“Dong Fanghao has lost!”

All of the instructors were roused.
They had already prepared themselves mentally.

After all, Chu Yunfan had defeated Dong Fanghao once before.
The difference in strength was immense.
Although Dong Fanghao had become stronger in the past few months, it was clear that Chu Yunfan too was stronger.
He could not possibly have grown weaker.

“With Dong Fanghao’s heaven-gifted talent, he actually wasn’t able to close the gap in strength within a few months,” an instructor said with his mouth agape.

“It’s only been a few months, but the gap is now even greater!”

Even if many instructors were unwilling, they had to admit that there was indeed a big gap.
Chu Yunfan had become even more terrifying.

To successfully defeat Dong Fanghao in one move was something that most instructors could not do.
Did this not mean that Chu Yunfan’s strength was above most of the instructors?

This fact immediately shocked many of them.
Standing shoulder to shoulder with peak Acquired instructors and surpassing them were two completely different matters.

Most would be stuck at the peak of the Acquired Stage for a very long time.
Among the instructors at Federation University, there were those who had been stuck for several years, or even more than ten years, without making the slightest bit of progress.

This could not be helped.
The Federation had yet to find a way to increase the probability of a peak Acquired Stage expert breaking through on a large scale.
They could only rely on their luck.

If one could obtain something like an Innate Pill, it would then be possible for them to break through.
This was the reason why organizations like the Eight Greats were getting bigger and bigger.
Only through these families would one be able to obtain better cultivation resources.

Fortunately, society had a sufficient number of peak Acquired Stage experts.
Every year, many would advance to become Innate Stage experts.
They were all created by relying on numbers.

However, they knew that regardless of whether it was Chu Yunfan, Dong Fanghao, or Mei Haiyun, they were definitely not ordinary people.
Based on precedence set by the past generations, as long as nothing unexpected happened, they would definitely step into the Innate Stage.

They were the elites of the entire human race and the elites of Heaven.

The Federation had always had both quality and quantity at the same time.
Ordinary people represented quantity, while Chu Yunfan and the others represented quality in the eyes of the Federation.

Be it Chu Yunfan, Dong Fanghao, or Mei Haiyun, they would all become important figures with limitless prospects in the future.
It could be said that they had booked a ticket to enter the upper echelons of the Federation.

In fact, most of them might not even be a match for Chu Yunfan.

After Chu Yunfan defeated Dong Fanghao, the ranking competition entered the finals.
His last opponent was none other than Mei Haiyun.

It was obvious that Mei Haiyun had heard about how Chu Yunfan had easily defeated Dong Fanghao.
He was on high alert as he faced Chu Yunfan.
He had already been defeated by Chu Yunfan once and therefore knew how powerful and terrifying Chu Yunfan was.
Even though he had undergone an earth-shattering change, Chu Yunfan was still not an opponent that could be easily dealt with.

The battle between the two was undoubtedly the focus of everyone’s attention.
This battle was going to determine the year’s number one.

Whoever won would be number one among the freshmen!

“I think Chu Yunfan’s chances of winning are higher.
Don’t forget, he defeated Mei Haiyun a few months ago.”

“I don’t think so.
Although Chu Yunfan is very strong, Mei Haiyun isn’t a pushover.
Mei Haiyun was able to sweep away everyone before this and had no equal opponents.”

“But overall, these two people are far ahead.
Other than Dong Fanghao, it’s very difficult for the others to pose any threat to them.”

“They’re truly heaven-gifted geniuses.
Humans are getting stronger and stronger, and there are more and more geniuses.”

Facing such a situation, Mei Haiyun’s expression was calm and unruffled, as if he was not facing a formidable enemy.
There was a faint fluctuation of heaven and earth Spirit Energy around his body.

‘The peak of the Acquired Stage!’ Chu Yunfan immediately determined that Mei Haiyun’s cultivation had reached the peak Acquired Stage.
Mei Haiyun was a level stronger than Dong Fanghao.

Although a peak Acquired Stage expert was nothing like an Innate Stage expert who could control the Spirit Energy of the world, Mei Haiyun was at the final step and could trigger a slight fluctuation.


Mei Haiyun’s eyes suddenly opened wide and a terrifying power began to surge through his body.

“Chu Yunfan, I know you’re very strong, but I’m not a pushover.
I’ll let you have a taste of my power.” Mei Haiyun’s body was surrounded by a strange power, and soon after, this power began to surge through his body.

The surface of Mei Haiyun’s body was covered with runes.
It looked strange and holy.

With the blessing of this rune power, Mei Haiyun’s strength suddenly surpassed the peak of the Acquired Stage and became comparable to the Innate Stage.


Endless airwaves formed around Mei Haiyun.

“What is that? How did Mei Haiyun suddenly become so much stronger?”

Many of the instructors were stunned when they saw this scene.

“It’s rune power.
I recall that there’s such a branch in martial arts.
It’s very rare and has only been found in the ruins of the Ancient Zenith Civilization that was excavated recently.”

Some knowledgeable instructors recognized that the power around Mei Haiyun was a branch of martial arts called rune power.

In ancient times, there were people who relied on drawing runes to activate some mysterious power to strengthen themselves.
They would obtain power that surpassed their original.

This rune power was extremely rare in the current Federation’s martial arts system.

“I feel that Mei Haiyun is going to win.”

“That’s right.
His strength has increased by so much.
It has surpassed the Acquired level and has risen to the Innate level.”

Chu Yunfan looked at Mei Haiyun’s transformation.
In his mind, he had the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.
He recognized this rune power.
In his impression, rune power was not contained to only such a level.
In fact, it was much more terrifying than this.

Rune power could be used in battle.
Through various mysterious methods, it could draw upon the power of Heaven and Earth.
It was a powerful system comparable to martial skills.

As for Mei Haiyun, he had only obtained a rough idea of how to use it.
However, it was already shocking enough throughout the current Federation.

If the original Mei Haiyun was still not a match for him, then the current Mei Haiyun had undoubtedly become an existence that even Chu Yunfan had to treat seriously.

“Chu Yunfan, this is the first time that I’m using this power.
No one else has the qualifications to force me to use it.
I have no choice but to take you seriously.
This time, I will defeat you fair and square.”

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