After gaining complete control over the power of the early Innate Stage, Chu Yunfan left the training room.

There were still some medicinal effects of the Innate Pill left in Chu Yunfan’s body that he had not completely refined, but that was no longer a problem.
He only needed to spend a little more time to completely refine them.
At that time, Chu Yunfan should be able to step into the peak of the first level of the Innate Stage.

Chu Yunfan’s foundation was much stronger than the average person’s.
It was much more difficult for him to break through, but at the same time, once he succeeded, his starting point would also be much higher.

With this kind of power, Chu Yunfan now had the ability to go up against Jiang Lingxiao.
At this moment, he understood why Jiang Lingxiao had looked down on him so much back then.
With his level of strength from a year ago, Jiang Lingxiao indeed had reason to be disdainful of him.

This was normal and natural, but even the most imaginative person would not have imagined that Chu Yunfan would be able to grow to this extent in just a year.

Outside the training room, Chu Yunfan discovered that there were people lingering outside of Jeang Yuanbin’s base.
And the leader was none other than Sha Peng.

Behind Sha Peng stood about five people.
It was a group of three women and two men.
They were about the same age as him, but one could tell at a glance that they were newcomers.

A year had passed.
Compared to before, Sha Peng had shed his youth.
Not only had his strength increased, but his experience and knowledge had also increased in all aspects.

Entering Federation University was an impossible feat for the average person.
It was not just a simple statement.

When Chu Yunfan stepped out of the base, Sha Peng was instructing those few in their training.

“Captain Chu!”

When Sha Peng saw Chu Yunfan, he subconsciously straightened his body and stepped forward to speak.

“Who are these people?” Chu Yunfan asked with slight puzzlement.

“These are the disciples that Mr.
Jeang has accepted this year.
They’re our juniors.
Jeang is currently in seclusion and has no time to deal with them.
I’m going to show them around first,” Sha Peng said with a grin.

Only then did Chu Yunfan come to a realization.
After one year, they had changed from the tender freshman to the university’s sophomores.
And Federation University had accepted another batch of new rookies—just like when they entered the university last year.

No wonder they had access to Jeang Yuanbin’s base.
Although it was only in the outer area, this was very rare indeed.

“Not bad.
They’re good seedlings.” Chu Yunfan nodded.

These few each carried a valiant aura.
The weakest among them had stepped into the peak of the Energy Refinement Stage.
Among them, the strongest youth who looked like he was eighteen or nineteen was a warrior in the Acquired Stage.

The requirement to graduate from Federation University was only to be in the Acquired Stage.
If it were at any other famous university, they would be a strong contender for first place in the grade.
Even if such a seedling was nurtured well, it was very likely that he would reach the upper levels of the Innate Stage or even the peak.

And this person had entered this stage before even getting into Federation University.
There were certainly already many pairs of eyes paying close attention to him.
He had not expected to be accepted by Jeang Yuanbin.
It was indeed different from last year.

However, what the guy did not know was that this matter was tied to Chu Yunfan.
It was because Jeang Yuanbin had managed to bring up a monster like Chu Yunfan last year that Jeang Yuanbin’s reputation within Federation University soared.

Strength was only one aspect of the competition between instructors.
In the end, the competition was still about the ability to teach and educate people.
It was useless to just brag about it.
On top of that, Chu Yunfan’s battle record from last year was a solid foundation.
So, Jeang Yuanbin’s influence naturally greatly increased.

That was how Jeang Yuanbin had been able to snatch such a good seedling from the hands of many other instructors.

Although it was only a year apart, Chu Yunfan felt like he was looking at the younger generation.
It was as if a lifetime had passed.

Sha Peng nodded as well.
These few students were not inferior to the group from last year.
They were probably even stronger.
Of course, that would require eliminating a monster that was Chu Yunfan, the team captain.

Chu Yunfan was far too strong.
He could not be considered an ordinary person.

Although Chu Yunfan was the team captain, they had not actually worked together many times over the past year.
Sha Peng, who was called the vice captain, was the actual captain.

However, Chu Yunfan’s teammates had no qualms over this.
This was because they knew that the gap between them and Chu Yunfan was far too big.
They forced themselves to work together.
In the end, it was either Chu Yunfan who would take care of them or they would participate in Chu Yunfan’s dangerous affairs.

This was not good for either side.

While the two of them were talking, the few rookies looked at Chu Yunfan curiously.
They did not know who this person was.
They had been busy cultivating with Sha Peng these last few days.
From the very beginning, they were not convinced.
This was because they were all outstanding people of the same age from various high schools, and even from various cities.

Age was nothing.
The adults they had defeated previously were all seniors.

But later, they had been taught a lesson by Sha Peng.
Although they were very talented and their future prospects were limitless, they were still far from being comparable to their second and third-year seniors.

Freshmen were better off tucking their tails between their legs and behaving themselves.
Not everyone could be as heaven-defying as Chu Yunfan.

They knew very well that Sha Peng was a proud person.
However, toward a youth like Chu Yunfan who looked about the same age as them, he had a completely subservient look on his face.

Who was this person?

What was his background?

Although they did not say a word, they understood the meaning behind each other’s eyes.
They were astonished by what they were seeing.

“I’m only temporarily taking the place of Mr.
Jeang in leading them.
They’re all rookies from various schools.
If I don’t beat them down, they will think that they’re all that.”

Sha Peng looked like he had been through this before.
He recalled that he had been exactly the same last year.
There should have been a senior from a higher grade to carry out this task.
However, it was Jeang Yuanbin’s fault for having them as his first batch of students, so in the end, it was Chu Yunfan who took on the task of showing them the ropes.

“People have to have pride, but they can’t have too much of it.
This is a good thing,” Chu Yunfan nodded.

“Indeed.” Sha Peng nodded in agreement.

“Captain, do you happen to have time to help me guide them in their training?” Sha Peng asked.

Chu Yunfan glanced at the new students, then said, “Forget it.
These are all good seedlings.
All of them have solid foundations.
As long as they work hard, their cultivation will naturally improve like a boat going along with the current.”

Suddenly, at this moment, the leader of the new students—the Acquired Stage one—suddenly said, “You’re the legendary Senior Chu Yunfan, right? I’m Ding Yin.
I’d like to learn a few moves from you, senior!”

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