As the saying goes, when enemies meet, their eyes turn red.
The grudge between Chu Yunfan and the student council started with Jiang Lingxiao, but as time passed, it grew deeper and deeper.

The student council would not allow a thorn like Chu Yunfan to challenge the prestige of the student council.
They wanted to use him to establish their prestige.
However, Chu Yunfan was not an easy target.
In the blink of an eye, they had lost many soldiers.

As for Wang Qi, he had even more reason to hate Chu Yunfan.
He had painstakingly fought against the leader of the Blood Devourers, but in the end, Chu Yunfan had intercepted him.
No matter how he thought about it, he was infuriated.

Wang Qi coldly looked at Chu Yunfan and said, “You’re finally back.
That’s great.”

As he said this, Wang Qi’s face revealed a somewhat strange smile.

“Is it very strange that I’m back?” Chu Yunfan said with a cold smile.

“If I were you, I would hide far away.
You won’t be able to hold on to the two items in your possession,” Wang Qi said coldly, “If you hand them over now, you will suffer a lot less.
You’ll have to hand them over in the end, so why bother?”

“So, this is the only thing you’re capable of,” Chu Yunfan said as he stood with his hands behind his back.
“You’re about to graduate but your cultivation is only so-so.”

Jiang Lingxiao was already nearing the end of his third year and was about to enter his fourth year, while Wang Qi was already about to graduate as he was one year older than Jiang Lingxiao.

It was because of this that Wang Qi was especially obsessed with the items in Chu Yunfan’s possession.
He was about to graduate and there would be no Federation University to protect him.

“That’s it? Hahaha, Chu Yunfan, do you really think you can do whatever you want?” Wang Qi laughed out loud.
The True Energy in his entire body burst out.
In an instant, the Spirit Energy in the world was triggered, turning into all sorts of strange phenomena around him.

The Innate Stage!

Many students who were quietly watching this scene felt their eyes almost pop out of their sockets.
In Federal University, the Acquired Stage was the basic requirement for graduation.
However, the difference between the Innate Stage and the Acquired Stage represented the two completely different levels of Federation University’s A-list and super-A-list.

An expert at the peak of the Acquired Stage was considered to be a top figure of the university.
They would not be inferior to most of the instructors and were, in fact, much more powerful than many of them.

However, the Innate Stage was different.
It represented a completely different level.
There were not many students in the entirety of Federation University who could step into the Innate Stage.

And now, there was one more, and that was Wang Qi.
Although he was about to graduate, the Innate Stage was still the Innate Stage.

Now that Wang Qi had made a move against Chu Yunfan, it would give rise to a conflict within the university.
Although the university would punish him, they would give him some leeway.
Once a few months passed and Wang Qi were to make a move against Chu Yunfan after he graduated, that would be a completely different matter.

Wang Qi’s expression was incomparably smug.
His secluded training this time had not been in vain.
With the help of the Innate Pill that Jiang Lingxiao had obtained, he had managed to step into the Innate Stage.

This meant that Wang Qi had truly stepped into the upper class of the Federation.
He could not be compared to before.
Moreover, he had stepped into the Innate Stage before graduation.
That was even more incredible.

However, after receiving such a huge benefit from Jiang Lingxiao, he naturally had to pay a corresponding price.
He willingly submitted to Jiang Lingxiao, who was one year younger than him.
This was, in itself, a way of expressing his stance.

“Chu Yunfan, do you think that you have a chance of winning?” Wang Qi looked at Chu Yunfan and said with a loud laugh.

“So, you’ve stepped into the Innate Stage.
I was wondering why you dared to provoke me.
I see that the incident with the Guangfu Association has taught you nothing,” Chu Yunfan said.

“You probably don’t understand.
There’s no comparison between the Innate Stage and the Acquired Stage.
Even if you defeated a hundred peak Acquired Stage experts doesn’t mean that you can defeat an Innate Stage expert.” Wang Qi revealed a playful smile.
Now that he had located Chu Yunfan, he was not in a hurry to make a move.
He felt like a cat catching a mouse.

Wang Qi wanted to see Chu Yunfan panic upon finding out that Wang Qi had broken through to the Innate Stage.
It was because of this strength that he did not care that Chu Yunfan’s strength had improved by leaps and bounds.

Chu Yunfan looked at Wang Qi with a cold smile and said, “It’d be more like it if Jiang Lingxiao was here.
With just you, you’re not qualified.”

“What did you say?” Wang Qi frowned.
Chu Yunfan was the same as ever.
It was as if Chu Yunfan was still looking down on him.
This made him furious.

“Very well.
In that case, I’ll let you see how powerful I am!” Wang Qi shouted as he picked up a huge decorative rock from the side of the road and smashed it down on Chu Yunfan.

Everyone was shocked.
Wang Qi’s move was unexpected.
Although this huge rock was used for decoration, it was still a rock.

Chu Yunfan could tell that this was not brute force, but a secret technique.
After thinking for a while, he found the answer from the Encyclopedia of Cultivation that he had read before.
It was a secret technique that could only be cultivated by those in the Innate Stage.

It was called the Shakyamuni’s Elephant Throwing technique.
There was a saying in the Buddhist scriptures: when Shakyamuni was the crown prince, the day he left the city, an elephant blocked his way.
The crown prince grabbed hold of the elephant’s foot and threw it high into the sky.
Three days later, the elephant fell out of the sky and crashed into the ground, creating a deep ditch.
Today, it was called the Elephant Throw Ditch.

This was a fable that described the Buddhist dharma as an incredible event.
Later, during the great disaster period, some Buddhist practitioners created an external art based on this fable.
They could use this technique to throw objects with great strength, hence its name.

Rather than saying that it was an ultimate art, it was more like a technique to exert force.
This was an ultimate art that many Innate masters practiced to make up for the difference between their strength and those warriors who were born with divine strength.

In particular, many monsters had immense strength.
Without these techniques to exert force, it would be difficult for humans to defeat them no matter how hard they trained their bodies.
However, only Innate experts could withstand such techniques, which put a great strain on their bodies.

The rock that Wang Qi picked up was as tall as several people, and it stirred up a gust of wind.
This was a throwing technique, and its power was extremely terrifying.

An ordinary person would not be able to dodge it in time.

However, Chu Yunfan was different.
He did not even bother to dodge.
He raised both his hands and caught this comet-like attack.


A loud sound revealed the terrifying power of the throw.

“What? He caught it?!”

Many did not know to react.
Or, it could be said that they were scared silly by Chu Yunfan.
They quickly reacted and recognized that this was the Shakyamuni’s Elephant Throwing.
They knew how terrifying this technique was.
If the rock had been thrown at them, they would undoubtedly be done for.

They had never seen anyone who could withstand this throw.

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