To Chu Yunfan, the people in the top 100 of Qinghua University were not important figures.
He had no interest in remembering them whatsoever

However, to Yang Lili, it was a whole different matter.

Jia Taihua, who was ranked beyond 1,000 at Qinghua University, was an important figure in their eyes.
A figure in the top 100 was definitely an important figure.
They might even become big shots in the Federation.

Although it could not compare to Federation University, in front of other universities and forces, Qinghua University was still a colossus.

“Senior Nie must be very powerful to have entered the top 100 in Qinghua University,” Du Yue’er said.

“Yeah, Senior Nie is one of the few experts at Qinghua University,” Jia Taihua said.
Even someone as proud as him had to lower his head.

As if he was afraid that everyone did not have a clear understanding of Senior Nie’s strengths, Jia Taihua continued, “Among the seniors at Qinghua University, Senior Nie is ranked in the top 50.
Among the top students, his future is limitless.”

Du Yue’er, Ma Wu, and Yang Lili looked incredibly impressed.
However, their gazes quickly turned to Chu Yunfan.
How could such a formidable figure know him?

However, they quickly disregarded it.
After all, Chu Yunfan was so ordinary, and it was possible that Senior Nie had only heard of him by chance, so they did not find anything strange about this.

“Quick, look! Senior Nie has entered the ring!” Du Yue’er suddenly pointed at a ring in front of them.

They saw Senior Nie, who had been talking to them just moments ago, step into the ring.

Chu Yunfan looked over and started to ponder.
This symposium was held over a few days, but today was the real highlight.
Over the past few days, there had been many going into the rings to spar.

Among these people, some were doing it for their own fame, while some were doing it for the sake of the organization they were in.
And Senior Nie should belong to the latter category.

With the elite experts among the students taking action, it naturally attracted the attention of many.

Chu Yunfan followed the stream of people and watched from afar as Senior Nie’s actions were broadcasted to the big screen.
Compared to Jia Taihua, he was indeed much stronger.
He had stepped into at least the sixth level of the Acquired Stage.
Although it was not enough to compare to the geniuses Chu Yunfan had seen in the past, to an ordinary person, it could be said to be the height of a mountain.

Senior Nie easily won several rounds.
There was even elite Acquired Stage students from Northern University who were no match for him.

“This level of battle is just a small matter to Senior Nie.
It’s not as intense as the sparring in the university.” Jia Taihua had a proud expression on his face.
Clearly, he was honored to have such a senior.

In reality, if the Federation University had not been a colossus that was pressing down on the other famous universities, Qinghua University would be able to contend for the number one ranking among the various universities within the Federation.

Chu Yunfan watched from afar.
Senior Nie had won a few matches in a row, yet he did not have the slightest intention of stopping.
His lips revealed a triumphant smirk.

Senior Nie was definitely going to get in trouble.
In a place like this, it was fine if he won a few rounds.
But if he continued to occupy the ring and refused to give it up, he would soon attract true experts.

Of course, it was not impossible to occupy the arena.
It really depended on the situation.
If he, Chu Yunfan, wanted to go on stage, no one would dare to say anything even if he won a hundred rounds in a row.
However, although this Senior Nie was pretty strong, there were too many experts present.
And although Qinghua University was a resounding name, it had many opponents and enemies.

As expected, a beautiful figure floated onto the stage.
Chu Yunfan took a look and realized who it was.
It was an old acquaintance, the first seat of the freshmen of Northern University, Le Yuzhu.

Compared to half a year ago, Le Yuzhu’s aura was clearly much more stable now.
Although she had lost to Chu Yunfan, to others, she was still a genius.

“I, Le Yuzhu from Northern University, am here to exchange a few moves.”

“Le Yuzhu? Why is she here?” Jia Taihua frowned and thought for a long time before he finally remembered who Le Yuzhu was.

“What’s wrong, Senior Jia? Is this Le Yuzhu very powerful?” Ma Wu asked.

“I’ve heard of her.
She’s the first seat of the sophomores at Northern University,” Jia Taihua said.
The students of Qinghua University had a better understanding of the students of Northern University as compared to the students of Federation University.
After all, they had been competing with each other for hundreds of years.

“Senior Nie should be fine, right?” Du Yue’er looked a little worried.

If it was just an ordinary Northern University student, it would not be a big deal.
However, Jia Taihua had mentioned that she was the first seat of the sophomores at Northern University.
No matter how ignorant Du Yue’er was, she knew what it meant to be in the first seat of a year at a university like Northern University.
Le Yuzhu was practically one of the strongest people of their generation

With the grudges between Northern University and Qinghua University, Le Yuzhu definitely would not go easy on Senior Nie now that she had personally stepped into the ring.

“There shouldn’t be a problem.
Even though Le Yuzhu is in the first seat of the sophomores, she’s still too young.
Senior Nie definitely won’t have any problems,” Jia Taihua said with certainty.
Age was the greatest advantage, especially at their age.
It was the stage where they were advancing by leaps and bounds.

“That’s right.
There shouldn’t be a problem.
After all, age has the advantage.”

Du Yue’er and the others thought for a moment and came to the same conclusion.

Chu Yunfan listened and shook his head slightly.
Age was indeed an important aspect, but it was not the only factor that determined the outcome.
Especially for a genius like Le Yuzhu.

“What’s the matter, Chu Yunfan? Do you think otherwise?” Jia Taihua glanced at Chu Yunfan who was shaking his head and immediately asked with some displeasure.

Originally, Chu Yunfan was too lazy to reply, but Jia Taihua’s attitude made Chu Yunfan uncomfortable.
If it were not for his old classmate, he would not have bothered with him.

“I’ve met Le Yuzhu before.
She’s very strong and definitely not an ordinary person.
I’m afraid Senior Nie is no match for her,” Chu Yunfan said bluntly.

What do you know? How can a person like you guess the strength of people of that level? And you even said it with such confidence.
You’ve met Le Yuzhu before.
Would Le Yuzhu even recognize you?” Jia Taihua finally could not hold it in anymore and said disdainfully.

Jia Taihu had no respect for Chu Yunfan.
If it were not for Yang Lili’s relationship, he would not have interacted with Chu Yunfan at all.
It was already condescending for him to have to talk to Chu Yunfan, but this brat actually dared to go against him.
This was simply outrageous.

“Chu Yunfan!” Yang Lili had not expected Chu Yunfan to be so disrespectful.
More importantly, she felt that Jia Taihua’s words were more convincing.

Seeing that they did not believe him, Chu Yunfan was too lazy to defend himself.
He just said, “The match is about to start.
We’ll know when the results are out.”

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