Chu Yunfan stood rooted to the ground.
Through his terminal, he discovered electromagnetic interference.
It was obvious that an inescapable net had been set up here.
It was waiting for him to come and throw his life away.

Everything was already prepared.
The other party had clearly not set up this trap on a whim.
They were definitely well prepared.

“I don’t care who you are.
I’ll make you regret making this decision,” Chu Yunfan said with a sneer.

Chu Yunfan did not know who was behind this.
However, there were only a few who had the guts to kidnap someone from Federation University.
There were probably not many who had the confidence to face a counterattack from Federation University.

The other party clearly hoped for Chu Yunfan to come and throw his life away.
However, he did not come unprepared.

Chu Yunfan was here to save people.
Not die.

Everyone had underestimated the trump cards Chu Yunfan had at this moment.
They thought that they had already seen through his strength.
They thought that the Innate Stage was his limit.

However, Chu Yunfan had the Demon Descends Illustration in his possession.
Once it was unleashed, its power would be extremely terrifying.
Previously, he had unleashed battle prowess that far surpassed the Innate Stage and easily killed the Blood Prince.

And now, Chu Yunfan’s strength and cultivation level were no longer the same as before.
Naturally, the illustration would play a great role.

On top of that, Chu Yunfan had on him the Three-Stripe Purple-gold Pill.
He had originally planned to use it together with the Innate Pill to break through to the Innate Stage when it was time.
But now, it looked like it could not wait until then.

The effects of the Three-Stripe Purple-gold Pill was the same as the One-Stripe Purple-gold Pill.
Not only would it greatly increase the consumer’s strength, but it would also rise very quickly.

This was one of the trump cards in Chu Yunfan’s hands.
That was why he dared to come here even though he knew that the other party had set up an inescapable net.
If he came recklessly without being fully prepared, he would really be courting death.

And on the way here, the Thunder Winged Beast had finished digesting the inner core and broke through to the seventh level of the Innate Stage.
This was great news for Chu Yunfan.
He now had another trump card that was enough to determine victory.

Although the Thunder Winged Beast’s strength was still far from that terrifying peak Innate giant python, just absorbing the inner core was enough for the Thunder Winged Beast to reach such a realm.
This was enough to prove the strength of the Thunder Winged Beast’s Innate bloodline.

The more outstanding the Innate genetic bloodline was, the more one could absorb, and naturally, grow faster.
If it was an ordinary person, they would not be able to absorb it at all.
Forcefully absorbing such energy would only result in self-destruction.
This was a very real possibility.

One trump card after another stacked together, giving Chu Yunfan absolute confidence.
No matter who it was, they would have to pay the absolute price.

Chu Yunfan took a deep breath and then strode into the forest.
As expected, an inescapable net had been buried in the forest.
From afar, dozens of mechas flew toward him at high speed.
The levels of these mechas were a mix of highs and lows.
Most of them were basic mechas, while eight of them were intermediate mechas.

Chu Yunfan’s expression became increasingly cold.
This was clearly a big deal.
Even a basic mecha would not be inferior to ordinary peak Acquired Stage experts in terms of combat strength.
Intermediate mechas, on the other hand, were comparable to Innate Stage experts.

These dozens of mecha surrounded Chu Yunfan.

“What a big deal.
To kill little old me, you’ve sent out such a large lineup.
Should I say it’s an honor?” Chu Yunfan said with a cold smile.

“Chu Yunfan, you clearly know that this is an inescapable net, yet you still dared to come.
At least you have guts,” a female voice came from afar.

A bright red intermediate mecha flew over.
The mask of this mecha opened up to reveal Jiang Feiyan’s face.
Seeing Chu Yunfan’s calm expression, she was a little surprised.
This was because when Chu Yunfan saw her, he did not look surprised at all.

“Aren’t you surprised to see me?” Jiang Feiyan asked.

“I’ve considered a lot of possibilities during the one-hour journey here.
As for who is most likely to target me, the Jiangs are naturally at the top of the list, and you’re on my list of suspects,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.

The moment Chu Yunfan received the news, his brain began to operate at a rapid speed, deducing all sorts of possibilities.
And among them, the Jiangs were naturally the top suspects.

“The Jiangs are indeed one of the eight great families.
Casually mobilizing so many mecha.
In terms of deep foundations, it is indeed impressive,” Chu Yunfan said.

Humans originally did not have an advantage in terms of quantity and quality when compared to monsters.
Furthermore, the path of martial arts was much more difficult for humans compared to monsters that could become very powerful by relying on their gifted bloodlines.

At this time, the appearance of mechas were the sharp weapons that humans used to contend against monsters.
Therefore, the Federation Government had always been very strict with the control of mechas.
Yet, the Jiangs were able to casually deploy so many of them.
This was proof of the Jiangs’ deep foundation and strength.

“I didn’t expect you to have such foresight.
But it’s such a pity.
Ever since you became enemies with our family, everything has been destined.
A wise man submits to circumstances.
Hand over those two items and you’ll be granted a quick death,” Jiang Feiyan’s face revealed a look of triumph.

Previously, Chu Yunfan had casually sent Jiang Feiyan flying with a slap.
He did not even look at her and treated her like a piece of trash.
But now, he was going to die in her hands.
There was probably no better way to reflect the retribution of the heavenly Dao than this.

The thought of Chu Yunfan crying in front of her made Jiang Feiyan extremely happy.

“Of course, if you’re willing to kneel down and beg for mercy, I might let you live for a while longer.”

Chu Yunfan glanced at Jiang Feiyan and did not take her words seriously.
He merely said, “Where’s my brother? Now that I’m here, you can let him go.”

“Bring him here.”

As soon as Jiang Feiyan’s voice fell, a figure flew over.
This figure was none other than Elder Guan whom Chu Yunfan had previously defeated.

Elder Guan had just recovered after receiving treatment these past few days.
The moment he laid eyes on Chu Yunfan again, it was natural that his eyes flashed red.
The look he was giving Chu Yunfan was filled with killing intent.
Ever since he had stepped into the Innate Stage, he had never suffered such a huge loss.

The figure that Elder Guan was holding was none other than Gao Hongzhi.
At this moment, Gao Hongzhi had been tortured to the point that he no longer looked human.
There were not many parts of his body that were intact, and many of his bones could be seen.

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