Chu Yunfan put away his thoughts and recalled the incident that happened at school that day.
The dream was too real, as if he was reliving another person’s life.
It was unbelievable.

There was no explanation for that.
No matter how advanced modern technology was, there were still many unresolved mysteries about the Ancient Zenith civilization.

Whatever the case, he believed that it was definitely not a dream.
He had no idea how he inherited the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.

Ever since that vision, his body had been altered.

Whatever it was, he felt the change was good.
The new Chu Yunfan felt more exuberant than ever.
Colors appeared to be more vivid when he looked at the world, and his ears could pick up sounds more clearly.
His body seemed to have unlimited energy, and there was a force surging inside of him.

He dared not tell anyone about this transformation.
He instinctively felt that he would create a stir if he was to reveal it to someone else.
Those were an Emperor’s memories.
He might be captured, dissected, and studied like a lab rat!


In any case, what he found strange was the location of the Alchemy Emperor’s landscape painting.
Also, he had no idea where the Godhead concealed within the painting had gone.

After thinking about it for a long time, Chu Yunfan could still not figure it out.
He gave up and quickly focused on his cultivation again.

A formula appeared in his head.
It was the Basic Energy Refinement Formula.
This particular formula had been spread widely by the Federation government.
It was the most basic energy refinement formula, the foundation for everything involving Internal Energy.

It was the result of the hard work of countless powerhouses and martial arts masters.
They had created it using the many energy refinement formulas that originated from the Ancient Zenith civilization.
The Basic Energy Refinement Formula was rather plain, but the advantage was that it was stable and would not confuse the cultivator.

It was a formula used by every human in the Federation to build the basics of Internal Energy.
Even so, it was more often commoners that would cultivate with the Basic Energy Refinement Formula for a prolonged period.
Geniuses from major clans and disciples of the main sects would have their own inheritance, leading them to give this basic formula a pass.

Chu Yunfan used to cultivate using the Basic Energy Refinement Formula as well, but now he had all the Alchemy Emperor’s memories starting from his youth.
The Alchemy Emperor’s talent for pill refinement was monumental throughout history.
None had done it before, and nobody was ever able to achieve what he had.
However, when it came to Martial Dao cultivation, he had no special gift for it.
In time, he would depend mostly on countless medicinal pills to cultivate to the level of Emperor forcefully.
They did not come up in the past, but his flaws were quickly exposed when he was compared to other Emperors.

He even remembered clearly what the Alchemy Emperor was thinking before he died.

‘I called myself a genius, bathing in glory throughout my life.
Nobody would say no to me.
However, it was all an illusion.
Nothing can be relied upon except one’s own cultivation.
That’s the source of all power!

‘If there’s an afterlife, I’ll definitely cultivate with all of my might!’

Although it was the Age of Great Cultivation where everyone could cultivate, unless someone was willing to teach you or your family gave you abundant resources, you would have to spend money to purchase martial arts materials.
The total cost would be an enormous sum.

Initially, Chu Yunfan was worried about Internal Energy cultivation, but it would not be a problem anymore.
Although the Alchemy Emperor was nothing special when it came to Martial Dao cultivation, he had learned quite a number of effective techniques.

As many other magnificent Emperors came to him for help, he mastered more and more of such techniques from each of them.

Chu Yunfan had chosen his target.
It was the figure that was as majestic as an angel in that memory, the one that could fight up to a hundred Emperors at the same time.

He was known as the greatest Emperor of all time, the Emperor Supreme.
He was known to be invincible even though he lived in the age of many Emperors, the same period as the Alchemy Emperor.

According to the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, he was a genius beyond comparison, the best he had ever seen.
The Emperor Supreme began practicing martial arts at the age of three, and all of them came to him easily.
He had fantastic judgment, and he could remember each style after seeing it only once.
After observing it three to five times, he thoroughly understood it.
He was already famous by the time he turned five.
By the age of ten, nobody of the younger generation was a match for him.

He defeated all powerhouses in his tribe when he was 15.
When he thought he could no longer improve himself if he stayed with them, he left his home to travel with his sword.

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When he was 18, he was known all over the world.
He had made his master famous, formed some friendships, defeated monstrous enemies, and killed rivals.

He became the strongest powerhouse in the world when he was 31.
He fought Sikong Cuo at the peak of Tian Shan, and that was the first defeat in his life.


He did not give up after being bested by Sikong Cuo and went into closed-door cultivation for ten years.
When he emerged, he had finally completed his comprehension and cultivation.

When he heard that his entire tribe was slaughtered by the age’s great enemy, he slew all 3,570 enemies on his own as a tribute to his tribe’s people.

Later on, he challenged Sikong Cuo to another battle and defeated him.
He then became the era’s greatest warrior.

He founded the Mighty Emperor Sect when he was 50 and wrote the Mighty Emperor Battle Book.
It became the sect’s treasure.

If the Alchemy Emperor was the master of alchemy, Emperor Supreme was the master of Martial Dao.
Even though there were many Emperors, he dominated that generation.
He was invincible.

When Emperor Supreme asked the Alchemy Emperor for a divine pill to save the woman he loved back then, he exchanged it for the Mighty Emperor Battle Book.
As it was, the Alchemy Emperor had considered mastering Martial Dao.
Although he achieved that by using medicinal pills, the most he could do was refer to the Mighty Emperor Battle Book.
He could not possibly get rid of his former cultivation and start all over again.


Now, Chu Yunfan would benefit from that.
He had a low cultivation base, so losing all of it and cultivating from the beginning was nothing whatsoever to him.

He knew starting from scratch might mean that would not make it to the Year 3 exam that determined whether he would get into the martial arts or liberal arts stream in a month’s time.
Even so, he realized that this was a rare opportunity.
Getting into either stream was immaterial to him.


If he could achieve one-tenth of Emperor Supreme’s cultivation base in the future, few people in modern times would be a match for him.
It would definitely be worth it.

As Chu Yunfan thought about this, he could not help but clench his teeth and remove all the martial arts he had learned.
Fresh blood flowed from the corners of his lips.
His organs were injured, but that was the price for getting rid of what he had learned.
Some of his tiny meridians were severely damaged too.


If this had happened in the Common Era, he would have been bedridden for at least a month.
However, advanced technology and knowledge from the Ancient Zenith civilization had improved the standards of medicine exponentially.

He got a bottle of healing spray from the table at the side.
Although such sprays could not heal severe injuries, they could treat minor ones.

As the Age of Great Cultivation developed, all households had such healing sprays for emergencies.
The problem was, a bottle cost 30,000 coins.
On most days, he dared not use it so casually.

Such a small bottle could only be sprayed 100 times.
Over the previous years, he had used it 90 times while practicing martial arts on and off, leaving him with only 10 more.

He would usually feel heartbroken every time he used it, since 300 would be gone just like that.
Nonetheless, this time, he clenched his teeth and bit the bullet, spraying it into his mouth 10 times.

Danger could never be overcome without taking risks even before he had integrated the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.
In truth, he did not realize that the Alchemy Emperor’s thoughts were influencing his own, making him more decisive.
In order to accomplish great feats, one should not worry about the small trifles or overthink.


The series of sprays sent a breeze into the organs and tiny meridians that had been damaged, healing them.

Although this was not his first time, he found modern science magical every time he used it.
Even the wondrous age of the Ancient Zenith civilization in the Alchemy Emperor’s memories did not have such a thing.

Modern science had indeed achieved something that the Ancient Zenith civilization could not.

A cultivation technique called the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method popped into his head.
It was an Internal Energy cultivation method that the Emperor Supreme had developed and recorded in the Mighty Emperor Battle Book.
The Battle Book was a martial arts guide.
Not only did it record Internal Energy cultivation methods but also many martial arts skills that Emperor Supreme had learned throughout his life.

Just as Chu Yunfan started to utilize the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method, he felt piercing pain all over his body.
It was as if the entirety of his flesh was being torn apart.


The first step of the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method was body sculpting.
The body would be reshaped into a robust form called the Supreme Body.
When someone refined their physical form into the invulnerable Supreme Body, they could travel through Heaven and Earth.

Furthermore, it would also lay the foundation for the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method.
How could one cultivate such an incomparable method without having an incomparable physique?

Naturally, the Supreme Body could not be achieved with a snap of the fingers.
It was divided into many stages, with the cultivation of the Physical Stage being just the first step.

Though it was merely the first step, he was in utter agony.
Nevertheless, compared to the tearing of all the cells in his body when he received the inheritance in the dream at school, this did not seem excruciating.

At that moment, a cooling sensation flowed in his limbs and bones without him realizing.
It seemed to be an energy that was mending his torn flesh.

He cultivated again, and the pain returned.
The cooling sensation also came back, easing his suffering immediately.

Chu Yunfan had no idea what was happening, but he remained focused on cultivating.

Very soon, he opened his eyes and was shocked when he looked at his body.

“Tier-1 Physical Stage, Muscle Training has been completed already?”


He sensed enormous strength in his muscles.
It was even a few times more powerful than when he first cultivated to Muscle Training.
It was on a completely different level.

When he checked the time, he was even more surprised that less than an hour had passed and he had completed the cultivation of Tier-1 Physical Stage, Muscle Training.
It had taken him three whole months to do that the first time.

During this cultivation, he had the feeling that he had mastered all the important points of Muscle Training.
There were no doubts or uncertainties.
He felt everything was so easy, whereby he had solved all the difficult issues within the cultivation.

He could not understand many things when he cultivated them in the past.
He merely cultivated in a blur following the explanations in the material given.
Conversely, there was no secret in anything now.
He had mastered everything.

He had never felt so clear before.
This was a clarity he had not had previously!

“Can it be that I’m really a genius? But I don’t think even bonafide geniuses cultivate as fast as I just did!”


Thinking this, Chu Yunfan did not stop and continued to cultivate.

Everything that happened next proved that what had occurred was not a dream.
It was like a miracle.

Tier-2 Physical Stage, Bone Strengthening!

Tier-3 Physical Stage, Skin Refinement!

Tier-4 Physical Stage, Tendon Tuning!

Tier-5 Physical Stage, Inner Strengthening!

Chu Yunfan opened his eyes and was in complete disbelief.
He had been cultivating since he was ten.
In the six years since, he had managed to reach Inner Strengthening.
He looked at the time now.
It had been 6 p.m.
when he finished dinner and started cultivating.
It was now midnight.

It had only been six hours, and he had gone through the journey that took him six years previously.
What kind of speed was that? Even if he had benefited from cultivating from the beginning again, was this not exceedingly bizarre?

It was no exaggeration to say that he had become several times more powerful than he used to be.
He could now fight multiples of his previous self.

It was supposed to be the time for him to sleep, but he did not feel tired when he meditated.
Instead, he was wide awake.
Suddenly, another thought popped into his mind.
Since he cultivated so fast before, what would happen if he proceeded to cultivate now?

What would Tier-6 Physical Stage, Joint Popping be like?


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