At this moment, when Jiang Ruoxu looked at Chu Yunfan again, his gaze changed.
His eyes were filled with shocking killing intent.

Jiang Ruoxu had read the information regarding Chu Yunfan.
Originally, he was a little puzzled as to why the family would place so much importance on such a lowly junior.
To a behemoth like the Jiang family, any kind of genius was meaningless.

This was because the Jiangs did not rely on one or two geniuses to grow.
Instead, countless people worked together to form the behemoth of one of the eight great aristocratic families.

Jiang Lingxiao of the Jiang family was to grow up and become the next head of the Jiang family.
It was important to the Jiangs, but it could not be said to be indispensable.

Unless Jiang Lingxiao could break through the limits and reach the Divine Abilities Stage, it did not matter what kind of genius he was.

However, after Jiang Ruoxu had a thorough understanding of Chu Yunfan’s information, he was extremely shocked to find that Chu Yunfan had broken through to the Innate Stage in such a short time.

When Chu Yunfan was young, he had also been hailed as an absolute genius.
Otherwise, he would not have been able to reach the stage he was in now.
However, compared to the current Chu Yunfan, he was much weaker.

When such a person like Chu Yunfan grew up, he would not be able to cause a destructive impact on the Jiang family, but it would be enough to cause the Jiangs to suffer huge losses.
Moreover, the family might suffer many huge losses while Chu Yunfan was still alive.

This kind of person had to be killed to serve the long-term interests of the family.

Huang Du was also of the same opinion.
However, he considered more.
In any case, Chu Yunfan was already a walking dead man.
Huang Du had to consider more about the distribution of his assets in the future.
He absolutely could not suffer a loss.

Huang Du had never thought that Chu Yunfan actually had treasured possessions that the two big families would value.

Faintly, Huang Du regarded Jiang Ruoxu as his opponent.
Although the two families were allies in the issue of killing Chu Yunfan, that was only temporary.
In more fields, the Jiangs and the Huangs were still competitors.

After using a lot of healing pills, Gao Hongzhi was now in a better condition.
At least he could hold and not die.
He opened his eyes a crack and saw Chu Yunfan.

“Why… are you… here… you… shouldn’t have come… it’s a trap…” Gao Hongzhi said with much effort.

“F*ck, if I don’t come, you’ll surely die,” Chu Yunfan said as he rolled his eyes at Gao Hongzhi.

Gao Hongzhi chuckled, grimacing from the pain of his wound.
His vision began to blur, and he only had time to say, “Kill them all!”

“You’re all here to deal with just little old me.
What a big deal.”

Chu Yunfan laid Gao Hongzhi down, then stood up and looked at the crowd.

“It is indeed a big deal.
To be able to die in such a situation, you should be honored,” Jiang Ruoxu said.

“What nonsense are you saying to him? Are you going to hand over the items and commit suicide, or wait for me to break your bones one by one and torture you before you hand them over?” Huang Du said coldly.
He was not a very patient person.

“I wanted to chat more with you guys, but now I’m too lazy to talk.
Today, all of you will die,” Chu Yunfan said nonchalantly.

Chu Yunfan, do you think you’ll be able to utilize the Demon Descends Illustration here? We know that you have the illustration and have come prepared.” Jiang Feiyan laughed.
“The members of the Huang family in the outer area have already formed a great formation.
Within this barrier, all demonic treasures will be suppressed and unusable.”

As expected, just as Jiang Feiyan finished speaking, waves of golden light shot out from the sky.
A golden barrier was formed, and on the barrier walls, a series of mysterious runes appeared.
Unexpectedly, a wave of awe-inspiring righteousness assaulted their faces.

Chu Yunfan had the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.
He did not even need to try to know that this barrier had completely restrained the Demon Descend Illustration.
More accurately speaking, this barrier restrained all demonic treasures like the illustration.

Many magic treasures had all sorts of restraining and suppressant effects.
Yin and Yang restrained one another, so did the five elements, and good and evil restrained each other.
There were all sorts of magic treasures.

Of course, those that low-level martial artists could come into contact with were not at this level.
However, Chu Yunfan knew that the Jiangs and the Huangs had come prepared.

Once the illustration erupted, its power would be extremely great.
It might even be possible for Chu Yunfan to escape.
Therefore, they had long prepared to suppress it.

As long as the illustration could not play its role, Chu Yunfan would be a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.
The worst outcome would not be that he would escape.

“You guys are so cunning.
If that was my only trump card, you might really succeed,” Chu Yunfan sneered.
“Don’t even think that any one of you will be able to leave here today.”

Chu Yunfan helped Gao Hongzhi up and helped him enter the Mountain River Illustration.
The guilt in his heart toward his good friend being implicated by him turned into boundless anger.


At this moment, Huang Du suddenly attacked.
With a palm strike, the Spirit Energy of nature transformed into a huge hand and grabbed Chu Yunfan.

The Spirit Energy of nature was like a finger, and Huang Du was able to wield it.
This was the terrifying power of a high-leveled Innate Stage expert.
With a raise of his hand and a raise of his foot, it was as if he had brought the power of Heaven and Earth to crush Chu Yunfan.

Ordinary Innate Stage experts could not do this because their control over the Spirit Energy was limited.

Just as this huge hand was about to grab Chu Yunfan, a huge beast’s roar suddenly appeared out of thin air.
Immediately after, this huge hand that had been formed by energy completely vanished into nothingness.

Following that, a huge beast appeared beside Chu Yunfan.
This huge beast was at least four meters tall, almost as tall as an entire floor of a building.

This was the Thunder Winged Beast’s true form.
When Chu Yunfan first met this creature, it was not even half of its current size.
However, after stepping into the Innate Stage, its size had clearly increased by a lot.
It had also clearly become even more ferocious.

“What’s the rush? Are you that eager to die?” Chu Yunfan said slowly, but his voice slowly got louder and louder.
Finally, it formed a loud shout.
“Thunder Winged Beast!”

At this moment, whether it was Huang Du, Jiang Ruoxu, Jiang Feiyan, or Elder Guan, everyone was stunned.
No one had expected such a change.

Even though the information mentioned that Chu Yunfan seemed to be raising a Thunder Winged Beast, it did not say that it was an adult one.

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