If you’re willing to bet, you should be willing to admit defeat.

These words sounded like a matter of course, and no one could say anything against it.

It was fine if it was just a normal matter, but the content of the bet required one to kneel down.
Without a doubt, this was a huge humiliation.

“Chu Yunfan, if you can forgive others, forgive them.
You don’t have to be so aggressive, right?” Ma Wu said.

“Aggressive? I wasn’t the one who brought this up.
No matter what, I can’t be considered the aggressive one,” Chu Yunfan said calmly, “I don’t have any superfluous requests.
I just need him to accept his loss.
If you can’t afford to lose, don’t gamble.
If you gamble, you have to be able to afford to lose.”

“Chu Yunfan, this is your fault.
Senior Jia was just joking.
Why do you have to be so serious?” Du Yue’er chimed in.
She also had a somewhat displeased expression on her face.

“That’s right, Chu Yunfan.
Why don’t we just forget about this?” Yang Lili said with a somewhat worried expression.
She knew Jia Taihua’s strength.
He might not be the best, but to ordinary people like her, he was unattainable.
She was afraid that Chu Yunfan would suffer a loss.

After all, Yang Lili was the one who had brought Chu Yunfan to their group.
She did not want things to turn ugly.
But seeing Chu Yunfan’s stubborn appearance, she was somewhat helpless.

“Am I in the wrong? Was it really just a joke? If I had lost, would you guys just take it as a joke and forget about it?” Chu Yunfan said with a sneer.

Du Yue’er, Ma Wu, and Yang Lili were all choked by Chu Yunfan’s words.
What he said was true.
If the one who had lost was Chu Yunfan, Jia Taihua probably would not let him go either.
If Jia Taihua was so broad-minded, he would not have proposed such a bet.

It was clear that Jia Taihua wanted to find an opportunity to punish Chu Yunfan.
It was not that they did not know about this, but they did not feel that there was anything wrong with it before.
However, the way Chu Yunfan was acting now made them feel as if he was offending their superiors.
That was why they were especially unable to accept it.

“You want me to kneel to you? Who do you think you are?” Jia Taihua looked at Chu Yunfan coldly.
His eyes flickered with a cold glint.
“Looks like you won’t understand the immensity of Heaven and Earth if I don’t teach you a good lesson!”

Jia Taihua already had the intention to teach Chu Yunfan a lesson.
Thus, he used this opportunity to display his strength and threw a punch straight at Chu Yunfan.

As an Acquired Stage expert, Jia Taihua’s attack was like a thunderbolt.
His punch shattered the air and set off a terrifying airwave.

“Petty tricks.
Kneel!” Chu Yunfan let out an explosive roar.

An incomparably terrifying might spread out.
Jia Taihua instantly felt that the Chu Yunfan in front of him was no longer human.
Instead, Chu Yunfan was a terrifying fierce beast.
A terrifying feeling struck Jia Taihua’s heart.

According to rumors, the gaze of a true martial arts expert could kill a person.
Just one look at a person could kill a person.

Chu Yunfan naturally could not reach such a level.
However, with his current might, it was not something that an ordinary person could withstand.
Jia Taihua was completely unprepared and fell to his knees.


Du Yue’er, Ma Wu, and Yang Lili were dumbfounded.
Jia Taihua’s attack had been too fast.
They did not have time to react.
They thought that Chu Yunfan was going to suffer a big loss.

However, who knew that with a mere shout from Chu Yunfan, Jia Taihua actually knelt?

Jia Taihua was kneeling in front of everyone.

When they looked toward Chu Yunfan again, their gazes had completely changed.
Although they did not know how Chu Yunfan had done it, there was no doubt that this very ordinary classmate that Yang Lili had mentioned before, harbored a big secret.

Looking at Yang Lili’s somewhat incredulous look, Chu Yunfan said, “This fellow is of bad character.
If he pursues you, you should consider carefully whether this kind of person is worthy of being entrusted with your life.”

Upon hearing Chu Yunfan’s words, Yang Lili’s small face instantly flushed red.
Although she was ignorant, she was not stupid.
A class belle like her had been hit on countless times since she was young.

The number of times Yang Lili was confessed to in a month was probably more than the number of times that many would be confessed to in their lifetime.
How could she not know that Jia Taihua was interested in her?

Yang Lili initially thought that Jia Taihua was pretty great.
Whether it was his looks, strength, or education, he was pretty good in all aspects.
Now that Chu Yunfan had exposed him, she could not help but feel embarrassed and angry.

“What did you say?!”

Jia Taihua, who had been belittled, grew even more furious.
He had not recovered from the earlier shock.
He did not know why he had suddenly knelt.
He had clearly wanted to teach Chu Yunfan a lesson, but Chu Yunfan had instead forced him to kneel with just a shout.
On top of that, it was under everyone’s watchful eyes.
It was a great humiliation.

Jia Taihua felt the gazes of those around him sweeping over him.
He was extremely furious.
With a loud shout, he erupted and launched an attack.
He pounced on Chu Yunfan.

“Stubborn.” Chu Yunfan snorted coldly and slapped Jia Taihua.
Although he was a few meters away, his terrifying energy force swept up and landed on Jia Taihua’s body.


Jia Taihua immediately let out a muffled groan and was sent flying at a faster speed than when he came.
He crashed onto the ground.
He fell into a daze and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Everyone was dumbfounded, especially Yang Lili.
This situation completely overturned her worldview.
If it was the complete opposite, and Chu Yunfan was sent flying while spitting out blood, it would have been normal.

That would have been in line with Yang Lili’s understanding, but the current situation turned out completely different

Chu Yunfan’s performance was too shocking.

How did this classmate of hers become so terrifying in just a few years? The previous shout that made Jia Taihua kneel was not a coincidence.
It was probably the embodiment of true strength.

Like Yang Lili, Du Yue’er and Ma Wu, who were originally full of confidence in Jia Taihua, were completely dumbfounded.
This scene should not have played out like this.

At this moment, the people around them were in an uproar.
This was especially so when they saw the armband on Jia Taihua’s shoulder.
It was obvious that he was someone from Qinghua University.

Although Qinghua University was not Federation University, there was no doubt that it was not easily bullied.
If someone were to injure a student from Qinghua University here, they would immediately attract a backlash.

“You overestimated yourself.” Chu Yunfan said these words coldly as he placed both his hands in his pockets.

In Yang Lili’s eyes, this old classmate of hers had become completely unfamiliar and did not dare to associate herself with him.

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