Chapter 60: The Weapon I’m Going to Use

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There were many legends about Qin Wu among the students, especially the fact that he was a retired special forces instructor.

The army itself was a gathering of quite a number of experts of human society, and the special forces were the experts among these experts.
Qin Wu, who had retired from the special forces, naturally gave off a very mysterious aura that aroused everyone’s curiosity.

“Tknow that you are all the best in your previous classes, but that was before you knew me.
Now, I don’t care what kind of pride you had in the past, but now you have to come down to earth and start anew.
As your homeroom teacher, I only have one goal, and that is to get all of you good university
placements in next year’s college entrance exam!” Qin Wu said frankly while standing in front of the classroom.
“Since my understanding of all of you is still very limited, I’ve decided to temporarily appoint Ou Yang as the class monitor of Class 2.
Any objections?”

After he finished speaking, he looked at Ou Yang.
Ou Yang shook his head and said, “No problem!”
If it was someone else, perhaps the other students would have had some objections.
However, this person was Ou Yang.
Everyone knew how powerful he was, so why would they have any objections?

Unlike the liberal arts stream, the monitor of the martial arts classes could only be the strongest student of course.

“All of you must be very happy to be admitted to the focus class.
And I’ll tell you that being admitted to the focus class means you’ll be able to enjoy more resources than others.
The school’s teaching resources will be diverted toward you.
Your teachers in all your subjects will be of the best.
On top of that,
each of you will even receive a monthly allowance of 10,000 yuan.
If you perform well, you will receive more!” Qin Wu said slowly.

After hearing this list of benefits, even though they had already known about it, many of the students still could not conceal the look of excitement from creeping onto their faces.
However, they understood the meaning behind Qin Wu’s words.
There was a but.

Sure enough, as expected, Qin Wu continued, “But you’ll have to pay a price to enjoy these things.
I believe all of you should have some understanding of the current situation of human society.
Countless men are fighting on the front lines, beating back monsters in order to maintain the survival space of
the human race.
As for who will be sent to the front lines, you who have enjoyed the best resources will naturally be the ones.
Therefore, your lessons from now on will be different from the ones you’ve had before!

“You’ll be attending an actual combat class.
This actual combat class will not have you fight each other but against the monsters that threaten our survival.
I’ll be frank, there’s a chance that you may die in this class.
Therefore, if you want to continue staying in the focus class, you’ll have to sign a death

This will indicate that if you die during class, the school will not be held responsible!”

Qin Wu’s words caused an immediate uproar among the students.
Although they were the cream of the crop among the students in the school, putting aside the powerful monsters, they did not have much experience in fighting against humans.

These monsters were not just any wild beasts.
They were far more powerful than regular wild beasts.
Human society was filled with experts and fierce generals.
All kinds of high-tech weapons were created one after another.
However, even so, they could barely maintain the balance of power against those
Even Earth, the base of human society, could not wipe out the monsters completely.
One could imagine how dangerous those monsters were.

These students had indeed thought of fighting the monsters, but only after university.
They definitely had not expected to have to embark on the road of fighting these monsters so early.
Through Qin Wu’s solerm attitude, they understood that people could die in actual combat.

Seeing the hesitation on the faces of these students, the comers of Qin Wu’s mouth curled up slightly.
It was because these delicate flowers had been raised in greenhouses that there existed such a death toll.
In the army, those young soldiers were only a few years older than them, but there was no such
thing as a death toll.
Every year, a huge number of troops would be wiped out, thus death was not a big deal.

“It’s still not too late for you to quit.
You can transfer to the normal class.
No one will force you to stay but if you choose to do so, you’ll have to be prepared to die!” Qin Wu said.

“Modern society stresses the equality of power and obligation.
If you want to enjoy the treatment of being superior, you have to be prepared to pay the price of being superior.
You have to bear the responsibility of being superior to ordinary folk!”

Chu Yunfan agreed with what Qin Wu said.
It was indeed so.
If everyone only wanted to enjoy special treatment and did not want to take on obligations, the entire human society would have collapsed long ago.

Many students looked hesitant, but in the end, no one withdrew.
They all had the desire to make a name for themselves.
They had already come this far, so how could they give up so easily.

“Very good.
None of you gave up.
You can be considered decent people!” Qin Wu said.

“As things stand as such, let’s continue then.
Next, because you all will have to face the consequences of using it, you will have to choose a practice weapon based on your martial skills.
Although you’re all cultivators, it is very difficult for a mortal body to contend with those monsters!”

Qin Wu continued, “However, the reason why humans are humans and are not just beasts is that we know how to use tools.
Although it is difficult to fight against monsters with just a mortal body, other than some talented people, we can use all kinds of weapons to make up for our lack of claws and


Speaking up to this point, Qin Wu even looked at Chu Yunfan with a meaningful look in his eyes, as if he wanted to say something.
“This is the reason why modern human society advocates both liberal and martial arts.
A boorish man who only knows how to fight and kill will never have a way out!

“All of you should think carefully about what weapons you should choose.
Our school’s arsenal has some basic weapons and martial skills that are open to you.
Of course, if you want to learn better martial skills, you’ll have to spend your own money to obtain them!”

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In this modern society, basic and low-level martial skills could be learned by anyone.
However, for more advanced martial skills or unique ones, you’d have to spend your own money to learn them.
You could even join a sect or a force and gain the opportunity to learn them.
The Federation Army had a high death toll but it still attracted many people into joining because the army had many resources and various martial skills.
The martial skills there were also very comprehensive and extensive.

“Yunfan, what weapon do you plan to use? I’ve already thought about it.
Haha, I plan to use a spear.
When the time comes, I’ll shoot down the hearts of many girls!” Gao Hongzhi said with a chuckle as if he was thinking of the day when he would be famous.

“The weapon I’m going to use…”

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