Chapter 63: Choosing Saber Techniques

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“Teacher, what is a superpower? Is it like an omnipotent legendary ability that can allow one to go up to the Heavens and drill through the Earth? With just a single breath, they’ll be able to transform into countless forms?” A student raised his hand and asked.
Many students began to laugh.
In the end, they were just a group of youths.

However, Qin Wu did not laugh.
Instead, he said very seriously, “Theoretically speaking, if a person continuously cultivates, there is indeed such a possibility!”

He looked at his students and said, “What is a superpower? I won’t tell you what is too complicated because you won’t understand even if I tell you.
You are still very far away from superpowers.
I will tell you only what you can understand.
These so-called superpowers, in short, are incredible things that
go against scientific knowledge and the laws of nature!”

“For example, flying is the greatest dream of mankind, but can it be done without the aid of tools? It is normal that it can not be done, but if it’s achieved, it is a superpower!

“Another example is breathing fire, controlling water, and invulnerability.
These are things that ordinary people can not do.
These are the so-called superpowers.
What I’m telling you is not a myth, but something that some people can already do.
In other words, it is possible for you to achieve it in the
As long as you train hard, there is hope!”

Qin Wu’s words aroused many students.
If they could gain superpowers, how awesome would that be.

Compared to the others who were just fantasizing, Chu Yunfan had already experienced it through the memories of the Alchemy Emperor.
These abilities were indeed not fantasy but just as Qin Wu had said, these things were still very far away from them.

“All right, let’s get back to the main topic.
We’ve said before that monsters are roughly divided into three types.
Among them, the most numerous are marine monsters.
Earth’s native monsters were formed after the original earth creatures absorbed spiritual energy, and the most abundant of creatures
existed in Earth’s oceans.
It can be said that even the combined number of land and sky monsters is less than half of the marine monsters that exist.
Donghua City is near the ocean, so this aspect of defense is very heavy!” Qin Wu said.

“And the most difficult to deal with are sky monsters.
Although we humans have stepped into the sky, it is still very difficult to compete with the huge number of sky monsters, so we are on the defensive.
Only on land, do we humans have a certain advantage, but it is still not optimistic.
You will all be
human elites in the future, you have to fight on the front line.
I hope you understand this and will not be caught unprepared in the future!”

At this time, Ou Yang said, “Teacher, although monsters are very dangerous, hunting them is also very profitable!”

Hearing Ou Yang’s words, the eyes of many students lit up.
They chose the martial arts stream because they could earn good money and become famous.
This was exactly what they wanted.

“It is indeed very profitable.
Now, other than exploration groups, there is a new occupation called monster hunting.
But these are things that require you to risk your life.
The death rate of these people every year is more than 30%.
It’s up to you!”
Qin Wu’s words were like a bucket of cold water.
It made many people calm down.
Killing monsters was profitable, but it was not necessarily worth it.

Then, Qin Wu continued to introduce the situation of monsters.
The class passed soon enough.

After class, all the students took out their tablets and began to enter the school’s Internet zone.
There was a martial arts learning section that had just been opened to them.
On it, they could choose the martial skills they wanted to learn.
Although they were all beginner-level skills, they were still quite

‘There was a saying that there were no absolutely weak martial skills, only absolutely weak people.
“Only this level of skills? It’s too ordinary.
I’m supposed to be killing monsters.
I’d better buy a set of powerful skills myself!”
Clearly, this was a student from a relatively wealthy family.

“can finally learn how to use weapons and martial skills, but I still have to buy a good weapon.
This costs so much money!”
This was a student from a relatively average family, but even if he did not have money, he would not dare gamble with his life.
Chu Yunfan also picked up the tablet.
Since he had chosen the saber, he directly looked at the saber technique section.

“Yunfan, these martial skills are too mediocre.
When I go back today, I’ll ask my dad to buy me a good set of spear techniques and a good set of saber techniques for you.
It’s still better than the ones offered by the school!” At this time, Gao Hongzhi walked over and said.
He looked like a rich man who did
not lack money at all.

Chu Yunfan knew that Gao Hongzhi was doing this for his own good, but he had no intention of asking Gao Hongzhi for help.
Powerful saber techniques were also recorded within the Alchemy Emperor’s memory.
One saber strike could reverse rivers and collapse mountains, However, he could not use
them at all.
Therefore, the martial skills did not have to be high-leveled.
The key was that they were suitable.

“No need.
Haven’t you heard that there are only weak people and no weak martial skills? No martial skill will be able to block out my genius!” Chu Yunfan said with a chuckle.

“Lknew you wouldn’t agree, but this reason is too flashy!” Gao Hongzhi had guessed that Chu Yunfan would not agree.
In the past two years, Chu Yunfan had never taken advantage of him, although he sometimes felt that Chu Yunfan was very stubborn.
It was also because of this stubbornness that the two
of them were able to be good friends despite the huge difference in their family backgrounds.
There was no estrangement between them.

Chu Yunfan smiled slightly and continued reading.
There were two types of saber techniques that were offered by the school.
One was called the Roaring Winds Saber Technique.
It mainly focused on speed, The other was called the Earth Splitting Saber Technique.
It mainly focused on the path of crushing

‘The two types of saber techniques each had their own strengths and were considered evenly matched.
Although they were basic saber techniques, they determined the direction of the development of the two types of saber techniques.
“These two saber techniques are average, but they’re completely different.
Which one will you choose?” Gao Hongzhi took a glance and asked.

Which one?

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Chu Yunfan thought for a moment.
Most people would definitely choose one of them because they had limited energy and time.
They would definitely not be able to take care of both of them and would instead be at a disadvantage.
However, he was different.
He had the ability, so it was naturally best for him to learn both.

This was his decision after thinking about it.
If he knew one more type, he would have one more trump card.
Regardless of whether it was fighting with a person or a monster, he would be at a huge advantage.

Moreover, it was all free.
It would be a waste not to learn!

“I might be able to learn both.
Hahaha! Who asked me to be a genius!”

Chu Yunfan was telling the truth, but Gao Hongzhi did not believe him.

“To be honest, you are so shameless.
You’re so naive!” Gao Hongzhi said seriously, but just as he finished speaking, he laughed.

Only Chu Yunfan himself knew that he was not joking!

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