Ding Yin’s words instantly attracted everyone’s attention.
The other new students also finally recognized who this person in front of them was.

They had constantly heard of this name since they had entered the university.
In just a short period, this name had become a name that resounded like thunder.

It was the first seat of last year’s freshmen, Chu Yunfan!

It was said that Chu Yunfan had defeated an Innate Stage expert last year.
His strength was unfathomable.
Just based on the strength that he had displayed last year, he was already one of the best students in the entire school university.
Someone who could stand shoulder to shoulder with him was as rare as a phoenix’s feathers or a qilin’s horn.

The battle for the position of number had risen abruptly.
Chu Yunfan’s sword was pointed at the number one person in the university, Jiang Lingxiao.

Chu Yunfan was the champion of the Dao Conference and the number one of last year’s freshmen.

In their eyes, these events were no longer legends.
They were simply myths that no one could achieve.

“It’s Senior Chu.”

“Oh my God.
I can’t believe I’m actually meeting him in person.
I just don’t know how much of those rumors are true.”

“But seeing how Senior Sha looks like he’s willing to submit to him, I’m afraid that even if the rumors are exaggerated, they’re not that far off.

The freshmen discussed animatedly.
Although they were like the other students who had gone through a lot of trouble to get into Federation University, they were not the strongest people in the university.

Everything else could be faked, but the first seat of the grade could not.
That person had to be the strongest in the entire grade.

Who would dare to use a title like this on themselves? Would that not be courting death?

Although it was a little strange that Chu Yunfan, who was the first in the grade, was not the top scorer in the college entrance examinations, it was still a fact.

Sha Peng looked at Ding Yin and made no move to stop him.
He could not help but think of himself and the others back then.
They too were like this—unwilling to admit defeat.
In the end, Chu Yunfan had bested them all.
Only then did they realize that there was always someone better than themselves out there.

Some people were born to break the rules.

Sha Peng grinned.
Ding Yin was the most talented of this batch of juniors.
Being one step ahead in the Acquired Stage was not as simple as being one step ahead.
The gap between the juniors would only grow bigger and bigger.
People like Chu Yunfan, who could catch up to the others even though he was a late bloomer, were the exception, not the norm.
They could not be used as examples.

Even when facing Chu Yunfan in the flesh, Ding Yin was not willing to admit defeat.
And now, he wanted to challenge Chu Yunfan.
This kind of thought was normal indeed.
To be young is to be naive.

Chu Yunfan looked Ding Yin in the eyes and only smiled.
“You want to learn a few moves from me?

“How about this? If you can take just one of my moves without going down, I’ll give you some pointers,” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

When Ding Yin heard this, not only was he unhappy, he was furious.
His cultivation was revered back in his city.
He had even defeated a senior who was one year older than him.

Such a character could be said to be the chosen one of Heaven.
But after entering Federation University and witnessing Sha Peng’s strength, and he restrained himself a lot, Chu Yunfan’s attitude still made him unhappy.

One move?

Could he really not block even one move from Chu Yunfan?

“Senior, please enlighten me,” Ding Yin said in a stiff tone as he cupped his hands.

Chu Yunfan could see that Ding Yin was not convinced, but he did not take it to heart.
He only said, “All right then.
Watch yourself.”

As Chu Yunfan spoke, Ding Yin did not see him make any big moves.
Chu Yunfan merely pointed out with one finger.
In an instant, the sky and earth were turned upside down.
Countless amounts of Spirit Energy gathered toward Chu Yunfan’s finger at a speed visible to the naked eye.
The finger was not moving very fast at all, but with every inch of advancement, its terrifying aura increased by one point.

In just a short moment, it had formed a thousand-pound force.

And this terrifying aura barrelled down on Ding Yin.

Ding Yin instantly felt this aura.
If the aura of an Acquired Stage expert could be considered to be amazing and a great deterrent, then an Innate Stage expert was completely different.
Their aura could cause all of nature’s Spirit Energy to move together.
They could crush an enemy below the Innate Stage with just their aura alone.

Ding Yin felt that the entire world was repelling him.
A terrifying pressure came from all directions as if it was going to crush him completely.
His body, which had been tempered for a long time, began to change shape.
Even his bones were starting to rub against each other.


Chu Yunfan increased his speed ever so slightly.
And that was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.
Ding Yin finally could not hold out any longer and he collapsed onto all fours.
Using his arms to support himself, he panted heavily as large amounts of cold sweat dripped onto the ground.

At this moment, everyone realized that Ding Yin’s entire body was drenched in a cold sweat.

The freshmen were baffled.
Chu Yunfan had merely pointed out with one finger and not even touched Ding Yin.
And yet, Ding Yin seemed to have suffered a heavy blow.

It was just one blow.

However, they could tell that Ding Yin was definitely not faking it.
On top of that, after interacting with him for the past few days, they absolutely did not believe that the proud Ding Yin would cooperate with Chu Yunfan to put on such a show.

“Aura… It’s aura!”

Finally, they reacted.
After all, they were some of the best among the students.
All of them had at the very least stepped into the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage Although they had never seen an Innate master make a move before, it was not a difficult guess to make.

“With Ding Yin’s strength, even if we joined hands, we would be no match for Chu Yunfan.
However, I had not expected that Ding Yin would not even be able to block Senior Chu’s aura!”

The freshmen were all dumbstruck and were in complete disbelief.
After all, Chu Yunfan was only one year older than them.
It was natural for him to be stronger than them, but he had barely even made a move.
Just relying on his aura to defeat Ding Yin was beyond their understanding.

Sha Peng, who they originally thought was very strong, seemed to be not worth mentioning when compared to Chu Yunfan.

“It’s just a difference of one year.
Could there really be such a huge difference?”

“Could all those legends be true?”

However, they were more excited than anything.
The difference of one year was not that big.
The only possibility was that Chu Yunfan’s strength had improved by leaps and bounds within one year because he had entered Federation University.

Did that not mean that they could also improve by leaps and bounds within a year?

Federation University was indeed extraordinary.

Unlike these new students, Sha Peng, who had long entered the Acquired Stage, could indeed feel the power contained within Chu Yunfan’s finger.
It seemed ordinary, but it was unstoppable.

It was like a flood that could destroy everything.
Without any aces, anyone who dared to confront it would be destroyed and turned into nothingness.

‘F*ck, Captain is becoming even more and more of a freak,’ Sha Peng thought.
He knew what the freshmen were thinking, and could only smile bitterly.
What a joke.
If everyone could become such a freak after just a year at Federation University, the Federation would have long conquered the Kunlun Realm.

The reason why Chu Yunfan was so strong was that he was Chu Yunfan.

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