This was not the first time Chu Yunfan and Lu Feiyu had fought.
The last time Lu Feiyu met Chu Yunfan, he was beaten until he coughed up blood and was forced to run away.

Up until now, Lu Feiyu still had some lingering fear.
Based on Chu Yunfan’s massacre on Star Myriad Island, if he had not escaped in time, his ending would not have been any better than the others.

At the tail-end of the conference, when everyone had gone up to surround Chu Yunfan, Lu Feiyun did not have the courage to go forward.
Only by truly fighting with Chu Yunfan could one understand how terrifying Chu Yunfan was.

This time, when he met Chu Yunfan again, Lu Feiyu revealed a solemn and vigilant expression.

“It looks like we’re fated.” Chu Yunfan grinned slightly.

From Lu Feiyu’s point of view, Chu Yunfan was clearly mocking him.
His face was instantly filled with anger.
In reality, he might not have dared to attack Chu Yunfan, and he did not want Chu Yunfan to seize the opportunity to ridicule him.

Now that they were in the virtual network, everything was naturally different.
Even if Lu Feiyu lost, he would at most die and become a hero again a second later.

“Chu Yunfan, don’t be too proud.
Take this!”

Lu Feiyu’s saber struck out.
The long saber, which was a third thinner than ordinary sabers, quickly arrived before Chu Yunfan.

Compared to the last time Lu Feiyu had fought with Chu Yunfan, he was now much stronger.
He had gone from the peak of the sixth level of the Acquired Stage to the seventh.
After three months of bitter cultivation, he had successfully stepped into the peak of the seventh level.

Compared to Dong Fanghao back on the island, Lu Feiyu was no weaker.
But at that time, even Dong Fanghao was no match for Chu Yunfan, let alone the current Lu Feiyu.

This strike was based on the principle of killing.
It was so fast that it was hard to imagine.
It descended from the sky, bringing with it an irresistible might as it slashed down at Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan did not even glance at it.
The True Energy in his whole body instantly burst out, forming a strong energy force around him.
Lu Feiyu’s strike was extremely fast, and its power was shocking.
It could even cut open steel like tofu.

But now, the blade stopped only three inches away from Chu Yunfan.
It could not get close to him at all.


Lu Feiyu instantly reacted.
Chu Yunfan’s True Energy was so dense that it was unbelievable.
It was a miracle that his saber could not cut through it.

“Mantis Divine Kick!”

However, how could Chu Yunfan give Lu Feiyu a chance? Chu Yunfan simply raised his leg and kicked out.

This kick swept across Lu Feiyu’s body like a razor.
After a muffled groan, Lu Feiyu’s body turned into a ball of light, and was instantly killed.

Instant kill in one move.

“What power.
Chu Yunfan’s cultivation has already reached an unbelievable level!”

“Lu Feiyu’s cultivation has already reached the seventh level of the Acquired Stage.
Even if we were to do it ourselves, we might not be able to deal with Lu Feiyu so cleanly.
Chu Yunfan is only a freshman, yet he’s already comparable to an ordinary instructor.
His talent is truly monstrous.”

“I don’t think so.
An ordinary instructor might not even be his match.
His cultivation is absolutely unfathomable and unrivaled.
Jeang Yuanbin has really picked up a treasure.”

“That’s right.
Previously, we were all laughing at Jeang Yuanbin for not being able to make a move in time.
Looks like he picked up a loophole in the end.”

When the many instructors saw this scene, they immediately started discussing among themselves.
They were much more powerful than an ordinary instructor.
After seeing this scene, they could naturally deduce that Chu Yunfan was probably even more powerful than an ordinary peak Acquired instructor.

Although Federation University would produce many monstrous students who were comparable to peak Acquired instructors every year, it was still rare for a freshmen to reach such a level.

The last time someone had reached this level, as far as they knew, it was the Jiang family’s Jiang Lingxiao.

When the tutors thought of the life and death battle between Chu Yunfan and Jiang Lingxiao, they felt that it was even more of a pity.
One of these two heaven-gifted geniuses had to fall.
This was very disadvantageous for Federation University.

After finishing off Lu Feiyu with a single kick, Chu Yunfan entered the finals unhindered.
His next opponent was none other than the top three of this year’s Federation University, Dong Fanghao.

Upon seeing Chu Yunfan, Dong Fanghao’s expression turned solemn.
Although the current Chu Yunfan looked like an ordinary youth by the side of the road, he, who had actually fought Chu Yunfan, knew how powerful he was.

The more this was the case, the more in danger it made Dong Fanghao feel.
He even felt all the hairs on his body stand on end.
This feeling made him understand that the Chu Yunfan in front of him was even more terrifying than during the conference on Star Myriad Island.

Dong Fanghao immediately decided to strike first to gain the upper hand.
This was because he knew that he could only defeat Chu Yunfan if he seized the opportunity first.

Without a word, Dong Fanghao instantly stepped forward.
In a few flashes, he had arrived in front of Chu Yunfan.
His steel blade swept through the air, and in an instant, one could see it with the naked eye that in front of Chu Yunfan, countless pieces of air collapsed and turned into nothingness.

This terrifying slash that could destroy a dead branch was much stronger than back at the conference.
A few months ago, Dong Fanghao was already at the peak of the seventh level of the Acquired Stage.
And now, not only had he crossed the threshold of eighth level, he had also rushed to the ninth level of the Acquired Stage in one go.

Although Dog Fanghao was only at the initial stages of the ninth level, it was still the same Mountain Destroyer.
This time, the power of this move was at least several times stronger.

“The ninth level of the Acquired Stage.
Dong Fanghao has stepped into the ninth level.
If it was in the past, he would definitely be the best candidate for the first seat of the grade.
Unfortunately, this year, be it Chu Yunfan or Mei Haiyun, they’re both too outstanding.
Even the radiance of a peerless genius like Dong Fanghao has been snatched away,” an instructor could not help but exclaim in shock when he saw this slash.

At this rate, in a few months at most, Dong Fanghao would be able to step into the peak of the Acquired Stage and stand on equal footing with them.
Moreover, most of the student body had yet to step into the Acquired Stage.
From this, one could see how powerful and terrifying Dong Fanghao was.

Everyone turned their gazes toward Chu Yunfan.
This slash was terrifying.
Even the instructors at the peak of the Acquired Stage would not be able to casually deal with it.

When compared to Dong Fanghao, there were not many differences between him and them.

And at this moment, Chu Yunfan made his move.
He merely threw out a simple punch.
It was just an ordinary punch, but it had a kind of power that could turn something rotten into something magical.
The punch smashed the terrifying energy force that the blade attack brought into nothingness, and then directly collided with the blade light.

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