Chapter 62: Qi Eaters Will Not Die

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“Apart from the selection of the top 20, the first actual combat will be in a month.
During this period of time, everyone should make good use of their time to cultivate.
Although there’s a risk of death, as the homeroom teacher of Class 2, I will do my best to ensure your safety!” Qin Wu said.
“Other than
this matter, after you enter the martial arts stream, martial arts training will become the main part.
As long as you can guarantee your results in the liberal arts class, you can just send me a message if you want to take leave.
However, if possible, I still hope that everyone will not take leave all the time.
This is because there are many courses taught in the school, including how to deal with monsters, the types of monsters, how to differentiate them, the weaknesses of different types of monsters, and so on.
If you miss these things, you will not be able to make up for it by going into seclusion!”

At this moment, a student raised his hand and said, “Teacher, what should we do if we want to practice with firearms?”
Many students nodded.
Although cold weapons were not bad, many people wanted to use firearms.
It was obviously much easier.
Cold weapons could kill, but firearms could be used to knock down monsters with a single shot.

“Firearms are not allowed to be used by the common folk.
Either you join the army as soldiers and gain a firearm, or you think of a way to pass the firearms licensing exams!” Qin Wu said, “Although, from the perspective of using tools, there isn’t any difference between using firearms or cold weapons.

if you want to go further on the road of martial arts, it’s best to focus on your own cultivation.
Even snipers, sharpshooters, or mecha pilots in the army have high requirements from a martial arts practitioner.
The newly developed large-caliber sniper rifle can blow off the head of a demonic beast with
one shot, but its recoil is also terrifyingly strong, The recoil from one shot is enough to blow off your entire shoulder.
The more modern weapons develop, the higher the requirements for the user.
So paying attention to your own development is the right path!”

Qin Wu was a retired instructor of the special forces, so many people believed what he said.
Chu Yunfan also agreed in his heart.
The biggest difference between humans and monsters was that humans could use tools, but no matter what tools they used, humans were the foundation of everything.
Moreover, when one cultivated the path of martial arts to the extreme, one could cut the sun and moon with their bare hands.
This kind of power—unless humans could develop the legendary Star Destroyer—would be indispensable.

Therefore, he also firmly believed that his own development was the correct way.

“All right, since I’ve said all that I need to say, it’s time for the next lesson.
As your homeroom teacher, I will explain to you the various types of monsters that exist in this world and the general situation.
You can consider this as expanding your horizons!” said Qin Wu.

“The current monsters are divided into the native monsters of the Kunlun Realm and the native monsters of Earth.
Among them, the monsters of Earth are much weaker because the cataclysm on Earth had only lasted for a few hundred years.
However, Kunlun Realm has existed for an unknown number

of ten thousand years!

“Kunlun Realm is too far away.
You will only come into contact with it when you go to university.
So, let me tell you about the monsters on Earth.
The native monsters of Earth are roughly divided into three categories: land, sky, and marine.
In recent years, some space species have been discovered one
after another.
There aren’t many monsters that can live in space.
In addition, they are variants of the sky species.
So, they are classified under the sky species of monsters!”

Qin Wu’s words caused an uproar among the students.
Everyone knew that in space, not only was it not suitable for human survival, but it was also not suitable for all living creatures.
That was because there was no air there.
When humans entered space, the first problem they faced was not that there was no air.
That there was also an imbalance between the internal and external pressure on their bodies, causing them to explode and die.
“Teacher, how is this possible? Let’s not talk about the air, just the lack of atmosphere alone is enough to cause those demonic beasts to explode and die!”

A student raised his hand and said.

Qin Wu shook his head and said, “These things have not been announced to the public, but after the great calamity, many things we thought to be true were broken.
Is it really impossible to survive in space? I can tell you that there are people who can survive in space and that there are indeed people who
have done it!”

Many people could not help but gasp when they heard this.
To survive in space, how strong were these people to be able to withstand the imbalance of pressure on their physical bodies.

Only Chu Yunfan’s expression was calm because he had long known that in the Ancient Zenith Ci

ation, there were powerhouses who could cross the starry sky.
There was no air in outer space.
If it was not for the fact that their physical bodies were honed to a certain extent, how could they have done

“Teacher, how can the body withstand the imbalance of internal and external pressure, not to mention how can one survive without air?” another student asked.
It was not that they did not believe it.
After all, Qin Wu would not lie to them about this.
it was just that they wanted to know how this was


“In the martial arts cultivation of modern society, nothing is impossible.
The Physical Stage is the first step of martial arts cultivation.
When you cultivate all the way to the top, your physical body will become stronger and stronger.
Naturally, you will be able to withstand the imbalance of internal and
external pressure of outer space.
That is just a small matter.
The environment in outer space is far worse than you can imagine.
The high temperature of over 10,000 degrees Celsius and absolute zero degrees freezing everything.
Compared to these, a mere problem of air pressure is nothing!” Qin Wu
replied indifferently, “As for the issue of breathing, it’s even less of a problem.
During ancient times, there was a concept called ‘meat-eaters are brave and valiant while grain-eaters are intelligent and skillful; Qi eaters are gods who live long and non-eaters who don’t die are gods.’ Just like in the animal
kingdom, what you eat determines your development.
Whether you have long horns or long claws, for ordinary people, it is necessary to breathe air.
However, after cultivating to a certain level, it will become a burden!

“Mn ancient times, there was a concept of cultivation called fasting, That is to say, not touching the food of the mortal world, but absorbing the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth.
Why not touch the food of the mortal world? Because there are too many impurities in these foods.
For us, these foods are
But for those who cultivate deeper, they become a burden! What they breathe is not air, but spiritual energy.
Therefore, air is not necessary to them! Of course, it goes against the laws of nature and also goes against human instincts.
To be able to do this, one can not just work hard..
It is called a superpower!”

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