In the eyes of many, this invitation was a supreme honor.
But at the same time, it was also a huge problem.
In the past, there had been many who had lost their invitation after receiving it.

After all, the invitation was sent out by the Heavenly Dragon Villa.
However, there was always someone stronger among the strong, so everything was hard to say.

Just within Federation University, there were many strong competitors.

Chu Yunfan was within Federation University.
Ordinary people did not dare to come in and cause trouble.
The whiskers of Federation University were not something that ordinary people could afford.
However, if it was someone within Federation University, it might not be the case.

Just as everyone was waiting for Chu Yunfan’s reaction, an invitation letter was sent to Chu Yunfan’s doorstep.

The Fall Symposium of Federation University’s The Fraternity!

If an outsider were to hear of such a seemingly ordinary symposium, they would definitely be confused.
However, to the students of Federation University, it was like thunder striking their ears.

The students of Federation University were elite students from all over the Federation.
There was not a single one of them who was not a talent in the eyes of outsiders.
These people would often pay great attention to building up all sorts of connections.
Organizations of all sizes were constantly emerging within Federation University.

This included the Imperial Palace that Chu Yunfan had established.
As Chu Yunfan’s performance became more and more astonishing, the prestige of the Imperial Palace also rose.
Recently, quite a number of people have joined.
This was considered a steady development.

Federation University’s Fraternity was a unique organization.
The members of this association came from students of all grades within Federation University.
However, the requirements for those wanting to join were harsh.

When it was established in the early days, The Fraternity would only recruit martial arts class students in the Innate Stage or above.
There were not many students in the university who were qualified to join.
However, this small network of connections had spread throughout the entire university.

Many of the first students to graduate from The Fraternity were ranked highly within the Federation.

The students who graduated from Federation University were at least middle-class and above figures in society, and those who were able to enter the Innate Stage and above during their university days were almost 100% able to become upper-class figures in the Federation.
Even one of the presidents of the Federation had been a member of The Fraternity.

Therefore, those who did not know about it were fine.
Those who knew about The Fraternity were just in awe.
However, ordinary people were not qualified to be invited.
Although there had been a trend of expansion in recent years, the martial arts students were no longer limited to the Innate Stage and above.
However, they still needed to be at the peak of the Acquired Stage to be qualified to join.
They were considered temporary members and were not full-fledged members yet.

With Chu Yunfan’s strength and his amazing performance this year, it was normal for him to receive an invitation letter from The Fraternity.
However, it was pretty interesting that he had received it at this sensitive time.

No matter what tricks you have, bring it on.”

Chu Yunfan looked up information about this Fall Symposium on his terminal.
On the Internet, there was a lot of information about the Fall Symposium.
Combined with the information in the encyclopedia, everything soon became clear to Chu Yunfan.

This symposium was divided into two parts—spring and fall.
Not every Innate level student would attend the symposium.
After all, these students were very busy.
They would not attend every single time.
However, even if they did not attend it, they would still send their most capable followers to attend it.

Originally, this was just a gathering of the top few students of Federation University.
However, it slowly developed into a grand event that attracted quite a lot of attention within the university.

It was not just the most elite students of Federation University who were at the peak of the Acquired Stage who would be in attendance.
There were also elite students from the other top ten universities of the federation participating in this event.
The number of students who were qualified to participate in this event could not be compared to the number of students from Federation University.
However, the total number of students participating in this event was quite large.
In addition, there would be many young geniuses from overseas sects and reclusive aristocratic families.

Therefore, the Fall Symposium was a grand event for the younger generation.
They would spar with each other and exchange knowledge.
This was the foundation of the symposium.

There were also many celebrities who would appear.
The leaders of some large corporations and the elders of large families would also attend.
They would look for outstanding talents to recruit into their own organizations.

Students of various Innate levels would often appear.
Bringing the top experts of their own organizations to attend the event was like a small martial arts grand gathering.

Moreover, it was also a good opportunity to attract the elite experts of other schools.
For example, the student council of Federation University.
Their influence was extremely huge.
They even had branches in other schools.
It could be said that they were extremely powerful.

Naturally, such actions would inevitably lead to the retaliation of the local powers.
Unless it was a dragon that crossed the river, ordinary powers would not be able to span several or even dozens of universities.

Since he had received the invitation, Chu Yunfan was not afraid of this.
This time, he wanted to amaze everyone with a single feat.
Not only his strength but also the strength of the Imperial Palace that he had established.
Although it was still very weak, it was because of this that he wanted to recruit even more talents.

This would also be a good time for Chu Yunfan to establish his prestige.
Forget about those old innate expert students.
For someone like him, this was a perfect opportunity.

Chu Yunfan called Gao Hongzhi.
At this moment, Gao Hongzhi had just been discharged from the hospital.
Compared to before, he was clearly much more composed.
After going through such an experience, this was the first time that he had come to realize the dangers that Chu Yunfan always faces.

Gao Hongzhi had always been envious of Chu Yunfan’s rapid improvement.
But now, he realized that what Chu Yunfan had encountered behind the scenes was not something that ordinary people could imagine.
And what he had encountered that day was just the tip of the iceberg.

Although Gao Hongzhi had been implicated by Chu Yunfan this time, he had not uttered a single word.
That was not within his nature.

“In other words, you want me to bring the Imperial Palace to this symposium,” Gao Hongzhi said, “But we don’t have the qualifications to attend.”

“I have an invitation letter.
You can just use my name.
Moreover, this symposium only has qualifications for those who go on stage.
It doesn’t have many requirements for others,” Chu Yunfan said, “This is a good opportunity to expand the Imperial [alace.
It’s also time to let them know that another organization has risen.”

“All right then, no problem.
Thanks to you, the Imperial Palace recruited dozens of Acquired Stage experts last year.
Among them, there are three seniors who have stepped into the seventh level of the Acquired Stage.
I’ll bring them along to the symposium” Gao Hongzhi said.

“Great.” Chu Yunfan nodded.
In this aspect, he was very assured of Gao Hongzhi’s opinion.

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