As Yang Lili spoke, a yearning expression appeared on her face.
For an ordinary person like her, an expert at the Innate Stage was an important figure at the edge of the horizon.

Although the Federation was known as the era of great cultivation for humankind, most people would only be able to reach the Energy Refinement Stage.
Not only was there a difference in talent, but there was also a huge difference in cultivation resources.
This caused most people to be unable to advance further.

The Federation could not do anything about this.
Compared to hundreds of years ago, the current situation was already considered pretty good.
Hundreds of years ago, only one in ten thousand could reach the Energy Refinement Stage.

The big shots who reached the Divine Abilities Stage were legends.
The Divine that was most often seen by the public was the president of the Federation.
And that was only through the television.
The other Divines were only heard through rumors from time to time.

To them, becoming Innate experts were already big shots that they could only dream of.
Even in the current era where everyone was equal, the ranks between people were still clear and had never disappeared.

However, Yang Lili would have never guessed that she was dragging along an Innate expert with her.
Her impression of Chu Yunfan was still stuck in her middle school time.
Back then, Chu Yunfan had been very ordinary in all aspects.

If it was not for the fact that they had not seen each other for a long time and it could be said that they had met in a foreign land, Yang Lili would not have shown such enthusiasm.

At the same time, in a private room in the center of the venue, two young men in their twenties were sitting opposite each other.
One of them had short hair and wore a martial arts suit.
He looked tall and strong and had an imposing aura.

The other one looked gentle and elegant.
He was wearing a long robe that fit him well.
He looked extraordinary.

“Are you sure he’ll come?” the tall and strong young man asked.

“Of course.
Didn’t he establish his own organization, the Imperial Palace? I’ve received information that several representatives of the Imperial Palace have come.
This means that he’ll definitely come,” the gentle and elegant young man said slowly, “The Imperial Palace has only been around for a year, and he doesn’t have any capable experts.
If he doesn’t come himself, why would he let his people come here? Is he asking to be humiliated?”

“Won’t he be suspicious?” the short-haired young man continued.

“That doesn’t matter.
What’s important is that he’s already here,” the gentle-looking young man said, “He has the right to be invited.
This is also in line with the standard operating procedures of The Fraternity.
Other than this method, do you have any other ideas? If he hides in his villa and goes into seclusion until Heavenly Dragon Elder’s birthday, do you have any ideas to lure him out?”

“That’s true.
If he hides and acts like a cowardly turtle, we won’t have any way to lure him out.
It wouldn’t be good if we attacked him directly while at the university.
That teacher of his, Jeang Yuanbin, isn’t someone to be trifled with.
It would be troublesome if we provoked him.
But now that he’s out of the turtle shell, there’s nothing to worry about,” the short-haired young man said with a smile.

From his words, it was clear that he looked down on Chu Yunfan.
On the contrary, Jeang Yuanbin was a much stronger deterrent.
Although Chu Yunfan had once defeated Wang Qi who was in the Innate Stage, in front of this guy, Wang Qi was nothing.

Chu Yunfan was just a newbie in their circle.
Defeating Wang Qi was not enough for him to be on the same level as them.

“You’re not afraid of offending him, I see.
But I know this kid.
He’s very strong and highly talented.
His future is limitless, and he even has the Chu family backing him up.
He’s not someone to be trifled with,” the short-haired youth continued.

The gentle and refined youth immediately shed his previous gentleness, and his gaze became fierce as he said, “How can a man cower in fear when doing things? I’m determined to obtain that invitation.
Based on the information I received, Jiang Lingxiao seems to have just obtained an inheritance from the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
When the time comes, he’ll surely be much stronger.
I’ve fought with him for so many years.
Don’t tell me that I should admit defeat now.

“Moreover, so what if I have offended Chu Yunfan? So what?!” The mild-mannered young man sprung to his feet, “He has a life-and-death duel agreement with Jiang Lingxiao.
Based on my understanding of Jiang Lingxiao, if Chu Yunfan hadn’t proposed a life-and-death duel, Jiang Lingxiao might still put on an act and not kill him.
But since Chu Yunfan has proposed this life-and-death duel, he’s courting death.
Jiang Lingxiao isn’t a kind person.
If Chu Yunfan doesn’t die, how can Jiang Lingxiao convince the masses?

“Besides, I, Qi Shaohua, am not one to be scared,” the gentle and refined youth proclaimed, “So what if I offend Chu Yunfan? There has never been any peaceful coexistence on the Great Dao.
We always have to fight for more.
Opportunities are limited, so I have to fight for them!

“Now, we have to be wary of others who are trying to get their hands on this invitation.
Zha Hanhai, this time, we’ll work together.
I will give you what I’ve promised you.”

When the short-haired youth, Zha Hanhai, heard this, he smiled and said, “That’s only natural.
Since the invitations were sent to Federation University, it’s only right that they stay at Federation University.
If other people want to extend their hands, they’ll die by our hands.”

Zha Hanhai was very satisfied with what Qi Shaohua had said.
He was even willing to be Qi Shaohua’s assistant in this matter.
From his words, Qi Shaohua clearly did not think that this matter was that difficult.
He was already thinking about how to deal with the aftermath after snatching the invitation.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan and his old classmate, Yang Lili, had arrived in front of three young people who looked like students.

The young man in the lead looked to be in his twenties.
He had a somewhat arrogant expression.
Behind him were a man and a woman.
The two of them looked very intimate.
It was obvious that they were lovers.

When the arrogant youth saw Yang Lili pulling Chu Yunfan over, displeasure flashed through his eyes.
However, he did not show it on his face, but Chu Yunfan naturally saw everything.

When the girl among the two lovers saw Yang Lili, she immediately asked, “Lili, who’s this?”

As she spoke, the girl glanced at the young man in the lead as though she was afraid that he would get angry.

Yang Lili did not seem to notice.
She simply said, “Let me introduce you guys.
This is my classmate from junior high.
His name is Chu Yunfan.
I didn’t expect to see him here.
It’s been many years since we last met.
As one who’s familiar with this place, I brought him over.
Now, everyone has a companion.”

At this moment, the couple hurriedly looked at the youth in the lead, only to see that he had a frown on his face.

Chu Yunfan? That name sounded familiar.

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