watched as the students from all walks of life left the scene.
There was nothing more to see, so they reluctantly left as well.
However, the power of Chu Yunfan’s kick had been imprinted in their hearts.
They could not forget it even if they wanted to.

At this moment, Yang Lili finally walked up to Chu Yunfan.
She did not know how to face her old classmate.
It seemed that she had been too cold to him before.
The little sense of superiority and thoughts that she had in her heart disappeared.

At first, Yang Lili thought that Jia Taihua was a good match for her.
But now that she looked at him again, it was not the case at all.
The divine dragon in the sky would not have any interaction with the reptiles on the ground.
Although this analogy was a little cruel, it was the truth.

However, before Chu Yunfan and Yang Lili could say anything to each other, he suddenly received a message on his terminal.
He took a look and his eyebrows went up slightly.
Then, he raised his head and said to Yang Lili, “I’m sorry, Lili.
I have something else to attend to.
I have to leave.
Let’s meet again when we have time in the future.”

“It’s okay.
Go do your thing,” Yang Lili hurriedly said.

After seeing Chu Yunfan leave, Yang Lili and the others finally let out a sigh of relief, especially Du Yue’er and Ma Wu.
They felt that the mountain-like pressure from before had finally disappeared.

Only after truly realizing Chu Yunfan’s might did they realize how much danger they had been in previously.
If Chu Yunfan had not said anything for Yang Lili’s sake, they would really be in danger now.

With Jia Taihua and Situ Ziying as precedents, how could they dare to doubt Chu Yunfan’s strength?

“He’s finally gone.
The pressure is so great.
Oh my god, I never believed that people had auras in the past.
I believe it now,” Du Yue’er said exaggeratedly.
She used to think that it was just a psychological effect.
Now, she truly understood how great the pressure was when faced with people with powerful auras.
Especially when Chu Yunfan taught the number one of Qinghua University a lesson in front of them.
This matter would probably be imprinted in her heart for the rest of her life.

“Lili, your old classmate is amazing.
I didn’t expect such a divine dragon to fly out of that small place of yours.
It’s really amazing!” Du Yue’er said.
Standing beside her, Ma Wu also hurriedly nodded.
He looked like a lackey, but she was his girlfriend after all.

“Yeah, I’m afraid that nobody had expected it.”

Yang Lili could not help but feel a sense of loss.
She felt that she had lost something, and perhaps she would not have many interactions with Chu Yunfan in the future.

I must post this on my moments, or it will be a loss,’ Du Yue’er thought and she did just that.

Yang Lili had no strength to complain about this.

At this time, Chu Yunfan had already rushed to another direction of the venue.
There were already people waiting for him.

This person was none other than Gao Hongzhi.
And beside him were three other experts.
All of their auras were extremely powerful, and their auras were linked.
They had already stepped into the Acquired Stage.

They were the three strongest experts from the Imperial Palace that Gao Hongzhi had brought with him.

But at this moment, they appeared to be in a sorry state.
One of them was clearly injured.
However, when they saw Chu Yunfan, everyone’s spirits lifted.
Their true backbone had arrived.

Although Chu Yunfan was not around often, there was no doubt that he was the backbone of the Imperial Palace.

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