A terrifying surge of True Energy exploded out.
Chu Yunfan’s fist landed on the steel saber, and its terrifying fist light instantly destroyed the saber’s light.

Or rather, no saber light could withstand even a single one of Chu Yunfan’s blows.

Even someone as strong as Dong Fanghao, who had already stepped into the ninth level of the Acquired Stage, was unable to withstand a single blow from the current Chu Yunfan.
He was simply not a match.

What the…?” Although Dong Fanghao knew that Chu Yunfan was terrifying, this casual punch successfully dispelling his Mountain Destroyer was completely out of Dong Fanghao’s expectations.

Immediately after, a terrifying power with boundless True Energy swept over.
Dong Fanghao’s attack was easily broken by Chu Yunfan, but Chu Yunfan’s attack continued to sweep over like a shadow.

Dong Fanghao was forced to take a few steps back before he was able to neutralize the overwhelming power brought about by this terrifying power.
Immediately, he sensed that Chu Yunfan’s body was like a bottomless pit that contained a terrifying power within.
At the same time, this power was also endless.
His attacks were completely useless against Chu Yunfan.

Just as Dong Fanghao had sensed, Chu Yunfan was much more terrifying than back at the conference.

This attack of Dong Fanghao could even crack a low-level mecha, and Chu Yunfan had received it with his bare hands without taking a single scratch.
This was absolutely terrifying.

However, the situation clearly did not allow Dong Fanghao the time to ponder over this too much.
Before he realized it, Chu Yunfan was already standing before him.
He had no choice but to go all out.
He braced himself and took a step forward to stop his retreat.
Then, he counterattacked.

“Second movement of the Mountain Destroyer—Sky Crusher!”

This slash was even more violent and terrifying than the previous one.
But it also took a huge toll on Dong Fanghao.
His face revealed a pained expression.

The Mountain Crusher was undoubted of extremely high grade.
It even reached the Innate Stage.
To the current Dong Fanghao, the more moves he used, the greater the toll on his body.

Dong Fanghao had wanted to save this move for when he was dealing with Mei Haiyun.
He had not expected that he would need to use it now.
But in his heart, Chu Yunfan was even more dangerous than Mei Haiyun, so this was not considered a loss.

“Mantis Divine Kick!”

Chu Yunfan’s eyes seemed devoid of any emotion.
With a great shout, he lifted his leg and the True Energy around Chu Yunfan erupted.
A mantis-like halo instantly shrouded his body.

“Chu Yunfan made a breakthrough in the battle!” One of the instructor’s eyes widened in disbelief.
It was truly unbelievable that Chu Yunfan was able to make a breakthrough in such a battle.

Although the Mantis Divine Kick that Chu Yunfan had used earlier was extremely powerful, it had only reached the Impeccable Stage.
It had yet to reach the level of perfection.
But with this kick, Chu Yunfan’s technique had broken through from the Impeccable Stage to the Perfection Stage.

Chu Yunfan was actually able to break through in such an intense battle.
Even the instructors did not know what to say.
It seemed that his talent was even more formidable and terrifying than they had imagined.


Another terrifying attack.
Chu Yunfan’s kick instantly turned the second movement of the Mountain Destroyer into nothingness.

“I’ve finally broken through,” Chu Yunfan said as he retracted his leg.

After a few days, Chu Yunfan’s cultivation of the Mantis Divine Kick had finally broken through and entered the Perfection Stage.
Although his strength had not changed, the power of the Mantis Divine Kick had increased greatly, and so had his battle prowess.

“You used me as a whetstone!” Dong Fanghao’s eyes widened.
He could feel a terrifying power that caused his blade to tremble and surge through his arm.
He could not accept that Chu Yunfan had used him as a whetstone to hone his martial skills.

Dong Fanghao had done this sort of thing in the past, but he had only chosen to do such a thing against opponents who were not a threat to him at all.

In other words, in Chu Yunfan’s eyes, Dong Fanghao was not a threat.

Thinking of this, Dong Fanghao’s anger surged.
He admitted that Chu Yunfan was very strong, but this was outright disrespect.

“Chu Yunfan, you’re underestimating me too much!”

Dong Fanghao’s aura became sharp and fierce.
The True Energy in his body surged out instantly and he pounced toward Chu Yunfan.
The saber in his hand slashed out.
In an instant, countless saber shadows appeared in the sky and fell down like raindrops.

Boom, boom, boom!

Countless True Energy exploded in the air as if a huge landmine had exploded.
They slashed down crazily at Chu Yunfan.

“To thank you for helping my Mantis Divine Kick break through to the Perfection Stage, I’ll let you see the difference in our strength!” Chu Yunfan shouted.
The True Energy in his body exploded.
Then, everyone saw Chu Yunfan’s leg strike out like lightning.
His entire body was wrapped in True Energy and it turned into an incomparably huge praying mantis.
It was as if it could tear apart the entire world.

Once this kick was sent out, the saber light that rained down from the sky instantly turned into nothingness and was drowned out by the terrifying True Energy tide.

Chu Yunfan’s rich cultivation strength was on vivid display.

This kick broke through all of the saber light, and its momentum did not decrease as it directly smashed toward Dong Fanghao.


Chu Yunfan’s kick met Dong Fanghao’s sharp saber light head-on.
The terrifying collision was like a comet crashing into Earth, setting off a boundless tide.

Dong Fanghao instantly felt a boundless tide surge through his arm.
Previously, he could just barely block it, but now, he could not resist at all.
In an instant, his palm split open and blood splattered everywhere.
Then, the saber in Dong Fanghao’s hand was sent flying.
He could no longer hold on to it.

After kicking away the saber in Dong Fanghao’s hand, the attack did not lose its momentum and directly hit Dong Fanghao in the chest.

Dong Fanghao let out a muffled groan, and his entire chest caved in.
Chu Yunfan’s kick had landed squarely on his chest, causing it to cave in.
Blood spattered out of the wound.

If this was a real battle, this kick would have been enough to kill Dong Fanghao.


Dong Fanghao spat out a mouthful of blood.
His eyes widened in disbelief.
Compared to the previous battle, the gap between them had not shrunk.
Instead, it had grown even larger.

Fortunately, this was only the virtual network.
With a stunned gaze, Dong Fanghao turned into a stream of light and disappeared.

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