Chapter 59: A New Beginning

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As the sun rose over Calm Ocean City, the city with a population of more than ten million came to life once again.

After a few days of adjustment, the students of Calm Ocean City’s No.
13 High School finally returned.

Many people were crowding the electronic bulletin board.
They were all looking for their names, one by one.

Chu Yunfan glanced at the outermost list and found his name in the focus class of the martial arts stream.

The focus class of the martial arts stream was divided into two classes—Class 1 and Class 2.
Chu Yunfan was in Class Two.

Other than himself, Gao Hongzhi and Tang Siyu were also in Class 2.
The other students of Class 11 who were admitted to the focus class of the martial arts stream, including Feng Deying, were in Class 1.

In the list of Class 2, Chu Yunfan saw another familiar name.
It was Ou Yang, who had ranked first in Class 2.

After confirming his class, Chu Yunfan immediately went to Class 2 of the martial arts stream.

As soon as he stepped into the classroom, Chu Yunfan felt many gazes sweep over him.

Ordinary people would feel a little uncomfortable being stared at like this.
However, Chu Yunfan did not feel it at all.
Instead, he was a little surprised.
Although he had prepared himself, when he saw these students, he was still a little surprised.

This was different from the uneven situation in Class 11 where he had come from.
The students in Class 2 of the martial arts stream were all uniformly of high standards.
The lowest level was the cultivation of the ninth level of the Physical Stage, the Qi Nourishment Stage.
Among them, one-third had even stepped into the Qi Sea Stage.
These people were the elites of the entire key class.

Of course, this was only the current situation.
There was still more than half a year before the college entrance exam.
Some people would be left behind and some people would even catch up and surpass them.
These were all very common things.
As Chu Yunfan looked around, he saw unfamiliar people.
However, very quickly, he spotted two familiar figures.
One was naturally his best friend, Gao Hongzhi, and the other was Tang Siyu.

‘The two of them were near each other.
Although they were not very familiar with each other, in this unfamiliar environment, they instinctively sat closer to each other.
A few boys were sitting beside Tang Siyu who were trying their best to ingratiate themselves with Tang Siyu.
They did not notice the hint of impatience in Tang Siyu’s expression.

Chu Yunfan immediately walked to Tang Siyu’s side and sat down beside her, isolating the few boys from her.

The boys’ faces were clearly filled with displeasure.
Tang Siyu, on the other hand, let out a long sigh of relief and revealed a grateful expression toward Chu Yunfan.

“What are you looking at? What are you looking at? Move aside.
Can’t you see that she isn’t even willing to talk to you? With your sharp eyes, you still want to chase girls?” At this moment, Gao Hongzhi walked over and chased the few boys away.

Although the few boys were usually influential figures in their class, they were not ignorant.
They too have heard of Gao Hongzhi’s name.
Obviously, Gao Hongzhi was not someone they could deal with.

“Thank you!”

‘Tang Siyu bit her lower lip slightly and said to the two of them.
She could see that the two of them were trying to help her out.

“It’s nothing.
The three of us from Class 11 are in Class 2, so we have to support each other!” Gao Hongzhi waved his hand and winked as he said with a chuckle.
“Besides, I’m also afraid that you’ll beat them up.
Those guys probably don’t know how powerful you are!”
Seeing Gao Hongzhi winking at her, Tang Siyu could not help but smile.

“Old Gao is right.
There are only the three of us from Class 11.
It’s only right for us to support each other.
Besides, you’ve helped me out before.
I’m just returning the favor!”

Chu Yunfan grinned and said.

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Chu Yunfan and Gao Hongzhi’s words were not groundless.
Although these students would be in the same class in the future, the class would clearly be divided into small cliques according to the classes they had come from.

Among all the people in the class, the most dazzling and eye-catching was none other than Ou Yang, He sat alone in the center of the classroom.
Although two or three classmates were sitting beside him, none of them could steal his limelight.
Even if he did not say a word, he was still the center of the
class, everyone’s eyes were focused on him.

“That must be Ou Yang.
I didn’t expect that we would be in the same class as him.
I thought he would be in Class 1!”

“What’s so strange about that? The school has opened two focus classes.
I’m sure they’re hoping that the two classes will compete with each other.
They don’t want a one-sided situation!”
“Theard that Ou Yang’s cultivation is at level four or above of the Qi Sea Stage!”

“No way.
We haven’t even stepped into the Qi Sea Stage yet!”

“Otherwise, why is he the most influential person in the school? It’s said that he had already achieved the Qi Sea Stage last year.
Dong Fanghao, the number one high school student in Donghua, is even more powerful.
He’s already in the Energy Refinement Stage and is even more powerful than many of
his teachers!”

Chu Yunfan heard the discussions of many people and was secretly amazed.
He had not expected Ou Yang to be so powerful.
Although his good friend Gao Hongzhi was also an influential person and was often called a genius, it was clear that even famous people and geniuses were divided into different

In this place where there were many experts and elites, Gao Hongzhi was still considered an elite.
However, he was no longer the most outstanding one.

It was just that compared to Liu Yushu, he did not know who was stronger!


Chu Yunfan had never competed with Liu Yushu at her full strength, so he had no way to compare!

However, even though he was surprised, he was not discouraged.
Compared to the others, he had only risen to prominence recently.
There was still more than half a year before the college entrance examination, and it was still unknown who would emerge victorious in the future.
Suddenly, the sound of footsteps could be heard.
A tall and sturdy figure walked into the classroom.
Chu Yunfan looked at the figure in shock because it was none other than their martial arts coach, Qin Wu.
Tang Siyu and Gao Hongzhi were also looking at Qin Wu in shock.

As Qin Wu entered the classroom, his gaze swept across the crowd and said, “Hello, everyone.
I think some of you know me while some of you don’t.
I shall introduce myself again.
My name is Qin Wu.
I used to be a martial arts coach.
But now, I’m the homeroom teacher of Class 2, the most important class
in the martial arts class stream”

Immediately, many students stood up in uproar.
Regardless of whether they knew him or not, they had not expected the homeroom teacher of Class 2 to be Qin Wu.

Because even if they had not met him before, they had at least heard of Qin Wu’s name..

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