From what Yang Lili could recall, Chu Yunfan had been a very ordinary person.
He was gentle and he was not as strong back then as he was now.

Although Jia Taihua seemed very strong earlier, the difference between the two was now very obvious.
Jia Taihua seemed strong, but he was not.
It was arrogance—the kind that came from the depths of one’s soul.
It was just that he had concealed it very well, so no one had noticed it.

The difference between Jias Taihua and Chu Yunfan was immediately apparent.

Chu Yunfan’s strength carried a kind of grandeur.
The difference could be seen at a glance.
Jia Taihua’s strength was completely set off by an air of arrogance, making people feel disgusted.

But as far as Yang Lili knew, Chu Yunfan was never like this.
This was completely unreasonable.
What exactly had Chu Yunfan experienced in the past few years after he graduated from junior high school?

At this time, the balance in Yang Lili’s heart was starting to lean toward her old classmate.
After all, Chu Yunfan was mostly silent, while Jia Taihua had an aggressive look on his face.

Although it was Jia Taihua who was now defeated, if Chu Yunfan had lost, the consequences would be even more serious.

“Chu Yunfan, hurry up and leave.
Otherwise, we’ll be in trouble when those from Qinghua University arrive!” Yang Lili said in a panic.

The students from the top ten famous universities were not to be trifled with.
It was not only because of their strength but also because of the famous universities standing behind them.
If Chu Yunfan did not leave now, the troubles to come would surely be endless.

Chu Yunfan smiled.
Seeing that his old classmate was concerned about him, his heart warmed slightly.
Then, he said, “It’s okay.
I want to see who they’ll send.”

“Chu Yunfan, if you have the guts, Don’t leave!” Jia Taihua said fiercely as he wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth.

Jia Taihua was clearly calling for backup.
Chu Yunfan looked at Jia Taihua and shook his head slightly.
Jia Taihua’s attitude was not as good as earlier.
He was just golden on the outside and rotten on the inside.

“I’m not leaving.
You may call anyone you like,” Chu Yunfan said with a sneer.
He was not afraid of causing trouble.
Moreover, he had been long prepared for a conflict when he decided to participate in the Fall Symposium.

You have guts!” Jia Taihua shouted

More and more people started gathering around them.
Seeing that someone had provoked Qinghua University and was still standing there, Jia Taihua knew that they would call for help.
It was going to be another big conflict.

Many of the people present were students from the other top ten universities, and they could not wait to see Qinghua University suffer.

And now, Yang Lili, Ma Wu, and Du Yue’er also realized that something was wrong.
Previously, they thought that Chu Yunfan did not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth.
But now, it seems this was not the case.
The reason was very simple.
Chu Yunfan’s fearless look signaled that he was not a simple person.

Du Yue’er quickly pulled Yang Lili to the side and asked, “Lili, what’s the background of this old classmate of yours?”

Yang Lili did not know whether to laugh or cry.
She said, “I don’t know either.
Back in junior high, he had been very ordinary.
I don’t know much about him now.”

What Yang Lili said was the truth.
If Chu Yunfan had been any more different, Yang Lili probably would not have known him even if she passed him on the street.

If Chu Yunfan had been a brilliant genius since the beginning, then all of this would have been understandable.
Yang Lili would never forget such a person.

And now, Chu Yunfan had become unfamiliar to Yang Lili.
Even back in junior high, the aura of the most talented student she knew was less than one-tenth of Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan was like those top experts in the videos Yang Lili had seen on the virtual network.
They looked down on the world and stood above all living things.

Chu Yunfan had not fully reached that stage yet, but he was already in the starting stages.

“Are you serious?” Du Yue’er looked at Yang Lili suspiciously.
If she had not known Yang Lili well, she would have suspected that Yang Lili was lying.

Chu Yunfan’s current attitude was completely different from his usual calm manner.
His gaze was so sharp that nobody could look him straight in the eye.

How could such a person be so calm back during his third year of junior high?

“I’m not lying.
I have no impression of him at all from our third year of junior high.
I didn’t know he was so powerful,” Yang Lili said with some annoyance.

Without a doubt, Chu Yunfan was a good match for her.
She just had not noticed it before.

“But no matter how powerful Chu Yunfan is, I’m afraid he won’t be able to stop the many experts from Qinghua University,” Du Yue’er said.

Although Chu Yunfan’s performance earlier had been stunning, after comparing Chu Yunfan to a colossus like Qinghua University, they still felt that Chu Yunfan stood no chance of winning.

“Do you think I’ll be able to persuade him otherwise?” Yang Lili said with a bitter smile.
She was not stupid.
How could she not see that it was Chu Yunfan who had given face to this old classmate of hers?

“Who dares to make a move on a student of Qinghua University?!” At this moment, a cold shout came from nearby.
Then, a young man around twenty strode over.
The crowd parted like the Red Sea.

Everyone looked over.
This young man who was striding over had a dignified appearance.
When Jia Taihua saw him, he was pleasantly surprised.

“It’s Situ Ziying!”

Someone immediately recognized this person.
Was this guy not the first seat of Qinghua University’s sophomores?

After one year, Situ Ziying was no longer a rookie who had just entered university.
Naturally, he had made quite a name for himself.
Someone quickly recognized him.

“Junior Ziying, you have to get justice for me.
Someone bullied those of us from Qinghua University,” Jia Taihua said with a forlorn look as he hurriedly got up.

Seeing Jia Taihua like this, Situ Ziying’s face revealed a look of disgust.
For a dignified student of Qinghua University to look like this was simply embarrassing.

“Speak properly,” Situ Ziying said.

“So it’s Situ Ziying who came.
Looks like there’s about to be a good show.
Situ Ziying is amazing.”

“That’s right.
In the entire Qinghua University, there are only a few students who can compare to him in terms of importance.
I’m afraid that Situ Ziying stepping into the Innate Stage in the future is a foregone conclusion.”

“The strongest people in his generation are not inferior to those from Federation University.”

Everyone was discussing animatedly.
All kinds of rumors about Situ Ziying came flying from all directions.

And after hearing the rumors and identity of Situ Ziying, Yang Lili, Du Yue’er, and Ma Wu’s faces changed.

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