Among these invitations, gilded invitations like the one Chu Yunfan received were the most special.
Not everyone who went to the celebration would receive guidance from the Heavenly Dragon Elder.

Only those who held gilded invitations would have the chance to receive guidance from the Heavenly Dragon Elder.

Thousands of celebrities would be attending the birthday celebration, but only ten of these gilded invitations were given out.

Therefore, this invitation card was called Heaven’s Pride Invite.
If one were to receive this Heaven’s Pride Invite, it would undoubtedly become a symbol.
Not only was it a hidden opportunity, but it also represented a kind of reputation.

An invitation that could only be obtained by top-tier geniuses.

There were many people who wanted these invitations, but there were only ten of them in existence.
Therefore, every time a Heaven’s Pride Invite was sent out, it would set off a frenzy.

Because Heavenly Dragon Villa only recognized invitations and not people, it stimulated many people’s desire to fight for the invitations.
Over the generations, many who had received these invitations had them snatched away by others.

However, the Heavenly Dragon Villa seemed to be indifferent to this situation and even faintly encouraged it.
This left many people puzzled.
Some guessed that this was the Heavenly Dragon Villa’s strategy to increase the value of the invitations.
No matter who received the invitation at the beginning, the person who was able to attend the banquet, in the end, was undoubtedly the final victor.

Regardless of whether it was by relying on their strength or on the power of the clan or sect behind them or if they were lucky enough to get their hands on one somehow, it did not matter.
In cultivation, regardless of whether it was their individual strength, the power behind them, or luck, each of them was a crucial factor.

Using one invitation to select the most outstanding genius of every decade.
This method of trading a pen for a house was indeed breathtaking.
However, the Heavenly Dragon Elder continuously promoted the younger generation over the years.
Through such a method, he was able to accumulate such prestige.
If it was an ordinary person, this would have been impossible.

Even on Federation University’s online forum, the Heaven’s Pride Invite had stirred up a commotion.
From the list released by the Heavenly Dragon Villa, there were only ten Heaven’s Pride Invites this year, and two of them had landed at Federation University.

Once this news was released, it caused a huge wave.

Even Federation University, which was known as a place where geniuses were in plentiful numbers, rarely received the Heaven’s Pride Invites.
More often, they had not received even a single one.

This was because the students of Federation University were too young.
Even though their talents were outstanding, it was very difficult to make up for the disadvantage of their age.
They were often considered to be still naive.

The maximum age for those holding on to the Heaven’s Pride Invites was 25 years old.
This was the period after that they graduated from university.
A few years older than they were now.

The disadvantage in age was a gap that was difficult to bridge.

If Federation University was like this, it was even more so for other universities.
It was rare for any of them to ever get a turn.

But this year, two Heaven’s Pride Invites landed at Federation University.
One could imagine the sensation it caused.
One of them had undoubtedly been given to the current number one in the fourth year of Federation University, Jiang Lingxiao.

As one of the top veteran experts of Federation University, Jiang Lingxiao’s reputation was something that even new students who had just entered the university would have heard of.
It was like a divine mountain that was pressing down on everyone’s heads.
It could be looked up to but could not be surpassed.

Nobody was surprised.
After all, if there was such an invitation, then it could only be Jiang Lingxiao.

The one who really surprised everyone was the owner of the second invitation.
It was Chu Yunfan who had just stepped into his second year of university.

Chu Yunfan was also the youngest person ever to receive an invitation.
The Heavenly Dragon Elder’s birthday celebration had been held more than ten times, and over a hundred invitation card owners had appeared.
And among these people, Jiang Lingxiao, who was less than 22 years old, was the youngest among them.
However, as the saying goes, the stronger the better.
Chu Yunfan received an invitation before he was even 20 years old.
He had broken all the records since these Heaven’s Pride Invites had started.

Originally, two invitations had fallen into the hands of Federation University.
It was a great honor, especially since they were both students of Federation University.
This itself was also a recognition of Federation University’s teachings.

At this moment, everyone recalled Chu Yunfan and Jiang Lingxiao’s one-year life-and-death battle that had almost been forgotten.
Jiang Lingxiao and Chu Yunfan were not just competitors.
They were mortal enemies that had to settle these matters through a life-and-death battle.

Many student council members began to clamor on the internet.
It was natural for their president, Jiang Lingxiao, to receive an invitation.
However, on what ability did Chu Yunfan have to receive such an invitation?

There were even some who advised Chu Yunfan to give up the invitation card as soon as possible.
To them, this was tantamount to rushing the situation.
The owner of each invitation would have to face countless challenges.
There were many who had overestimated their abilities and ended up being crippled in the end.

But although the student council was rich and powerful, there were also many who disliked them.
Although they were not sincerely supporting Chu Yunfan, at this moment, they threw all their support behind him.

Even though Jiang Lingxiao was a veteran expert and his strength was without a doubt, Chu Yunfan’s battle results were also enough to blind the eyes of a whole generation.
He was the champion of the instructor competition and the champion of the Dao Conference.
Among those he had defeated, there was no lack of Innate level experts.

It was enough to prove that Chu Yunfan had already stepped into Innate level combat strength before he was even twenty.
No matter where such a person was placed, he would be an outstanding person.
What was there to talk about being immoral and incompetent?

In an instant, Federation University’s forum was filled with arguments between the two sides.

On the other hand, Jiang Lingxiao and Chu Yunfan, who were at the center of public opinion, did not say a word.
Although he did not know what Jiang Lingxiao thought of this matter, Chu Yunfan had no interest in participating in this argument.

Looking at the gilded invitation in his hand, Chu Yunfan smiled and said, “Looks like this has become a hot treasure.
And I do like hot treasures!”

Chu Yunfan did not care about the so-called pressure from the outside world.
To him, they were just tiny ants.
Firstly, he possessed the Demon Descends Illustration.
Secondly, he had the inner core of a Divine monster.
It was unknown how many covetous eyes he had already attracted, and now that he had such an invitation, what was the big deal?

“It just so happens that I just came out of seclusion, and my strength has greatly improved.
I want to see how powerful the geniuses of this era are.” Chu Yunfan sneered.
“Don’t let me down.”

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