Seeing that Chu Yunfan was not about to give in and instead continued to act tough, Yang Lili tugged at the corner of his shirt, signaling for him to lower his head.

In Yang Lili’s opinion, offending Jia Taihua was not a wise choice.
What surprised her was that Chu Yunfan did not give in to her obvious hint.

From what Yang Lili could recall, Chu Yunfan had never seemed to have such a strong personality.
What she did not know was how much Chu Yunfan had changed in the past few years.
Even the Jiangs and the Huangs could not make him lower his head, let alone mere Jia Taihua.

When he saw what Yang Lili was doing, Jia Taihua’s expression became even more unsightly.
He smiled coldly.
The person he had pretended to be in front of Yang Lili had been thrown to the back of his mind.

From what everyone had said along the way, Jia Taihua was under the impression that Chu Yunfan was just an ordinary student.
He usually would not even look at such a person, but now Chu Yunfan had actually dared to contradict him.

“Very well.
How about this, Chu Yunfan? Let’s make a bet.
If Senior Nie wins, how about you kneel down and tell me that you’re wrong?” Jia Taihua said with a cold smile.

Meanwhile, Yang Lili, Du Yue’er, and Ma Wu looked at the aggressive Jia Taihua in surprise.
They knew that Jia Taihua had been completely enraged.

“Chu Yunfan…” Yang Lili wanted to persuade him, but Chu Yunfan simply raised his eyebrows and put his hands in his pockets.
Then, he said, “Interesting.
What if Le Yuzhu wins?”

“Do you think I will lose?” Jia Taihua said angrily, feeling that Chu Yunfan was against him at every turn.

Jia Taihua would not be so angry if it were someone with the same status as him.
However, he had looked down on Chu Yunfan from the beginning, which was why he was especially angry.
He could not allow Chu Yunfan to continue to be so stubborn.

Chu Yunfan was very familiar with the mentality of such people.
Some people were proud to be seen as geniuses.
They were shrewd, but they were also easily angered.
They would not allow any ants to provoke them.

People of the same level could tolerate abuse, even insults, and take revenge after the fact.
However, if these low-level ants dared to jump around, they would be trampled to death.

Chu Yunfan had seen this kind of person many times and was unfettered.
He just sneered and said, “This won’t do.
If I lose, I will kneel down for you.
If you lose, will it be over just like that? Are you trying to take advantage of me?”

“Okay, if I lose, I will kneel down to you instead!” Jia Taihua sneered.
He instinctively felt that something was not quite right because Chu Yunfan was too calm.
He was too calm to be reasonable.
Something was not quite right.

What exactly did Chu Yunfan have to be so arrogant for?!

However, Jia Taihua immediately threw this doubt to the back of his mind.
He was very confident in Senior Nie.
How could Senior Nie possibly lose to a little girl of the same age?

Seeing that both sides were at daggers, Yang Lili, who was in the middle, also felt very awkward.
She felt that her old classmate was now a little different.
Not only had his figure become thinner, but there were also definitely many changes in him that she did not understand.

On the other hand, Ma Wu and Du Yue’er had complicated looks in their eyes.
They felt that Chu Yunfan simply did not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth.
He probably rarely even saw Acquired experts.
He actually dared to talk about the outcome of a battle between people of that level.

At this moment, the battle between Senior Nie and Le Yuzhu had already begun.
Quite a number of Northern University and Qinghua University students had gathered around the ring.

The students of the two universities had a long history of enmity.
There was no need to sow discord between them and they would readily enter a confrontation.

In the beginning, Jia Taihua had a confident look on his face.
However, his expression quickly turned ugly.

Senior Nie, whom Jia Taihua had placed high hopes on, indeed displayed extremely astonishing strength.
However, even though Senior Nie displayed strength above the sixth level of the Acquired Stage, when he made his move, he was still completely suppressed.

In reality, Senior Nie only managed to gain the upper hand the first time he made his move.
After that, he was completely suppressed by Le Yuzhu.

After not seeing her for more than half a year, Le Yu Zhu’s strength had increased by quite a bit.
Chu Yunfan casually swept his gaze over her, and surprisingly, she had already stepped into the eighth level of the Acquired Stage.
According to this speed, there was a great chance for her to step into the Innate Stage in her senior year.

Le Yuzhu was the first seat of a year at Northern University, so it was natural for her to have such strength.
Although she could not compare to Chu Yunfan, it was already shocking enough.

Although Senior Nie was pretty strong, it was clear that there was a big gap between him and Le Yuzhu.
He was easily suppressed.

The two sides had only exchanged ten moves before Senior Nie was defeated.
It was difficult for him to even parry because there was quite a big gap between the two sides in terms of strength.

Seeing this, Jia Taihua’s face was livid, while Ma Wu, Du Yue’er, and Yang Lili kept looking at Chu Yunfan with looks of complete disbelief.
Chu Yunfan had actually hit the nail on the head.

How had Chu Yunfan foreseen this outcome? Could it be that he really knew Le Yuzhu?

However, even if Chu Yunfan knew Le Yuzhu, he should not have been able to predict it so easily, right? At this moment, they thought of the way Senior Nie had talked to Chu Yunfan before.
They did not feel it before, but now, they suddenly felt that something was not right.

Thinking about it, Senior Nie had seemed like a bit of a lackey, while Chu Yunfan had been completely indifferent.

Before, they thought that it was because Chu Yunfan and Senior Nie were not familiar with each other, and that was why the scene had been a bit cold.
Now that they thought about it, they felt that there were many suspicious points.

Yang Lili suddenly felt that she did not really know this old classmate of hers.
Chu Yunfan’s earlier indifferent expression had not seemed ignorant or stubborn.
It was just complete indifference.

Just as everyone’s thoughts were running wild, the outcome of the battle had already been decided.
Le Yuzhu easily won and defeated Senior Nie.

The crowd was in an uproar, especially the students from Qinghua University.
They had not expected Senior Nie to lose so easily.

“Hmph!” Jia Taihua snorted coldly and turned around to leave.

“Wait a minute,” Chu Yunfan called out.

“What do you want?” Jia Taihua said as he stared fiercely at Chu Yunfan.

“What do I want? I only have a few words for you.
If you’re willing to bet, you should be willing to admit defeat.” Chu Yunfan raised his eyebrows and sneered.

Chu Yunfan was not an aggressive person to begin with.
In other words, if he was not provoked, he had no desire to be an aggressive person.

Originally, for Yang Lili’s sake, Chu Yunfan would have tolerated Jia Taihua.
However, Jia Taihua actually wanted to bet with him.
The bet was to make him kneel.

Chu Yunfan would never show mercy to those who bullied him.

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