In this aspect, Chu Yunfan did not interfere much.
Most were afraid that they would be sidelined, but he was not worried.

On one hand, this was based on Chu Yunfan’s trust in Gao Hongzhi.
On the other hand, it was based on his understanding of reality.
For an organization like the Imperial Palace, they would be nothing without him.
He could build a bigger organization within a minute.

Chu Yunfan was the core, and nobody could take that away.

Furthermore, Chu Yunfan had always felt that those who achieved great things did not care about minor details.
This was not because they had high ambitions but low talents.
It was just that there was a limit to a person’s time.
Naturally, they had to attend to more important things.
He did not have time to waste on micromanaging.

As long as Chu Yunfan could ensure that his cultivation continued to improve and make a name for himself, that would be his greatest contribution to the Imperial Palace.

Gao Hongzhi, on the other hand, was different.
Although he had Chu Yunfan’s help, he was only at the peak of the Sea Qi Stage and had yet to enter the Acquired Stage.
His achievements in martial arts could not be compared to Chu Yunfan’s, and naturally, could pay more attention to the Imperial Palace.

The Imperial Palace was built by Gao Hongzhi, and its future contribution to his career was immeasurable.

Gao Hongzhi knew very well that the hundreds of millions of people in the Federation were not all martial arts experts.
That was unrealistic.

Tongshan City, which was named after the nearby Tongshan Mountain Range, was one of the newly built cities in recent years.
Compared to other satellite cities, it did not have a large population.
It only had two million citizens.

In the past few days, many young people have ventured to the outskirts of Tongshan City.
These people were all equipped with unique skills and looked like martial arts experts.
The nearby residents were curious about what they were up to and only found out after asking.
It turned out that the Fall Symposium of Federation University’s Fraternity was to be held there.

They did not know much about what was going on, but at the mention of Federation University, the nearby residents felt awe and respect.
For so many years, the prestige of Federation University had long been deeply rooted in everyone’s hearts.
Those who were able to enter Federation University were all regarded as geniuses.

On this day, in the residential area where the Fall Symposium was to be held, an eighteen or nineteen-year-old youth arrived at the scene.
He had a slender figure and a delicate and pretty face.
He left behind a faint feeling of being in harmony with nature wherever he walked.

In the bustling center of the symposium, he seemed to be a little out of place.

“The person who organized this symposium is such a talent.”

Chu Yunfan looked at the sea of people in front of him.
He estimated that there were at least tens of thousands of people here.
Other than a portion of the students who actually came to participate in the symposium, there were also many socialites and residents who came from nearby to witness the symposium.

In the beginning, the symposium was where just a few people gathered to chat and compare notes.
Now, it has become a flourishing event.
Although the scale was not particularly large, it possessed considerable influence.

As far as Chu Yunfan knew, every year during the symposium, many leaders of the various satellite cities came to try to get more people to settle down in their respective cities.
For this, they did not hesitate to offer a large number of preferential conditions.
By doing so, they naturally had their own demands.
It was like back in the Common Era, when various countries competed to hold the Olympics and various other events, symposiums, and forums.

The Fall Symposium was not that big, but its impact was enough to make the local leaders of the satellite cities happy.

Chu Yunfan smiled.
The students of Federation University were all elites.
Those who were able to organize this kind of event were one of the few Innate-level big shots.
This kind of thing was just a small matter.

This symposium had already gone on for a few days.
However, the true big shots had yet to appear.
Today was the day when the various universities, sects, aristocratic families, and Innate level experts would make their move.

It was also the climax of the entire symposium.
It was only at this moment that Chu Yunfan had come.
However, just as he was about to meet up with Gao Hongzhi who had arrived a few days ago, he suddenly heard a voice from behind him.

“Chu Yunfan!” He turned his head and saw that it was a young girl who looked about eighteen or nineteen years old.
She was striding over.

This young girl was quite beautiful.
She was tall and slender and wore a martial arts suit which attracted the attention of the surrounding people.

Chu Yunfan’s eyes revealed a somewhat puzzled expression as he said, “And you are?”

“Chu Yunfan, it’s only been a few years and you’ve already forgotten all about me.
It’s Yang Lili,” the young girl said in surprise as she took off her sunglasses.

“It really is you.
When I looked from afar just now, I thought I was mistaken.
You’re much thinner than before.” Chu Yunfan finally came to a realization.
This young girl’s name was Yang Lili, and she was his classmate in junior high school.
At that time, she was the class belle of their class and had many suitors.
Although she could not compare to Tang Siyu, Bai Ling’er, and some others, she was still considered quite a beauty.

However, it had been more than four years since Chu Yunfan had graduated from junior high school.
Yang Lili had changed a lot.
He could not recognize her for a moment.

Chu Yunfan had also changed a lot.
In the past, his figure looked more muscular.
However, after harnessing the Imperial Physique, his muscles became tenser, and he looked slimmer now.

When Yang Lili saw Chu Yunfan, she was pleasantly surprised.
When they were in junior high school, their relationship was only average.
At that time, Yang Lili was already the class belle, and Chu Yunfan was just mediocre at that time, so they naturally would not have any interactions.

Since they were old classmates, they were naturally more intimate when they met.

“I didn’t expect to see you here,” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

“Are you here to watch the Fall Symposium?” Yang Lili asked.

“Yeah, I guess so.” Chu Yunfan nodded.
“Why? Are you also here to watch the symposium?”

“I was admitted to Tongshan University and happened to be nearby, so I came here to take a look with my classmates,” Yang Lili said, “Did you come alone?”

“Yeah,” Chu Yunfan said as he nodded.

Why don’t you come with us? It’s rare to meet old classmates.
I’m pretty familiar with this place, so I’ll take you around,” Yang Lili said.
Without another word, she pulled Chu Yunfan to the center of the venue.

Chu Yunfan could not help but laugh bitterly.
Yang Lili had always been like this, and she had not changed much.
However, she was a good person.
From the beginning, she had not put on any airs despite being the class belle.
As a result, she had been extremely popular among the boys in the class.
She could be said to be the first dream goddess of many boys.

“Let me tell you, you came to the right place today.
Federation University’s Fall Symposium will reach its climax today.
I heard that there will be Innate level student experts appearing.
Oh my god! Innate-level experts! Even the mayor isn’t that powerful!”

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