Chu Yunfan was madly rushing forward, but the craze that he had caused was just beginning.

Many people were either chasing after Chu Yufnan from behind or trying to block his path from the front.

Because his appearance had been too sudden, many had not been prepared.
The battle was about to erupt.

Everything happened too suddenly.
It could have been considered a sudden turn of events.
After receiving the news, quite a number of people from all over rushed over to stop Chu Yunfan.

Soon after, the results of the encounters were quickly spread out.
It undoubtedly shook the entire circle.

Many in this circle had ill intentions toward Chu Yunfan.
However, it was clear that their previous judgment of his strength had been completely wrong.
It had only been a few months since the Dao Conference, yet Chu Yunfan’s strength had already undergone an earth-shattering change.

Most importantly, Chu Yunfan had stepped into the Innate Stage.
In the Federation, stepping into the Innate Stage meant stepping into the ranks of the experts.
It was not just Chu Yunfan’s age that allowed him to become an expert in a certain circle.

Many of the veteran experts at the peak of the Acquired Stage who had wanted to try their luck had no choice but to stop their plans, even though obtaining the illustration and the inner core might be their only chance to break through to the Innate Stage.

However, as experts who had been through thick and thin for so many years, they knew that after Chu Yunfan had stepped into the Innate Stage, he was no longer someone they could interfere with.
Rashly participating in a fight between experts of another level was undoubtedly a path to death.

After the Thunderbolts, another two groups of corpses strewn across the ground.
The same as before, they all lay dead.
And this time, an even more serious situation occurred.
Perhaps because they had learned from the lessons of the Dark Blood Pool and the Thunderbolts, these two groups had attacked with the might of several Innate experts at the same time.

However, without exception, they were all annihilated.

“What the… It doesn’t seem like they were attacked to death.
Instead, it seems like they encountered monsters!” The Thunderbolt’s leader, Zhang Leiting, who was chasing after Chu Yunfan, looked at the densely packed battlefield which had over a hundred experts lying dead, fresh blood soaking the ground.

The smell of blood had attracted many monsters to wander outside the battlefield.
However, they seemed to have sensed a terrifying aura and did not dare to casually approach.

“That’s right.
It doesn’t seem like humans ambushed them.
It must have been monsters,” another expert who identified the traces said with a serious expression.

Several Innate experts and dozens of Acquired Stage experts were completely annihilated.
Moreover, from the situation at the scene, it looked like they had not been able to withstand even a single blow.
Everyone was killed in one blow.
This was no ordinary monster.

“They’re all well-known figures.
There are people from the Bloodcrow mercenary group, people from the Soul-Killer Butterfly pioneer group, and a few lone figures.
They’re all Innate experts.
The strongest ones are even in the fourth level of the Innate Stage.
The weaker ones have already stepped into the Innate Stage.
Each of them has a reputation.
Now, all of them have died here.”

“Everyone, be careful,” Zhang Leiting said with a solemn expression.

If there were monsters of this level, even elite troops like them could be wiped out.
In the history of human exploration, there have been many cases of complete annihilation.

However, when Zhang Leiting thought of his subordinates that Chu Yunfan had slaughtered, he could not control his anger.
He had completely forgotten that he was the one who had sent people to ambush Chu Yunfan first.

To Zhang Leiting, he had originally only wanted to seize the inner core and the illustration.
Only after many of his subordinates had died did he feel that he and Chu Yunfan would not rest until one of them was dead.
He had to kill Chu Yunfan to vent the hatred in his heart.

However, Zhang Leiting did not know that in Chu Yunfan’s eyes, it was already a fight to the death if they wanted to seize the inner core and the illustration.
There was no room for maneuver.

At this moment, in the forest, a figure was jumping around like a blue lightning bolt.
and above this blue lightning-like figure was a human figure.

That person was none other than Chu Yunfan.
And the creature Chu Yunfan was sitting on was none other than the Thunder Winged Beast.

The Thunder Winged Beast, which had been digesting and swallowing the peak Innate Stage monster’s inner core in Chu Yunfan’s Mountain River Diagram for more than half a year, had finally completely digested the inner core.

Among the people who had stopped Chu Yunfan before, there had been several Innate experts.
The strong ones had even stepped into the fourth level of the Innate Stage.
Such peak experts were not considered weak among Innate experts.

Encountering those people, Chu Yunfan would not have been a match without his trump card.
However, in front of the Thunder Winged Beast, which had just come out of seclusion, they were nothing.

After coming out of seclusion, the Thunder Winged Beast’s strength had broken through from the Acquired Stage to the Innate Stage.
Moreover, it had advanced by leaps and bounds, reaching the seventh level of the Innate Stage in one fell swoop.

Even among the experts in the seventh level of the Innate Stage, the Thunder Winged Beast was an absolute powerhouse.

Compared to the Innate experts that were chasing after Chu Yunfan, there was a fundamental difference.
Moreover, they had never thought of the existence of the Thunder Winged Beast.
In many of the intelligence reports regarding Chu Yunfan, the Thunder Winged Beast was also rarely mentioned.
Even if it was mentioned, it had been said to only be in the Sea Qi Stage, not even at the Acquired Stage.

Naturally, they did not take the beast seriously.
The Thunder Winged Beast had the potential to step into the Divine Abilities Stage, but that was only potential.
It was not an existence of that level just yet.

And it was precisely the Thunder Winged Beast that they disregarded that gave them a fatal blow.
When they were besieging Chu Yunfan, the Thunder Winged Beast appeared like lightning and cooperated with Chu Yunfan to kill them.

Finally, after more than an hour of running, the Thunder Winged Beast finally finished digesting the monster’s inner core.
It came out of seclusion and carried Chu Yunfan on its back for the rest of the journey.
It saved Chu Yunfan at least half an hour of time.

Chu Yunfan finally arrived at the outskirts of the coordinates he had been given.
He had arrived at an incomparably huge mountain forest.
There were huge trees everywhere that blotted out the sky and covered the Sun.
From within this area, came the roars of many monsters.
From time to time, the loud sounds of huge beasts moving would burst out like thunder.

The entire area was a desolate scene.

After Chu Yunfan got down from the Thunder Winged Beast, he stowed it back into the Mountain River Diagram.
Now that the Thunder Winged Beast’s strength had increased greatly after coming out of seclusion, without a doubt, it had already become one of his trump cards.

If Chu Yunfan used it well, it would undoubtedly have an unexpected effect, just like how he killed those Innate experts who had gotten in his way.

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